Even though Georgia is a relatively small country, it offers a diverse landscape to the visitor. Some of the historically and culturally significant sights are located in the vicinity of Tbilisi. Therefore, going on the Day Trips In Georgia  is an absolute must to see what the country is all about, traverse its marvelous mountainous villages, tour medieval villages, and explore gorgeous cities. Here, some of the best one day getaways in Georgia to take from its bustling capital.

Mtskheta and Jvari Monastery


Jvari monastery

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Mtskheta is the former capital of the country located only 25km away from Tbilisi, making it one of the most popular day trips in Georgia. This UNESCO World Heritage Site town still reserves the glory and charm in its architecture, houses, and marvelous religious buildings. The city is small and entirely walkable. Start the tour by visiting the main attraction of Mtskheta – Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, the 11th-century cathedral with gorgeous frescos and exciting history. The temple is the second largest religious building in the country after Tbilisi’s Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The cathedral is known as the burial place of the claimed Christ’s mantle, making it one of the principal Georgian Orthodox churches. Apart from the mantle, Svetitskhoveli served as a burial place for many Georgian kings throughout the centuries.

Once you are finished touring around the cathedral, make sure to visit a 4th-century Samtavro Monastery located in a seven-minute walk from Svetitskhoveli. This cross-in-square church features typical decorations for the 11th-century, the time when it was restored and reconstructed. It’s a burial place for a famous Georgian Saint monk Gabriel. Jvari Monastery is another important religious site in Georgia, sitting on the top of the hill overlooking Mtskheta and the confluence of two major rivers of the country – Mtkvari and Aragvi. The panoramic views of red rooftops with Svetitskhoveli in the center is absolutely stunning. The name “Jvari” translates at “cross” in Georgia and refers to its cross-shaped church architecture widespread in Georgia and Armenia. This Early Medieval Georgian temple remained almost unchanged.

Gori and Uplitsikhe

stalin museum_georgia_gori-min

Stalin’s Museum in Gori

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Located 86km from Tbilisi, Gori is a regional capital of Shida Karli region and birthplace of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. The town has limited sightseeing options, but because of Stalin’s House Museum, it is the second most popular place for day trips in Georgia.

The museum offers a glimpse of Stalin’s life and maintains its Soviet-era character. It has three sections, all situated in the central square. Stalin’s house is a small wooden hut, in which Joseph was born in 1878 and spent four years of his childhood. The museum is divided into six halls and displays exhibits in approximate chronological order. Many items are actually owned by Stalin, including his office furniture, personal items, and gifts he received throughout his leadership. You can also see documents, photos, paintings, and newspaper articles dedicated to him. In the yard of the museum, you can visit his personal, armor-plated railway carriage he used to travel everywhere, including Tehran and Yalta Conferences.

Apart from Stalin’s museum, you can explore Uplistsikhe, one of the cave towns in Georgia, located around 9km from Gori. The cave town is famous for an unusual combination of several styles of rock-cut cultures from Iran and Anatolia.

Stepantsminda and Ananuri Fortress


Ananuri Fortress

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If you are looking for a one day getaways in Georgia to a lush green nature backdropped with snow-covered mountain tops, Stepantsminda should be on your list. This small village, situated 154km from Tbilisi, is famous for the Gergeti Trinity Church nestled right at the foot of Mount Kazbegi. Views of the Caucuses as a background of a 14th-century church sitting at the elevation of 2,170 meters are absolutely breathtaking.

The road to Stepantsminda follows Georgian Military Highway zigzagging through the mountains of Dariali Gorge that ultimately leads to Vladikavkaz, Russia. On the way, make sure to stop at Ananuri Fortress, a medieval fortification overlooking the Zhinvali water reservoir, and at Georgia-Russia Friendship Monument dedicated to the bicentennial of the Treaty of Georgievsk and the eternal friendship between Soviet Russia and Georgia.




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Sighnaghi is a small town located in the eastern region of Kakheti famous for rich history, stunning views over the Alazani Valley, and the remains of the fortress wall that once surrounded the town. Wander through narrow cobblestone streets, admire pastel-colored typical Georgian wooden carved balconies, and walk on the remains of the wall offering spectacular views of the Caucasus mountains.

Just two kilometers from Sighnaghi lies an important religious site for Orthodox Georgians – Bodbe Monastery, the burial place of St. Nino, the evangelist who brought Christianity to Georgia.

Telavi and Tsinandali Estate



Photo Credit: Tornike Yurashidze

Telavi is another town in the Kakheti region famous for being a seat of Kakhetian Kings. Located only around 2 hours drive from Tbilisi, touring Telavi makes another excellent option for day trips in Georgia. The main sights to visit here are the Batonistsikhe, a former residence of the kings that dates back to the 17-18th centuries. The complex used to have a palace, two churches on its gates, a tunnel, fortress walls, and a bath. Today, the venue is home to a public school and a small museum showcasing the memorabilia of Erekle II, the king unified regions of Kartli and Kakheti in the late 18th century.

Combine your trip to Telavi with Tsinandali Estate, an impressive house of Georgian noble family, Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, who was a talented general in Imperial Russia and a famous poet. He was the one who brought European winemaking techniques to Georgia and built one of the oldest and most prominent wineries in the country. Even today, you can try wines made in the estate, tour the beautiful garden, and visit the house-museum to have a look at how noblemen lived back then.

David Gareji Monastery

David gareji-min

Davidt Gareji

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David Gareji Monastery complex is another jewel in the Kakheti region you don’t want to miss. Located around 2 hours drive from Tbilisi, David Gareji makes one of the best day tours around Georgia. The complex was founded by St. David Gareji, one of the 13 Assyrian Fathers who spread Christianity in Georgia and includes 13 monasteries with stunning frescos constructed on hills.

Vardzia and Rabati Fortress


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Situated a bit far from Tbilisi, around 4 hours drive from Tbilisi, touring Vardzia and Rabati Fortress is among some of the best tours around Georgia to include in your itinerary. Vardzia is the largest cave town in Georgia, similar to Uplistsikhe, dating back to the 12th century. Constructed by King Tamar to serve as a functioning town during the enemy invasions, Vardzia had 13 levels and about 600 apartments, a church with bell tower, and throne room, to name a few. A big part of the town was demolished during the devastating earthquake in 1283. However, you can still tour around and learn how the inhabitants lived in the Golden Ages of Georgia.

Just 35 minutes drive from Vardzia, lies Rabati Fortress, a somewhat newly restored complex. For many centuries, Rabati was a seat of Akhaltsikhe rulers and included an underground tunnel and three fences. The unique aspect of the complex is that it features a blend of different religions and cultures built in different periods. Here you can see a mosque, Orthodox church, and a synagogue, perfectly coexisting next to each other adorned with shops, fountains, small parks, a history museum, and a civil registry office to name just a few.