Restaurant Marseille

Restaurant Marseille
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Marseille looks nothing like a high end restaurant, as a matter of fact if you were unlucky enough to live in the soviet times, or at least heard stories from your parents, you would feel that you are back to USSR, entering Marseille. The dishes are not very posh and interior once again reminds of Stalin’s time. Your thoughts will probably be – IS THAT THE PLACE? But our answer is definitely – YES – this is it!

Try the legendary SULGUNI (Georgian cheese) that you won’t forget. You will probably never have a chance to eat a better Sulguni. Second of all, the chef’s hands are just blessed, cause if you blindly choose anything from the menu, it will be so delicious you will lose track of your daily calorie intake in your food journal. In a nutshell, once you decide to have a dinner like no place else – go to Marseille, take the homemade lemonade and anything you just like, because it’s just amazingly delicious! Price per person is around 20 USD

Soy Ice Cream Place

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No meal is complete without a good dessert! So let’s imagine you did eat in Marseille (share it with us!), what you need right now is light and refreshing dessert, and yes you are guessing it right, the next stop should be the Soy Ice Cream place. It is not your ordinary Baskin Robbins experience! Yes, you might kind of feel a bit stuck somewhere in the soviet time (again!) when you enter the place, but it’s worth it. You will never find a place on planet earth that serves that kind of “strange” tasted, not very sweet Soy Ice Cream (It is gluten free, lactose free, vegan friendly).

adjarian sakhli

Adjarian Khachapuri
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Should you be wondering what does traditional Adjarian food taste like, go to Adjarian Sakhli. It is an authentic restaurant with the menu that looks mysterious even for Georgians. Food is delicious, but with a lot of fat. Service is very good and everything is delivered fast. In front of the restaurant you can find an interesting exhibition of miniature houses in Adjarian style.

Price per person shouldn’t exceed 10 USD.

Sea port

retired or unemployed group of men, who render the time playing cards or fishing.
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What you will see there a bunch of veterans sitting and playing backgammon and drinking Turkish tea made on sand. They gather between 13:00 and 19:00 o’clock. 

Of course people are fishing here, BUT a very interesting part is that kids actually dive in the sea to get shrimps and other seafood. Anyways if you are looking for a fun experience definitely make a short stop there.


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If you are fond of vintage design, very close to Boulvard  you can find “Fan Fan” restaurant, famouse because of it’s creative interior design (maybe it will remind you of Pur Pur Restaurant in Tbilisi) and homemade lemonades, which are heavenly during hot days of summer in Batumi.
Fan Fan is a seafood restaurant with European cuisine. It is definitely not the cheapest one, price per person is around 20 USD, but the experience is worth it.

Oh, and please, don’t leave Fan Fan without visiting the restroom 🙂

fish market

Fish Market Batumi
Photo Credit: Karol Werner

Go to the Fish Market and buy some fish or seafood of your choice. Afterwards, you give the fish to the lady, who will clean it for you and then you’re heading to the open eatery, right at the wall of the fish market and waiting in a quite long line for your dinner to prepare. It’s hard to give exact time estimate but the very least you have to wait is 40-60 minutes. You can play backgammon while you are waiting.

Most popular dish is a fresh fish roasted in corn flour and vegetable oil. The dish is served with sliced lemon, Georgian sour plum sauce Tkemali. Long story short – you MUST go there!

flabour georgia

Flabour Georgia
Photo Source: Flabour Georgia Facebook Page

Ok, so you know where to eat, where to walk, now you might want to shop a bit. You will find plenty of stores in Batumi, but make sure you stop by and get something in Flabour Georgia. It is a multi brand store that offers: clothes, shoes, jewellery, décor, etc. all made and designed by Georgian designers. Also they provide shipping to any part of the world!