Winter in Georgia is amazing. There are a number of exciting ski resorts. Three of the most popular destinations are Gudauri, Bakuriani, and Mestia. The fourth destination – Adjara, joined them in 2015. Prices are affordable and the nature is picturesque. 

1. Gudauri

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Gudauri is located in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 2,200m (7,218ft) above the sea level. Because of its good location it offers downhill skiing up to 4,200m (13,779ft) and finest powder in Europe. Gudauri is an ideal place for freeriding based on its avalanche risk and absence of rocks and of course the deep snow. Gudauri has trails for any level skiers (beginners to professionals). It offers four types of runs: slalom, giant slalom, super slalom and speed skiing. For heli-ski lovers Gudauri is the best destination to enjoy most challenging and extreme skiing. Night skiing is also available on weekends. On a seasonal basis Gudauri ski resort is trying to improve trails, as well as rope-way. Season for skiing is from December to April. Gudauri offers lots of hotels or apartments for rent. Ski pass prices varies from 2 to 300 USD based on number of days and type.

2. Bakuriani

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Bakuriani is 1,700-2,000m (5,570-6,562ft) above the sea level. Snow remains for 4-5 months. Bakuriani is the best ski resort for adventurous skiers. Slopes are for beginners as well as professionals. The most attractive fact is the forest all around the ski slopes, so that powder lovers can enjoy the best less discoverable trails. Bakuriani is full of entertaining options starting from snowmobiles, parks, horses, etc. best resort for families with kids. The most famous slopes are: Kokhta, Didveli and Tatra. Night skiing is available during weekends only and only on Didveli slope. Ski pass price varies based on the type of the pass (single, daily, or seasonal) and costs from 2 to 250 USD. There are lots of hotels, hostels and apartments for rent, mostly family guest houses with healthy, local food. Price per night per one person can be as low as 15 USD including meals in a typical guest house. More fancy hotels cost around 50 USD per person.

3. Mestia

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Mestia is an ancient highland town in the northwest Georgia, at the elevation of 1,500m (4,920ft) in the Caucasus Mountains. Mestia and the 132 villages in Mestia District create highest populated area in Georgia, with Ushguli listed among 50 highest populated cities in the world.
Mestia has a wide open ski resort with a frequent fresh powder. Even if there’s no snow in other resorts, you can always enjoy skiing in Mestia, it almost never has a deficit of snow. Resort is pretty wild and beautiful. Not as well developed as Gudauri or Bakuriani but it still attracts people, especially tourists who want to enjoy breathtaking views. Transportation is the main problem since public transport needs 8 hours to get to Mestia, but there are direct flights available from Tbilisi (Natakhtari) for around 30 USD and flights from Kutaisi for around 20 USD. Mestia has 2 ski-lifts and Heliski is an option.

4. Goderdzi

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Goderdzi Resort is the newest ski resort, located in a two hours drive from the popular seaside resort – Batumi. It is a three season mountain resort at an elevation of 2,000m (6,560ft). Snow remains from November to April. The wilderness of the resort offers its visitors unique experiences, fresh-air and world-class scenery. It has 2 ski-lifts. Goderdzi resort is not yet mastered, but hopefully it will join the list of best ski resorts, very soon.

5. Mitarbi

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It’s been years waiting for this resort to host mount-lovers. Mitarbi is located 2,300m above sea level, in east Georgia 4kms away from Bakuriani resort. It is one of the most beautiful resorts in Georgia. Advanced skiers can enjoy 3 new ski-lifts and difficult slopes. It is less recommended for beginners, but risk takers, speed and extreme lovers welcome on board. Don’t forget, whilst skiing enjoy breathtaking nature and views from everywhere. Open from 10:00-17:00. Daily ski-pass costs – 8$. If you go to Bakuriani, don’t forget to visit Mitarbi, as well. Quickest access to Mitarbi is from Tatra trail.

6. Tetnuldi

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Recently, Tetnuldi has become second largest ski resort in Georgia. It is located in Svaneti region, surrounded by amazing views and nature. Slopes of Mount Tetnuldi (4858m) are at altitudes from 1600m to 3165m. It has 3 main ski-lifts. Tourists can enjoy various trails and discover even more adventurous slopes around. Longest trail is 9.5KM long. Tetnuldi is another perfect place for skiers and mount-lovers. Prices stay as affordable as for the rest of resorts. Day-Ski pass is 9$.