1. nino chubinishvili (chubika)

Hats designed by Chubika
photo Source: Chubika Facebook Page

Chubika comes from the world of theater, where she worked as a costume designer for many years. If you look at her designs, you will see that her work is not just fashion but art as well. Nino studied at the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts and received a Bachelor’s degree in Stage and Costume Design in 1996. In 2006, she graduated from the International Fashion Design Post-Graduate Program at Institute Francais de la Mode in Paris, France where she collaborated with fashion icons like Pierre Cardin and interned at Kenzo.

Her current works can be found in her concept store on Vashlovani Street in Tbilisi and offers everyday clothes and accessories. The pieces are unique within their ideas and identities, where her art and fashion converges, deep artistic ideas are conveyed via objects like iPad bags, bracelets, necklaces, wallets, handbags, and belts. Her black and white accessories utilizing faces are her most popular among fashion lovers.

“My designs are where fashion crosses into art – it’s more than fashion but not totally art. I believe in the idea of expression; the expression of divinity in different forms, languages, and creations. Just like Notre Dame de Paris is a Christian symbol expressing The Divine through architecture; a beautiful wooden wardrobe, or bracelet, dress – even a clutch – is a translation of that same force into a different language by its creator…,” notes Chubika.

This designer’s most influential Angel line is a mix of art and fashion, representing her inner approach and raw passion for the act of creation. Her works are full of tranquility, sharp shapes, colors, inspiration, and divinity translated into forms that people can wear. Chubika always explores the myriad of shapes and materials found in fabric, leather, wood, and metals. Nature, humanity, stillness, and passion are the inspirations for her creations.

2. Djaba Diassamidze

Djaba Diassamidze
photo Source: Tbilisifashionweek.com

Paris-based Georgian designer Djaba Diassamidze is known for his evening gowns. This designer mainly works with private clients and small boutiques with his vision often reflecting the classic Saint Laurent and Givenchy styles of the late 1940s. Djaba expresses strong, attractive, free women with his pieces. Red lipstick, floor length dresses, black velvet, elbow-long gloves, evening turbans and feathers make his creations glamorous, elegant, and feminine.


Tbilisi Fashion Week 2016
Photo Source: Irinka Chkhenkeli

Djaba’s muse latches onto the feminine personification of the universe that provides an endless source of inspiration for his creations which comes from a range of sources such as the world of ballet, poetry, 19th century costumes, and femininity. He uses precious fabrics,fluid silks, and noble velvets for pieces representing highly sophisticated female forms. His dresses are mysterious, exposing the hidden desires of women. Adding to this, he uses fine embroideries and fabulous accessories that enrich all of his looks.

Djaba Diassamidze’s work is a representation of luxurious haute-couture filled with the pride of strong femininity.  Djaba’s clothes are not just everyday outerwear but are also fine pieces of art to showcase for special occasions.

3. Simon Machabeli

Simon Machabeli
photo Source: Tbilisifashionweek.com

Simon Machabeli is a Georgian fashion designer also working in the theatre and film industries. Simon obtained a B.A. in set design at the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts. From 2001-2003 the designer went for a second Bachelor’s in Performance Costuming at the  Edinburgh College of Arts. In 2008, Machabeli graduated from Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design (MA in Menswear) and has showcased several collections back in Georgia. Simon next worked as a costume and production designer on a number of theatre and film sets. He presented his first solo exhibition, Divine Body, followed by another,  The Arches, in Glasgow UK. Machabeli’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, shown at that year’s Tbilisi Fashion Week, represented kaleidoscopic colors and chunky silhouettes. The collection excited not only Georgian high society but garnered particular attention from the international fashion community as well.

Simon Machabeli’s artworks
Photo Source: Tbilisifashionweek.com

Simon’s pieces are a highly individualized representations of fashion trends mixed with aesthetic interpretations of Georgian liturgical art. Machabeli’s creations are always expressed with the finest textiles and Georgian traditional inspirations.