There are several dozen types of authentic cheeses in Georgia. Mostly these are white cheeses from cow milk. Natives eat amazing quantities of cheese so it’s not a surprise that some of the best Georgian dishes are prepared with cheese.

1. Adjaruli Khachapuri


Acharuli Khachapuri
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Khachapuri is by far the most authentic Georgian dish. Almost all regions have their own Khachapuri, but the most distinguished one is Adjaruli Khachapuri. Adjara is a seaside region, so locals justify the shape of their Khachapuri with the resemblance to a boat. Inside this boat shaped dough there is melted cheese, some butter and an egg. The entire yolk of the egg floating in the cheese signifies a sunset in the sea. This is how a dish from a real seaside nation should look like. You should mix well the cheese, egg, and butter and then start to soak pieces of baked dough starting from the outer corners. When you have eaten the sides and corners of the boat, you can roll the bottom as a tube and eat it. Even the smallest Adjaruli khachapuri is a challenge, but it will be hard to stop as the taste is so flavorful.

2. Gebjalia



A dish originally from west Georgian region of Samegrelo. Known to be a perfect starter. Consists of cheese rolls dipped in a mix of sour cream, milk and Nadughi  – a soft, creamy cottage cheese. Rolls are flavoured with mint, salt and pepper and float in the milky sauce. It is truly an authentic product of local cuisine.

3. Achma


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Achma is similar to Khachapuri, but it has several layers of tender dough, a crispy top and plenty of cheese.  One small piece, that looks so innocent can serve as a nutritious dinner. If it is the first time you taste this mouthwatering delight, know that we envy you!

4. Elarji


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Samegrelo could proudly bear a name of the gastronomical center of Georgia and the crown on Megrelian cuisine is Elarji. It is prepared of corn flour, cornmeal, and Sulguni cheese. Basically, it is Ghomi cooked with cheese. Every traditional Megrelian family has a special deep pot for Ghomi and Elarji. The cornmeal is cooked for about an hour and steered occasionally, so it is definitely not a fast food. Elarji is usually served with a nuts sauce – Baje. Soft and stretching cheese with crunchy cornmeal create a divine dish that melts in the mouth.

5. nadughi


Nadughi with mint
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Since most dishes take a while until served, most Georgians take a special appetizer ensemble that is long established as a sort of local custom: plate of raw, fresh greens (green onions, herbs, radishes etc.), a plate of different cheese slices (goat cheese recommended), bread (Shoti) or cornbread (Mchadi), some boiled or fried vegetables with nuts and a jug of prefered wine. One of the most outstanding appetisers is – Nadughi. It is soft cottage cheese, similar to Italian ricotta cheese. Usually it is served rolled in the thin leaves of Sulguni (mild, elastic cheese with layers, similar to Italian mozzarella). Nadughi is served with some pomegranates and mint.