Georgia has become a budget-friendly ski destination for the past several years. With its high slopes and powder snow, Georgia gets many tourists during the winter months. Currently, there are four resorts where you can go skiing or snowboarding. Therefore, in collaboration with Ski Georgia, we present the ultimate guide in order to choose the best location for your next ski holiday in Georgia.


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Gudauri is the most popular ski resort of the country, because of its proximity to the capital, high altitude and maximum exposure to the sun. The resort faces The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and offers stunning panoramic views of snow-covered peaks while skiing. Located at 2,200 meters above the sea level, the drive takes around two hours and passes through Georgian Military Highway. Moreover, the slopes are above the tree line, making it the best spot for free-riders; it’s also avalanche-safe zone. And extreme sports lovers can enjoy Heliskiing throughout the season.

  • Season: December to April. [However, do note that the closing date does vary from year to year].
  • Altitude: 2,196 – 3,276 (Sadzele)
  • Slopes: 80km – 30% blue slopes, 40% red slopes, 30% black slopes
  • 11 Lifts: 4 lifts, 7 chairlifts, 4 drag lifts.
  • Night Skiing: Friday – Saturday 8p.m -10p.m
  • Skipass price per day: Adult 50, Youth 25, Free for children under 6
  • Where to stay: Marco Polo, Hotel Suits & Loft New Gudauri, Quadram Ski & Yoga Resort, Gudauri Lodge
  • Additional activities: Paragliding, a helicopter tour, tobogganing



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Bakuriani, located near Borjomi is another ski resort perfect for families with children. At the elevation of 1,700 meters above the sea level, Bakuriani is surrounded by coniferous forests, making it a beautiful summer and winter resort. The air is freshest here, so it’s beneficial for the health as well.

The resort boasts with long sunshine, approximately 2052 hours a year and long snowy winter that lasts until March. On average, snow cover here reaches 64 cm. The resort also has ski runs for any level skiers, starting from 25 meters for kids, to Didveli and Tatra for professionals and advanced.

  • Season: December to April.
  • Altitude: 1,700- 2,702 (Didveli)
  • Slopes: 45 km – 50% blue slopes, 30% red slopes, 20% black slopes
  • Lifts: Didveli 5 (gondola, chairlift, funicular (for panoramic views), and t-bars); Kokhta 5 (chairlift, t-bar); Tatra 1 t-bar, twenty-five 4 t-bars.
  • Night Skiing: Friday – Sunday 5p.m -10p.m
  • Skipass price per day: Adult 40, Youth 25, Free for children under 6
  • Where to stay: Crystal, Hotel Panorama BakurianiMy House in Bakuriani, Rooms Hotel Kokhta
  • Additional activities: tobogganing, parks for kids, sledges and horse riding


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Goderdi is a relatively new addition to ski resorts of Georgia. Located in Adjara region, at an altitude of 2,000 meters, it boasts with unique nature, beautiful landscapes, and fresh air. Here, you’ll find two cable lines with 8 km long tracks in total. Goderdzi is an all-year-round resort offering various activities in summer, including hiking, horseback riding, and paragliding. You can also try local mineral spring waters and visit its fossil forest – one of the unique ones in the world.

  • Season: December to April.
  • Altitude: 1,702- 2,702 (Chanchakhi)
  • Slopes: 8 km – 70% blue/green slopes, 30% red slopes
  • Lifts: 5  (Gondola, Chairlift, t-bar, and moving carpet)
  • Night Skiing: no
  • Skipass price per day: Adult 40, Youth 25, Free for children under 6
  • Where to stay: Hotel Meteo, Shale Goderdzi Guest House Luka, Guest House Oasis
  • Additional activities: horseback riding, hiking, paragliding in summer.



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The central town of Upper Svaneti, Mestia is another great ski resort to visit in Georgia. With its remote villages and medieval defense towers, makes Mestia truly beautiful and unique all-year-round. Here, you can enjoy two ski resorts – Tetnuldi and Hatsvali. The latter is for beginners and intermediate skiers, while Tetnuldi is for anyone.

The resort is covered by pine forest and is the best place for those who enjoy Glade Skiing. The restaurant on top of the lift in Hatsvali offers fantastic views of mount Ushba. Once you make your way to Svaneti, don’t forget to go on sightseeing and indulge in its cuisine.

  • Season: December to May.
  • Altitude: 2,265 – 3,160 (Tetnuldi)
  • Slopes: 30 km – 30% blue slopes, 40% red slopes, 30% black slopes
  • Lifts: Tetnuldi 5 (chairlifts and drag lifts), Hatsvali 2 (chairlifts)
  • Night Skiing: no
  • Skipass price per day: Adult 40, Youth 25, Free for children under 6
  • Where to stay: Hotel Old House, Villa Mestia, Tetnuldi Hotel, Guest House La Maison
  • Additional activities: steep skiing, Svaneti Ethnographic Museum, Khergiani Museum, Ushguli community.