As part of modern urban culture, Street  Art in Georgia made its start in 2005. Lately it has become quite popular and today there are up to 10 street artists in Georgia using widespread techniques like stencils and graffiti. Installation and Sticker artists spread messages, protest, enhance the problems, or simply impact positively on the city’s mood in a peaceful and creative manner.

1. sadarismelia


Photo Source: sadarismelia Facebook Page

The name Sadarismelia is translated to “Where is the Fox?”. This is a team of two talented artists, Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze, who create word art. Some people just cannot understand the meanings of their words written, in English or Georgian, on the walls, pavements, billboards, old buildings, and bridges. Why are they written? What do they mean? Analyzing their context, you will see, that each carries a unique meaning. They express, protest, point to something, give remembrance, or just make people stop and notice. Some people see only letters; others read what is behind them.

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Mariam & Detu Photo Source:

“With interventions in different contexts with our works we emphasise history, past and present of places.”

2. Dr.Love

street art

Photo Source: Dr.Love Facebook Page


Dr. Love  (Bacha Khoperia) has been  making  Street Art since 2010. This is the author of one of the biggest pieces of street artwork in Georgia (“Girl while making a selfie”) and is the most popular Georgian artist currently in the field. He has taken part in many international street art festivals (Bristol Upfest) and is known worldwide for his work regarding air pollution. One might see his artwork popping up in the streets of Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi. His main drive is to spread love all around.

3. Gagosh


Photo Source: Gagosh Facebook Page

His full name is Giorgi Gagoshidze he belives that: “Street art helps manage problems in the country”. One can easily recognize his handiwork as his art features mosaics, wall paintings and even street poetry. His messages, in most cases,  relate to social issues in an ironic form and forcing people to think about problematic issues surrounding them.

4. Musya Qeburia

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Street art is her hobby among a few other creative activities. You can view Musya Qeburia’s street art in several cities in Georgia, but most of them can be found in Tbilisi.  She is well known for her street creations concerning social problems such as forced checks on marijuana usage – I don’t wanna pee and Don’t Catch Me. Musya graduated with a degree in Media art at the Academy of Art. You can find her other artwork in the forms of jewelry, book illustrations, and advertisements.

5. Tamoonz


Photo Source: Tamoonz Facebook Page

Talented Graphic designer, Tamuna Tskhakaia fulfilled her dream to paint the street walls at the age of 17. At that time she only had  a paintbrush because there were no graffiti tools accessible in Georgia. Her art spread quickly through the internet and she soon got an invitation to the Street Art Fest in Belgium among 40 best street artists. Since than she has become actively involved in street art activities. One can find her typical characters as book illustrations, game heroes, café design elements, or ink paintings.