Despite the fact that you’ll rarely see snow-covered Tbilisi, it shouldn’t stop you from spending your winter holidays in Georgia. Also, it’s not all about the capital either, there are much more interesting cities to explore during this three months. So, here’s our list how and why you’ll have a blast in winter here.

Dining out is very affordable

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Georgia is considered a budget-friendly country, therefore dining out in major cities are very affordable. Tbilisi is home to different venues that are perfect for backpackers or solo travelers. Just remember not to dine in touristic areas and walk extra meters to go behind those busy streets to find cheaper venues or consult our list of budget cafes.

Hot sulfur bath is divine

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Sulfur Baths
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Winter days in Tbilisi is not very cold, the temperature rarely goes below zero, but due to the subtropical climate, it still feels very breezy. Therefore, going to the hot sulfur baths in Abanotubani is one of the great ways to combine leisure with healthy activities. As you might already know, the water is beneficial for your skin and blood flow.

Cheap ski resorts

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Georgia is known for having cheapest ski resorts compared to Europe. And with developing infrastructure each year, the country has four ski resorts to choose from. Gudauri is the most popular destination for youngsters who either ski or snowboard due to the fact that it’s very close to Tbilisi.

Bakuriani, located near Borjomi, is more of a family-friendly ski resort. Surrounded by coniferous forests, it makes an ideal place for children who would love to learn skiing, while parents can enjoy their time at higher slopes or sipping a beverage at one of the cafes.

Extreme skiing or snowboarding lovers should go to Svaneti, one of the most remote mountainous areas of the country. Here, the skiing season lasts longer and offers gorgeous views of the biggest peaks that are part of the Caucasus range. Moreover, if you’ll stay in Zuruli Hotel, you’ll feel like being above the clouds, as the venue sits 2,340 meters above the sea level. Don’t worry if you can’t stay at the hotel, you can still enjoy panoramic views from their cafe.

Goderdzi Ski Resort, located in the mountainous area of Adjara, is a relatively new addition to Georgia’s snow sports resorts. Located around 110 km away from Batumi, the famous seaside resort of the region, Goderdzi is a four-season mountain resort, where snowfall starts in November and lasts till April. Similar to Bakuriani, the resort is covered with pristine forests creating breathtaking views. Despite this, the resort base is below the tree line.

two New Years and a different date for Christmas

The New Year Traditions in Georgia Tbilisi

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Georgia is an Orthodox Christian country, therefore they follow different calendar compared to Catholics. When the rest of the world celebrates Christmas on the eve of December 24, for Georgian Christmas comes on January 7. The main New Year is celebrated on the eve of December 31, while another one is on eve of January 13. The latter is called ‘Old New Year’ and is an unofficial date for ending Christmas and New Year celebrations, which leads us to the next reason:

Christmas and New Year celebrations last for at least two weeks

Yes, you read it right! Georgians love celebrating everything, especially this dates. Even though the official holidays end on the first days of January, this never stops anyone to have fun and spend time with families, friends and loved ones. So basically, January is the month of festivities and if you happen to be invited by a Georgian family, make sure to come very hungry. You’ll be treated with supra full of all the delicious Christmas meals.

A special day for the fate

Are you a believer of fate? It actually doesn’t really matter whether you are or not, Georgians have a very nice tradition and a day dedicated to fate called Bedoba, which falls on the second day after New Year, i.e January 2 and January 15. On this day, everyone tries to do something pleasant or whatever one enjoys doing, as people here believe that however you celebrate this day, it will affect the whole year.

Not a skier? Explore beautiful townlets of Georgia

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Don’t worry if you are not a skier when all the New Year and Christmas festivities are gone, you’ll need to get a bit active to lose those extra grams you gained during this heavy-eating-and-drinking-phase. One of the most picturesque places to visit in winter is Stepantsminda, located just 3 hours drive from Tbilisi. Come here to enjoy your favorite beverage with the view of snow-covered Kazbegi mountain and to hike up towards another breathtaking site – Gergeti Trinity Church nested at the foot of the Kazbegi mountain. Both of them in winter is simply jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Vardzia, one of the biggest cave towns of Georgia, is another spectacular site when it’s covered with snow. Located, in the southern part of the country, the complex features gorgeous frescos, churches, wine cellars, and Queen Tamar’s room to name a few. And last but not least, the volcanic Paravani lake should make to your winter bucket list as well. Located at 2073 meters above the sea level, the lake is gorgeous all year round, but what makes it even spectacular during the winter is that it freezes completely, making it look like a winter wonderland site.