1. Vino Underground

Vino Underground Tbilisi

Vino Underground
Photo Credit: tastegeorgia.com

One of the best wine destinations in Tbilisi is Ghvino Underground. It is the first organic wine bar in Georgia, which was founded by 7 vignerons. Here you can find the widest range of local as well as imported natural wines. Together with the wines, Ghvino Underground also offers spirits, such as Gin, Absinth, a variety of fruit brandies and chacha (local grape vodka). If you want to have a bite together with wine, you can ask for artisan bread, cheese and unfiltered sunflower oil, frittata or maybe some seasonal mushrooms. You can choose your bottle and taste it elsewhere, or enjoy the cozy and friendly atmosphere, nice music and healthy food. Prices of the wines depending on the producer and variety are from  12 to 36 USD.

2. G.Vino – wine bar

Photo Source: g.Vino Facebook Page

  • +995 32 2932121; +995 598 932121
  • N6 Erekle II Str., Tbilisi

  • Mo-Su: 13:00 – 01:00

G.vino is also a natural wine bar with nice Georgian cuisine, specially designed and paired with drinks. Located on a touristic and lively Erekle Street, offering a lot of varieties of Georgian organic wines. Approximate cost per visit is 20-25 USD per person.

3. 8000 Vintages – Wine shop and bar

8000 vintages tbilisi

8000 Vintages
Photo Source: 8000 Vintages Facebook Page

  • +995 558 48 88 111
  • N26 Sulkhan-Tsintsadze Str., Tbilisi
  • Mo-Su: 11:00 – 23:00

Am exceptional wine store and degustation place. The name symbolizes the history of winemaking in Georgia that counts 8,000 years. A distinguishing part about this shop is that it organizes blind tastings for a panel of winemakers, wine connoisseurs, and sommeliers. Only wines that pass the tasting are sold in the shop and it still offers the largest variety of local and foreign wines in Tbilisi. The place also offers selection of side dishes perfectly paired with wine. Approximate cost per visit is 20 USD per person.

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4. Azarpesha – wine restaurant

Photo Source: Azarpesha Facebook Page

  • +995 32 2 982 346; +995 579 704 080 Nino; +995 599 534 484 John; +995 598466663 Tina

  • N2 Ingorokva Str., Tbilisi
  • Mo-Su: 11:00 – 23:00

If you need a proper meal with proper wine, find restaurant Azarphesha. Azarphesha offers a great wine list with both Georgian and Non Georgian natural wines, and an experienced sommelier who will carefully match dishes from seasonal menu. Short advice – you can order a pre or after-meal creative and refreshing cocktails. Approximate cost for per visit 25 USD per person.

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5. Vinotel

Wine Cellar
Photo Source:Vinotel.ge

  • Tel. +995532 2555 888
  • Address: Old Tbilisi, Next to the Presidential Palace
  • Working hours: 7/24
  • 30 per person

Vinotel is a boutique hotel located on the left bank of river Mtkvari, at the entrance of the historic district – Avlabari. This old building was owned by a winemaker and now, after renovation the old cellar is still functioning. A professional sommelier can offer you wine tour and tasting for around 70 USD plus the cost of wine. You can continue your visit in a restaurant either on a terrace or inside the beautiful building. The restaurant offers Georgian Fusion, thus traditional dishes with interesting modern twist. Please follow our advice and taste rarest Dambal Khacho and Svani Tchvishtari. For the desert, don’t forget to order Buffalo Matsoni with nuts and jam. All ingredients are natural and local. Some are even delivered directly from monasteries. Average price per person is around 30 USD.

6. Culinarium – Natural wine and fine dining

Photo Source: Culinarium Facebook Page

  • Tel.:+995 32 2 43 01 03; +995 599 98 83 08
  • Address: 1/17 Lermontov Str., Tbilisi
  • info@culinarium.ge

If you appreciate tasting menus, the best place to visit is Culinarium. Probably the most experienced and well-known chef in Georgia, Tekuna will host you every day except Monday and Tuesday. The place also offers a variety of natural wines. Approximate cost per visit is 50 USD per person.

7. Poliphonia

poliphonia tbilisi

Interior at Poliphonia
Photo Source: Poliphonia Tbilisi Facebook Page

  • Tel.:+995 557 63 71 43

  • Address: N23 Amaghleba Str., Tbilisi

If you are searching for good wine and food, we would suggest restaurant Poliphonia Tbilisi. Downstairs you will find old Georgian style cellar with big choice of organic wines. Local regional cuisine and chefs are changing each other according to the season. You will have opportunity to test the diapason of natural amber wine, by pairing it with different kinds of Tushetian, Abkhazian, Megrelian, Svanetian, Rachian, Imeritian, Meskhetian or Gurian dishes.

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8. Muse & Wine

muse and wine tbilisi-min

Photo Source: Muse & Wine Facebook Page

  • +995 555 27 24 27

  • N35 Kostava Str., Tbilisi

  • 12:00 – 02:00

Words are scattered in your mind, you want to gather your thoughts, give some meaning to all those words, but it is hard… the city noise does not let you…you are looking for a muse, but can’t find, then Muse & Wine is the place for you. A very cozy, small yet beautiful interior, full of historical items, that will ignite your thoughts. This place is a heritage from top to bottom. Muse & Wine offers a very good selection of rare Georgian wines and a perfect interior to think, talk, discuss and create. Experienced sommelier will help you select a wine for purchase or for tasting

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9. Vinoteca – wine shop

Photo Source: tripadvisor

  • Tel.:+995 322 47 60 11
  • Address: 31 Kote Abkhazi Str., Tbilisi

Vinoteka is located on the most touristic and lively street in the old town (N31 Kote Abkhazi Str.) Among other all kind of wines, you can easily find organic wines at shelves on the left-side wall of the shop. Staff is friendly and well acknowledged to what they sell. Prices are fair. Prices per bottle depending on the producer and variety are from 15 to 30 USD.

10. Sulico – wine and dinning

Photo Source: tripadvisor

Newly opened restaurant in an old neighborhood of Vera, Sulico is the place to go. Cozy, beautiful interior, with a spacious outdoor space, cool graffiti and amazing food, is what you get there. Restaurant has a small, yet delicious choice of Georgian meals, and a very good choice of Georgian wines. An experienced sommelier will help you pair the wine with mouthwatering food of your chose. Highly recommended meals are Dolma and Beans.