If you have some extra days to spend in Tbilisi, or the weather has been unpredictable to explore the capital, don’t worry too much as there are places you can still have fun and enjoy your time here.

Museum of Selfies

Optimized selfies museum

Photo Source: Museum of Selfies

One of the fun activities to do in Tbilisi with your family or friends is to visit the newly opened Museum of Selfies. Covering 600 sq. meters of space of a basement at 19 Marjanishvili street, the museum has around 30 spots to take fun, exciting, and unique selfies.

Some of the areas were created with Georgian motifs, so you’ll see colorful qvevris and Niko Pirosmani’s famous painting. There are so many places to take photos that you’ll feel overwhelmed. And for those who are above 18 years old, the museum has a +18 room. We won’t spoil all the features of the museum, better to see it for yourself.

Museum of Illusions

museum of illusions tbilisi min

Photo Source: Museum of Illusions Fb Page

This is a relatively new addition to the museum scene of Tbilisi. Here, you open the door of illusions where exhibits are displayed on three floors. It’s a fascinating place to have a nice day with friends, family, or loved ones. Each exhibit has a description in three languages, Georgian, Russian, and English, letting you know what it does or what to do for it to work. One of the most exciting, yet crazy installation is the Vortex Tunnel, making you believe that you are in a rotating cylinder and have a hard time making a step without stumbling. Additionally, there are games and puzzles to solve.  

Tsibakha Game Club

tsibakha game club min

Photo Source: Tsibakha Game Club Fb Page

Tsibakha Game Club is for those who love board games, thinking outside of the box and having fun with friends or family. Located in the courtyard of Fabrika Hostel and Suites at N8 E. Ninoshvili street, the club has a wide choice of board games, including classical ones like chess and backgammon, strategic games focusing on the development or fraud, games that require logical thinking, and mystical ones to name w few. The choice is truly vast, making your head spin and confused about which one to play. The staff is friendly and very helpful, they will assist you to choose the game that suits your needs and desires.

Hippodrome on Lisi Lake

hippodrome lisi tbilisi min

Photo Source: Pexels.com

Love horses? Then go to the Hippodrome on Lisi Lake to either ride on them or simply spend a day petting and walking them. Families with kids traveling to Tbilisi will especially love their time here; the horses are well-trained and friendly, so kids can easily engage and ride on them. And if you are staying in Tbilisi for long, they even offer horseback riding courses.


trampoline tbilisi min

Photo Source: Crazy Hall Fb Page

Trampoline center, Crazy Hall, in Gldani district of Tbilisi, is a fun place for both adults and kids. Here, you’ll find a huge room full of 34 trampolines to bounce, experience flying sensation and release negative energy. Apart from this, the hall has a climbing wall, pits, and a basketball basket to name just a few. While kids are having fun in the room, adults can enjoy a cup of coffee or other beverage in the cafe overlooking the hall.

For those who are in Tbilisi for a long haul and want to do this for a certain period of time, the center offers classes in modern acrobatics, Air gymnastics, and fitness on a trampoline.


Experimentorium tbilisi min

Photo Source: Experimentorium Fb Page

Experimentorium is a museum of science, which changes the whole understanding of the field. If you think it’s boring, go there and prove yourself wrong. 80 exhibits displayed at the museum visualizes the laws of Physics; everything here is interactive and touchable.

It’s a great place for kids, but we assure you that adults will have a lot of fun here. You can experience lifting a friend in the air while sitting on nails, or catch a thunder with your own hands. Everything is possible here!


zipline min

Photo Credit: Andrea Massignani

There is another activity for extreme sports lovers – zip lining over the National Botanical Garden from Narikala Fortress. The string is suspended 30 meters above the garden and runs 270 meters to the final platform. So mix the sightseeing with a fun activity right at the historic center of Tbilisi.