Three years ago I met Ninutsa in Holland. She came to my hometown to study and I showed her around. We became friends and ever since she was inviting me to Georgia. First I missed her wedding, than the second ceremony, but this time I decided I had to come to Georgia. This is where the crazy thing started. When I was 14 my grandmother took me to Russia. We went to Moscow and then to St. Pétersbourg. After a while we travelled to Greece. I enjoyed travelling so much that it became my biggest passion. I decided not to buy luxury items – phones, cars and houses, but rather to spent money and time on travelling and exploring. I am a journalist, so I write and at first I wrote about my experiences. Afterwards I started to record videos. At first, I used to collect best materials from the trip and edit 3 minute videos. But last year I started recording random days, because I understood that every day is special when you travel. In this period I traveled a lot. I visited North America and South America, went to Portugal and England and finally I arrived to Georgia.

Welcome to Georgia

My arrival was extraordinary. I suppose every Georgian saw the video. I am still amazed by how everything was organised. The police escort, the dinner with prime minister, all the food and amazing people from the crew. An absolutely fantastic experience! However, my experience in Georgia was exceptional even beyond that first day. In total I spent 6 days here. I only spent a couple of days with my friend, the rest of the time I was with the production crew, which was a strange feeling at first. However, they are great people and I quickly got used to them. 


Photo Source: Georgia & Travel

First we travelled to Batumi on the train. Batumi is a lovely seaside city that reminded me of some places in Uruguay. Although it was not the high season, I enjoyed staying there. The beaches look great and all the skyscrapers are fascinating. Afterwards, we went to Goderdzi ski resort. I got really excited to see so many hills. As I come from Holland, which is an amazing country but small with many people, I am not used to so much nature and especially mountains. It was spectacular.


Photo Source: Georgia & Travel

Next stop – Kakheti. I went to Lopota resort and also had a great wine tastings in the Kvareli Wine Tunnel. Many thanks to my lovely tour guide Katie who told me a lot about Georgian winemaking traditions. I baked bread there and even prepared traditional sweets with nuts – Churchkhela. Traditional cuisine was simply delicious. My favorite dish was eggplants with walnuts, but I very much enjoyed Khachapuri (cheese bread) and Khinkali as well. Khinkali (dumplings) is a tricky dish, but I think after several experiments, I finally learned how to eat it. My next favorite thing from Georgia was Chacha (Georgian Grappa). A great drink to have, but maybe not so much in the next morning. In fact, drinking Chacha in the morning is what surprised me most about Georgia.

Cry Baby

It is hard to summarise my trip to Georgia. Although I have travelled a lot, truly a lot, Georgia was by far my best experience. So incredible to have spent time with my friend, to have seen so many different things, to have met great people, and seen picturesque nature. I was lucky to be the 6,000,000th tourist who has visited Georgia in 2016, but nevertheless I am simply lucky to have travelled to this incredible country.