When planning a weekend tour in Tbilisi remember the most important – there is no time to be wasted in the traffic! If you want to rent a car, consider locals’ crazy driving habit and the absence of parking lots. It might change your mind. Public transport can be a mess, especially when all you know in Georgian is ‘Gamarjoba’. Tbilisi is a hilly city, so bicycle is not a solution either. What’s the solution? We suggest a scooter! No license required, easy parking, less problems with traffic, no language barrier with drivers, and last but not the least – scooter is fun!

We have worked hard on suggesting an intense and overwhelming scooter tour, which is arguably the only way to fully explore colorful Tbilisi. You can read the tour details here or claim a printed map at our favorite scooter rental company ScootScoot. So, don’t miss a tiny bit of  Tbilisi and start exploring with us – rent the scooter, grab the map and follow the #scootintbilisi route.

10:00am breakfast at Fabrika

breakfastin tbilisi -min

Breakfast at Fabrika
Photo Source: Fabrika

Book your stay in Fabrika – the most distinguished hostel in Georgia. Start your journey with an exceptional choice of breakfast served on the first floor in the dining room from 7:00 to 11:00 for only 5$. Remember, you are in Georgia, so do not hurry. Get used to lazy mornings and tasty food. Take your time and try local fruits and yogurt, homemade Georgian dishes, and the most delicious Georgian bread. Fabrika offers the full range.


11:00 exceptional neighbourhood and the Dry Bridge


Dry Bridge
Photo Source: vogue.com

Grab your scooter and start your journey! As soon as you exit Fabrika, you appear in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Tbilisi. Some parts are newly renovated, others have preserved their primary beauty. In less than 10 minutes you will pass the Saarbrucken Square and instantly notice first merchants from Soviet time Georgia. This place is called Mshrali Khidi (Dry Bridge) and it is a must-see flea market. Here you can find almost everything you were looking for, even irons and remote controls, but mostly people come here for old coins, postcards, dishes, paintings, books, and vintage accessories. Citizens of  Tbilisi bring their entire treasure to earn some money. At the weekends, visitors of  Tbilisi go to the busy market for something memorable to take home from the city. Note that the prices here are quite high and merchants might try to charge you extra just because you are foreigner, so feel free to bargain. Be creative, as most of the merchants here speak only Georgian and Russian.


13:00 Your next stop: Anchiskhati Church

Photo Credit: Andrea Massignani

Your next stop is the oldest surviving church in Tbilisi – Anchiskhati. It dates from the 6th century and is definitely worth your half an hour. On your way to the church, you will pass a lovely square where Rezo Gabriadze, an incredible artist full of creativity and talent, owns a puppet theatre and a cafe. Even though the puppet theatre is not among your top destinations, you still have to go there and see the theatre building. It was designed by Gabriadze himself. The most attractive part of the building is the fairy-tail tower with a clock.

14:30 the best view of  Tbilisi from Mtatsminda Park

mtatsminda park tbilisi

Photo Source: Burger Bar FP

Mtatsminda (Holy Mountain) is where the TV tower is located. It is the hill visible from almost every district in the city and it is the hill that has the best view on almost every district. Go to Chonkadze street and enter the Funicular.  A two-way ticket will cost less than 2 USD and this is all you will have to pay for the most unforgettable view.

At the top of the funicular, enter the café on your left side. Take your seat and order Penovani Khachapuri (cheese baked in the sliced dough), Lagidze water (a local fizzy drink based on carbonated water and a variety of natural syrups), and Ponchiki as a desert (sweet and heavy donut with the boiled cream).

15:30 Georgian history at the National Museum

georgian national museum

Golden Lion Figure, dated the 3rd millennium BC
Photo Source: museum.ge

When looking over Tbilisi from Mtatsminda, you might wonder what is the story of this city and the country. Take your ride down to the scooter and hit the road to the National Museum.  It is housed in the building of former theological seminary. The museum displays Georgia’s medieval history. Collection of Christian Treasury is a must-see for those interested in Georgian arts and culture. The Museum is open daily from 10 am to 6:45 pm. It is closed on Mondays. The entry cost is only 2$. Guided tours are offered in English and Russian and cost 8-10$.

18:00 Discover the the world’s famouse Qvevri wine

georgian wine-min

Photo Source: Respublika Grill Bar FP

Time to taste distinct Georgian wines. Vino Underground is a cozy, brick lined cellar located on a touristic and lively Erekle Street. This is the place where you will thank us for advising to rent a scooter. Vino Underground offers a lot of varieties of Georgian organic wines. We suggest you try unique Qvevri wines, especially white varieties that are commonly known as orange wines, and also some sweet red wines from mountainous regions. Approximate cost per tasting is 15 USD per person. We know that Georgians are good at winemaking, but don’t forget – you are driving. Wine tasting doesn’t require drinking in large quantities, we wish you a safe ride and please do not overuse alcohol!

18:30 Try some fusion local cuisine 

Photo Source: indigo,com

Photo Source: indigo.com.ge

You will most probably be hungry after the wine tasting, so we suggest visiting Ezo. It is a café focused on organic and local ingredients. It is the great place to chill in the evening and have a mouthwatering dinner. Order something from the daily specials, usually it’s the best part of the menu. The word “Ezo” means “Yard” in Georgian and the place is truly a typical Tbilisi style yard.

22:00 Have a night view over Tbilisi from the Narikala fortress

Narikala Castle

Narikala Fortress
Photo Source: flickr.com

It is a fortress with a church on the top of the old city. The road is hilly and bumpy, but it is a must-see destination. First citadel was built here in the IV century, but what has remained now is dated with VII-VIII centuries. It is a great place for the picturesque night view over the city. Take a small walk to Kartlis Deda (Mother of Georgia) which represents the Georgian character – welcoming guests with wine and enemies with the sword. Now it’s time you have some rest back in Fabrika. Change your outfit and get ready for the unforgettable night! Underground nightlife in Tbilisi starts here.

02:00 Explore Tbilisi underground in Bassiani

Photo Source: pexels.com

One of the best-known clubs in the city is Bassiani, fitted with an incredible sound system and using it to deliver the finest techno and house all night long. It’s residents, which include local heroes like HVL and Zitto and of course it’s weekly line up, that provides the best techno and house dj’s from all over the world shall not leave you disappointed.
Since opening in late 2014, Bassiani, which has given an old swimming pool a new lease on life, has become one of Georgians favourite places to experience dance music and the revolutionary ambience from the west. Bassiani holds the reputation of a fighter against the system. It is one of the major influencer of the cultural clash taking place in Georgia. Visit this place and have a look at the underground lifestyle of the young generation in Tbilisi.

06:00 Experience the cultural shock in Dezertirebi market

Dezertirebi- Tbilisi Bazaar-min

Dezertirebi local market
Photo Source: travelita.ch

When you exit Bassiani, go left and turn right on the first crossroad. Completely different Tbilisi will emerge in front of you. A wholesale open market is waking up here and now. You can walk among the street merchants, taste local food, meet unique people, and take some amazing photos of the world that you have never seen before. It is hardcore experience that even locals try to avoid, but as it’s your first time in Georgia we strongly suggest you to go for it. Tbilisi is indeed a city of contrasts!

08:00 Cure your hangover in authentic Georgian way 

khinkali georgian dish

Photo Source: pinterest.com

Pub Kolkheti can be a great choice for having an authentic Georgian experience – hangover with Khashi (a calf brought), Khinkali (dumplings with meat), and a true hangover remedy – sparkling mineral water Borjomi. You will have a chance to see some typical Georgians gathered after a fest, drinking toasts and sharing memories from the noisy last night party. Even locals don’t know that Khinkali with barberry and minced meat can be found here, so don’t miss this tip. Authentic taste and exotic ambience of this place shall become your unforgettable memory. Your hangover is cured, you are full, and hopefully you are incredibly happy to be here. Now you deserve some sleep. Get ready for the next day!

13:00 Taste authentic local food at Shavi Lomi

shavi lomi_tbilisi-min

Shavi Lomi Restaurant
Photo Source: Shavi Lomi FP

As you have already missed your breakfast in Fabrika, and most probably you are starving, we invite you to the amazing local cuisine right in your neighborhood. Shavi Lomi is a small restaurant with an authentic style. Here, in a nice, cozy atmosphere, you can enjoy Georgian traditional dishes with some modern twist. We would recommend to order “Gobi”- it is a huge plate of mixed Georgian “Pkhali” (walnut seasoned greens), pickles, Mchadi (corn bread), and cheeses. Shavi Lomi will cost you around 20 USD per person, but it’s definitely worth the price.

15:30 Ethnographic Museum


Ethnographic Museum
Photo Source: wikimedia.org

It is the longest drive in these 2 days. Enjoy the city and the least touristy parts of it while you drive to the Ethnographic museum right below the Turtle Lake. There are 14 houses brought from different regions of Georgia. You will have a chance to see the similarities and diversities of major Georgian regions in  this lovely open air museum. This place is most beautiful in the spring, when the trees blossom. You can get a Russian, English or German language tour guide for 10USD. Since it is an open-air tour, check the weather in advance. Entry fee is less than 1 USD. Note that working hours are 10am to 5pm so don’t be late.

Grab the last minute souvenir in Gallery 27

arts and crafts gallery27 -min

Gallery 27
Photo Source: Gallery 27 Facebook page

This historical house is an absolutely fabolous building and one of the must see places in Tbilisi. However, this place is more than just a building. Behind these beautiful windows there is a small art gallery, where all presented artworks are handmade and crafted by Georgian artists. If you want to get a great souvenir from Georgia for yourself or maybe for your friends or family, Gallery 27 is frankly the best place for you. Here you will find Georgian traditional blue tablecloths, known as one of the most typical Georgian thing, felt bags and toys created with national technique, hand painted silk scarves, batiks, quilted bags with Georgian unique alphabet, jewellery, knitted hats and much more.

19:00 Have a bath in Abano N5

sulfur bathes

Sulfur bathes Tbilisi
Photo Source: bucketlistly.com

According to the legend, in the V century, King Vakhtang Gorgasali found his hunting falcon poached in the hot sulfur waters and ordered to move the capital city to this place. He named the city – Tbilisi. The word “Tbili” translates as “Warm” so the name was most probably inspired by hot sulfurous springs that come natural in certain districts of the city.

The original place is located  at the eastern bank of the Mtkvari river and is called abanotubani (bath district). The closer you get to ancient bath district, the better you smell sulfur. Sulfur helps protect your body against toxins in the environment. Sulfur baths also relieve pain and itching caused by hemorhoids. This water is perfect for nervous system, boosts blood circulation and has other positive effects on the human body. In every bath at Abanotubani you will find massage therapist called Mekise, who will give you a strong rub and clean your skin. Back in the days there were 63 baths in Tbilisi, nowadays most visited places are in Abanotubani: “Orbelian Bath”, “Royal Bath House”, “Sulphur baths”, “Bakhmaro baths” and the oldest “Bath house N5”, which is the cheapest and the oldest and it’s located right in the middle of Abanotubani. The more privacy and comfort you look for, the more money you should pay. Prices range from 6 to 50 USD.

Note that in sulfur bath women should wear swimsuits and men should wear swimming trunks. You can get all the bath accessories at the place, but bringing your own towel and footwear is highly advised.   

21:00 Chill near the waterfall in the city center

leghvakhevi tbilisi-min

Photo Source: Respublika Grill Bar FP

All clean and happy! Now you are ready for the night walk. If you walk pass Abano N5 and cross the small bridge, you will discover a waterfall in the heart of the city. Most of the locals don’t even know that it exists. The place is called Leghvtakhevi and it is a beautiful escape from the noisy city. On your way back from the waterfall take a stop in the lovely café. Just sit out there, take a sip of Georgian local beer and relax on this last evening of your unforgettable #scootintbilisi