“Fancy” is a relevant term in Georgia. No Michelin star restaurants, no dress codes, and almost no reservations required. However, as everywhere else, there are places where the “crème de la crème” prefer to hang out. Here is the top list.


barbarestan 1

Photo Source: Barbarestan Facebook Page

As Georgians are very fond of their history and good food, they are coming to Barbarestan to enjoy the taste of good old times. You won’t find too trivial dishes there: the menu is rich on the recipes from the cookbook written by Barbare Jorjadze, the Chef and feminist of 19th century. The Chef, who we consider the best in the country, deserves personal compliments. Vintage atmosphere and recipes combined with fabulous quality and service – that was the idea of the founders (a family with 10 children). They know, how a family-type restaurant should taste and look like. In short, the atmosphere is very pleasant and different from all the traditional restaurants in the region. It is the possible destination for true gourmands in Georgia.

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

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Rooms Hotel Tbilisi
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Do you want to meet a Georgian celebrity? Rooms Hotel Tbilisi is an upscale hotel hosting one of the most sought after restaurants in Tbilisi. The place offers a chance to rub elbows with the capital’s elite in business, policy, fashion, art, and culture. This is a non­smoking venue (quite rare in Tbilisi) that offers delicious European cuisine. It has very good choices of wine, fabulous interiors, and a very pleasant atmosphere. Both Rooms Hotels (in Tbilisi and in Kazbegi) are listed, Design Hotels™ members and their buildings are truly fascinating. Rooms Hotel Tbilisi has been known to host major international events like the Kolga Photo Festival and Tbilisi Fashion Week. Sometimes exhibitions and performances are even organized in its parking area.

Art House

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Kharcho restaurant, located on the ground floor of newly build Art House in the center of Tbilisi, is a great venue to try traditional Georgian cuisine with a modern touch. As the name suggests, the main focus of the restaurant is Kharcho, a meat stew that originated in Samegrelo region, the western part of the country. The meal can be made either from turkey, beef, or shrimp accompanied by a small portion of ghomi with mint and cheese inside.

With its elegant design and homey atmosphere, Kharcho definitely shows the vibe of Georgian culture and traditions. It’s fascinating how designers of Rooms Design have thought every detail. Within its simple, yet, elegant design, the big colorful sofa with a traditional carpet-like pattern in the middle of the venue does attract an eye once you open its doors. Walls showcase black and white pictures of old Tbilisi, while medium-size clay-jars, qvevri, are displayed across the room. You will also find pomegranate and horn shapes on some of the chairs, giving the venue unique style.

Besides its design, Kharcho boasts with high quality, organic ingredients used in their meals. And unlike many restaurants where dishes are half made, they make those meals from the scratch.  Wine lovers can enjoy occasional wine tasting events led by a professional sommelier, who is ready to tell you everything about Georgian wine and its viniculture. The venue also has a great selection of local niche wines you might not find in any supermarkets or wine shops. And if you crave for high-quality European wines, the venue imports the beverage from Spain, Italy, and France.

Xeme restaurant and bar

xeme restaurant featured

Xeme restaurant and bar

Xeme restaurant and bar was opened in 2016 in the luxurious, 32 floors high, The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi. The buzz about the venue was circulating long time even before the opening, since it was going to be the highest point restaurant and bar in the country. Xeme is divided in two parts: Bar is located on 30th floor of The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi and offers huge variety of alcoholic beverages and snacks. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, at 10 pm, Xeme bar offers live music.

Xeme Restaurant is located right above the bar, on 31st floor of the hotel. You can access it either via glass elevator or round stairs set right in the middle of the Xeme bar. Restaurant is the best place for romantic and business dinners, birthday celebrations, and wedding after parties.

Both restaurant and bar offer almost 360 degree, unparalleled views on old and new part of the city. Xeme offers the perfect blend of spectacular views and service, with a focus on food, music and art. The gastronomic delights within this venue are of an extremely sophisticated nature, literally offering guests the opportunity to take dining to new heights. The service staff is energetic, enthusiastic and approachable.

Above all, the setting speaks of itself – taking cues from the existing decor within the rooftop restaurant, this design uses concentric circles to represent connectivity and togetherness. Here, art, music and food from around the world come together to create a buzzing social hub. A place where energy and culture form the fabric of the dining experience. Complemented by a red and gold colour palette, the design retains the luxurious feel reflected in the decor.

The name – Xeme is derived from the Sabines Gull (Xema sabini), also known as the Fork-tailed gull or Xeme, is generally found only on a small island on the west coast of Greenland. It is striking gull in all plumages with a bold upper wing pattern, long pointed wings, a notched tail, and a short black bill with a yellow tip. On a separate note, the name can also be construed as a contraction of the word ‘extreme’, which creates a catchy, memorable word.



Breakfast at Strada
Photo Source: Strada Facebook Page

Real gourmands will certainly appreciate this restaurant with locations in the western and central parts of the city. Founded by an international team of chefs, Strada is definitely one of the best places to dine with delicious and affordable breakfasts served as well. Also try their seafood dishes and amazing desserts.


RADISSON BLU IVERIA TBILISI Tbilisi Restaurant 12 429648

Photo Source: Radisson Blue Iveria

Located on the second floor of the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, the restaurant offers a terrace with an amazing view of the Mtkvari River, where you can enjoy a hot summer evening with a variety of local wines and European cuisines. The dishes are nothing exceptional, but the ambiance and view are worth a visit. This is great place to have a light meal and drinks while getting ready to paint Tbilisi red with your friends.


lolita restaurant

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Located in a very central part of the city, Lolita’s most charming feature is their courtyard. It gives the feeling of Asian warmth combined with eclectic details including steel chairs, heaters, and an impressive long wooden bar from which you can watch their Georgian cooks preparing your food and drinks. Lolita’s small green garden isolates the restaurant from the noise of the street. Upstairs you will find lounge, where several times in a week Georgian DJs perform electro music. Their menu is mostly European with generally affordable prices.



View from Funicular Restaurant
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One of Tbilisi’s most iconic attractions is also one of the most romantic. High above the city, where you get through the cable car, you will find an eagle-eye view of the city and stylish centre for food and drink. We strongly recommend going up the funicular at night and enjoying the city lights when it is dark. The Funicular Restaurant Complex includes 5 separates dining facilities: Chela (traditional Georgian), Puri Guliani (bakery), the Bar-Lounge and the signature Funicular Restaurant and Events room. The restaurant complex is located in Mtatsminda Park (known as Bombora), it has been a popular fun spot for generations. In the days of the Soviet Union, Mtatsminda Park was the third most visited public park in the USSR. So, after enjoying the view and tasty Georgian food you can take a romantic walk in the park ad enjoy fresh air.

Dining room


Dining Room
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The Dining Room can offer sophisticated comfort food for dinner. If you want something a bit fancy but within the comfort zone this restaurant is the place to go. More on the higher end of your wallet it will cost  about 35 USD per person.