So, where are you going on winter holidays? Some might already have a plan, while others, who have not decided yet should not worry at all – we are here with the greatest offers for spending  your holidays the best way possible! Brace yourselves with the warmest clothes – snow and heights are coming! Oh, by the way all of this hotels were holding the status of Nominee of Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards 2016 and/or 2017.

Rooms hotel Kazbegi

Hotel kazbegi rooms

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi
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Too many exceptional sites, but none of them has a “potential” to be left out. Let’s jump into the first location – Kazbegi. Introduction might not be necessary, because Kazbegi is a commonly known destination for tourists. Even if we try to express Kazbegi’s nature by all the eulogistic words, the reality will absolutely exceed your expectations. In this divine place stands Rooms Hotel, which is a combination of everything you’ve ever imagined. Modern, comfortable rooms together with a vintage spirit are tastefully united. Spending even just a day at this hotel feels like your New Year’s wish has come true. A contemporary ambience is suitable for each and every one. And captivating, snowbound Mkinvartsveri (Mount Kazbek) feels so close, as if you could undoubtedly reach it. Morning view of Mkinvartsveri from your comfortable bed in Rooms Hotel is worth a tour to Georgia. Besides, Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is the winner of the Best Mountain Accommodation Award 2016 in Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards.

Rixos Borjomi

Hotel Borjomi RIXOS

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Our next stop is Borjomi, a winner of the Best Wellness & Spa Resort Award 2017 in Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards a resort town with spectacular nature and very popular mineral water. Many tourists visit Borjomi to taste the warm, sparkling water, which is a natural remedy for numerous diseases. If you decide to stay for a longer period, (more than a day – after tasting Borjomi) Rixos hotel is at your disposal.  Modern interior design, local and international cuisine, spa & wellness centre, indoor/outdoor activities for entertainment – it all exceed expectations. Rixos does fulfill a promise, here luxury and wellbeing really are in a perfect harmony. Simply walking into the reception puts all of the problems out of your head. The view, the environment and the perfect dose of romance is a key for creating suitable holidays for every occasion (even the honeymoon), hence, your next destination should be Borjomi and of course Rixos Hotel. Though, watch out! After having a view of the magnificent Rixos park covered with snow from the swimming pool, you might decide to stay there forever.

Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort Gudauri

Hotel Quadrum Gudauri

Hotel Quadrum in Gudauri
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Gudauri is a resort “full of fresh air and snow”. It is a well-known go-to destination for skiing and snowboarding fans. If you are not good at sports, sledge-riding will also do. Gudauri has it all: stupendous panorama, vast mountains, ideal surface for skiing and completely perfect hotel called Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort.  Sports vibe and enthusiastic ambience is a productive stimulus to healthy life. Starting a day with Yoga – great, isn’t it? If you still hesitate, believe us, you will be thankful of your own decision on reserving a room at Quadrum and spending your holidays in Gudauri.  The comfort and serenity of this hotel makes it a place to be enjoyed in all seasons. Recently, this cute hotel won Best Mountain Accommodation Award 2017 in Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards

Banguriani Mestia

Hotel Banguriani Mestia

Hotel Banguriani
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You have undoubtedly heard or read something about Svaneti. And if you have not had a chance to experience this beauty in reality, you are probably dreaming about it. Hotel Banguriani is situated right in the heart of Mestia – a highland town-let in the Caucasus Mountains. It is a place where a heavenly sight of whole Svaneti opens up before us. Banguriani is surrounded by colossal mountains and it will not be exaggerated if we say that even air “tastes” different here. This will not only be a healthy holiday but also a fun one! Banguriani + Mestia is a perfect combination. Do not let yourself miss out this pleasure.

Apollon bakuriani

Hotel Apolon bakuriani

Hotel Apollon
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Hotel Apollon is located in one of the most popular resorts in Georgia – Bakuriani. Fantastic atmosphere, cozy and romantic environment meets all the terms and conditions to spend unforgettable time of your life.  Winter’s frost and snow-clad is complemented by crackling fire in the chimney. This hotel has a huge garden where you can relax, have fun, arrange a picnic and have barbecue with friends. To make a long story short, Apollon is an ideal destination at any time of the year, whether you would like to go and above all, this is a perfect place for a family vacation.

Hotel Abastumani Residence

hotel mountains Georgia .Georgi

Photo Source: Hotel Abastumani  Residence

Health – First!  Have you ever heard of Abastumani and its unique air? If not, search it up right now and book your flight tickets. Abastumani actually is a spa town with a long history of treating lung diseases and strengthening the immune system, only with breathing in the magic air. Abastumani Residence is just in the forest, surrounded by fir trees, mountains and rivers.  Staff are so friendly and caring that all the problems are left behind the doorstep. Your every body part will rejuvenate here. Splendid nature and tranquil, comfy accommodation will unquestionably impress you. Finding the joy and happiness has never been easier. It is here – in Abastumani! In addition, there is an observatory and a small museum of cosmos next to the hotel, where guests can have a closer look at the moon and view some great photos of the milky way.