Gudauri is a mountainous region in Georgia located 120 km (75 mi) or about 2 hours north of its capital – Tbilisi, making it convenient for short, weekend ski trips from December through April. Snow on the road can make driving slow or nearly impossible at times following a big storm. The mountain’s average skiable elevation is 2,133 m (7,000 ft) above sea level, so the weather can be chaotic and extreme.

How To Get There

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You can reach Gadauri by taxi, marshutka, chartered bus or private car. Most skiers travel by private car or in organized tour groups on buses. A taxi costs around $42 one way, a Marshutka around $4 per person on way, a rental car (such as a Toyota 4Runner from GSServices) is around $64 per day or $72 for a Land Cruiser; a 20% discount for winter.

Lift Prices

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Gudauri has seven lifts to reach its different slopes. The lower levels feature enclosed cable cars while the lifts that go higher peaks are chair lifts. It can feel particularly cold while just sitting there during the ascent while the wind is whipping around you, so be sure to be dressed for it. You should bring with you appropriate ski clothing as most of what’s needed can not be rented in Gudauri.

Daily tickets sell for around $13 for adults and $8 for children. Normal operating hours are 10am to 5pm with night skiing available on weekends. Hours and availability are subject to conditions, holiday schedules, and specials.

Where To Rent Skies

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Both of the larger hotels in Gudauri, The Marco Polo Hotel and Hotel Carpe Diem, offer ski rentals including boots and boards. There is also a place opposite the Smart supermarket, Gudauri Partners, that rents out skis for around $10 per day including helmets.

Fines for Drinking and Skiing

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Skiing while under the influence is a crime and is not allowed. Not only can you injure yourself, but put others at risk as well. Save your partying for after your day on the slopes and enjoy your time responsibly.

Staying Overnight

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The Gudauri Marco Polo Hotel is a lovely choice with rates around $125 per night. Hotel Carpe Diem is also around $125 for a room for two guests. New Gudauri area offers simpler accommodations from around $70 for an economy studio. There are several offerings in Gudauri starting at $22 often with plenty of vacancies.

Trails & Ratings

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The snow can reach up to 1.5 m (5 ft) deep at times with good powder. The trails are well maintained and there is something for every level and type of skier. From slalom to snowboarding to free-riding; all of their trails are FIS certified. Out of the 57 km (35 mi) Gudauri has to offer, 22 km (13 mi) are easy, 25 km (15 mi) are intermediate, and 10 km (6 mi) are difficult. Fresh powder and absence of boulders make for great skiing! If you have the budget and the desire, try heliskiing. Heliksir offers a Powder Intro package for $575 per person which includes 3 runs in one day. Contact for more information.

Where To Eat

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The Gudauri Marco Polo Hotel has a wonderful restaurant. The Smart & Gudmart supermarket has prepared foods and a café and if you are staying in an apartment with a kitchen, you can stock up of provisions there as well. Since 2007, Drunk Cherry (Mtvrali Alubali) has been providing great food and service at affordable prices. at the bottom of the second ski lift. There you might even find live music, promotional shows, and some entertaining contests on the weekends.

Emergency Contacts

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The Gudauri Emergency Medical Unit has trained professionals and equipment allowing visitors to have peace of mind while enjoying their adventures on the mountain. They are mainly a First Aid and Rescue station with Tbilisi Hospital serving as the source of primary care, If you are ever in an emergency, dial 112.