Many newcomers may be shocked to find that the majority of Georgia’s shoreline is rocky (with large pebbles) making it essential to carry suitable footwear and maybe even a yoga mat. Rocky beaches also tend to have steep slopes from the waterline which often gets deep enough to completely cover you in just 10­-15 steps from the shore. The water is only slightly salty, so swimming is a real pleasure. It’s also quite safe to play in as the only sea life you’ll have to watch out for is the occasional jellyfish. If you don’t feel like making a stony start to your holiday it might be comforting to know most beaches in Georgia are usually adjacent to green rolling hills that allow visitors to appreciate a fine view while sunbathing.

1. Kvariati


Rakushkebi Facebook Page

It is our favourite beach, because of its peaceful location and especially good ambience. People come to this place (mostly) because of Rakushkebi, a bungalow created and designed 15 years ago by the Adjarian artist Natia ­AKA Frida (she looks like the famous Mexican self­ portraiture Frida Kahlo). Everybody knows and loves this place because of its cozy atmosphere, delicious menu with affordable prices, and homemade lemonades and original cocktails. The water here is warm and clean and the beach is peaceful and relaxing.

2. Gonio


Vitamini Club in Gonio
Photo Source: Vitamini Facebook Page

Gonio is the most vibrant beach on this list. Here the city’s nightlife is right on the shore with its many noisy bars and clubs. Their music and the sea’s surf resonate together to create a romantic and hip atmosphere.

It, however, is not a place for skinny dipping. The water here is to dirty to enjoy and the people come more for chatting, flirting, and gossiping than to take a dip.

3. Sarpi


Sarpi Cliffs
Photo Credit: Toka Putkaradze

Sarpi is quite close to the Turkish borderline. There was a time when its beach was the most peaceful & clean beach on the Adjarian shore. But time changes everything and today it’s lost its fabled serenity due to tourists, new bars, and the close proximity of a major highway. But not all the splendor of Sarpi’s has faded away, its waters continues to carry what’s left of its former glory. Arguably the most enjoyable entertainment in Sarpi are the cliffs along the shore from which you can dive into the water. It’s not very high, approximately 7 meters but it’s still quite thrilling. When you’re ready to head home or back to your hotel, you can find public showers installed on the shore that cost less than 1 USD.

4. Mtsvane Kontskhi


Mtsvane kontskhi
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Only 9 km. (5.6 miles) away from Batumi, the natives call this place Green Paradise. It has breathtaking scenery including a botanical garden next to the beach! Tourists and locals go there not only for sunbathing and swimming, but also for diving. Mtsvane Kontskhi is well served by its many guest houses, restaurants, and cafè­-bars so you can stay there for the whole day and enjoy the beauty of the Green Paradise.


5. Shekvetili

Shekvetili is a sandy beach. The sand is dark in color rather than gold. It is believed that the send at this beach is good for cardiovascular diseases, nervous system, paresis, rachitis, and musculoskeletal diseases. Pine forest that starts right after the beach makes the climate and air so pleasant.The water is low, so it is perfect for the kids. Another good reason for a family trip is the proximity to the Tsitsinatela theme park.

Shekvetili Beach
Photo Credit: Zurab Kurtsikidze

Shekvetili and Kaprovani are sandy beaches. The sand is dark rather than blond. It is believed that the sand at these beaches are good for treating cardiovascular diseases, nervous system problems, paresis, rachitis, and musculature diseases. The pine forest that starts right behind the beach makes the climate immensely pleasant. These are great places to plan a family trip as water is shallow and there is Tsitsinatela park­­ nearby, so it’s perfect for anyone who has kids.