Georgians have babies delivered via high-tech drones operated by Amazon… of course this is not true and there is dating in Georgia. You might even say we are in the middle of the revolution. However, as in every culture, there are some things you need to know:

1. First Impression

Photo Credit: George Kolbaia

Heterosexual male travelers should take into consideration that Georgian girls like attention but not too much attention. Make her conscious about your feelings but do not over act. Leave a room for doubt and keep your dignity. Be like Bond, James Bond. Georgian girls like well-dressed men. Dress to impress, but keep it natural. Don’t do tank tops unless you have a body of Ryan Gossling.

No whistling, no butt spanking, no shouting “Hey sexy!”, no smart-ass pick-up lines, no macho attitudes. Do you remember the movie “Crazy, Stupid Love”? Be like Ryan!

2. Dating

Photo Credit: George Kolbaia

Georgian girls like to bring friends on their dates. Do not be surprised when they arrive and be ready to pay for all of them; not only for the meal, but for drinks and cabs as well. Use her friends to your advantage. If the friends like you, then your chances are high she will as well.

Do not be surprised, when she receives a call from her mom. Most of girls (guys as well) live with their parents and parents always call them asking when they will be back home. If she receives a call at 10-11 pm and you hear her saying “Moval male!”, forget about taking her to bed. Internet will be your partner for tonight.

3. Virgin Bride

Photo Credit: George Kolbaia

There was a cultural belief (and it is still widely present in rural areas) that a woman should be a virgin when she gets married. Therefore, quite a few Georgian girls are trying to keep their purity for their future husbands. Do not be surprised if you stumble upon an obstinate girl not willing to “give in” and don’t get too excited if you end up making out. It does not mean that you are getting laid tonight; Georgian girls can make out for ages and still somehow manage to keep their panties on.

4. One-Night Stand

Photo Credit: George Kolbaia

One night stands are rare but possible. Here you need to master the art of a glance. Look, but don’t stare, smile but don’t be a clown, give her time, if she likes you she will give you a sign. After the sign is received, do not jump on her like a lion jumps on a prey, go slow start with buying her a drink or asking for a dance. Pay attention to her friends. Are they alone or they try to always hang around? If they won’t leave you be chances are slim that she will follow you home. Try not to be the one saying, “Let’s go.” It is always better if the girl makes the move to leave. It is only after you have left the venue together should you make the suggestion to go to your place.

5. Women in Action

Photo Credit: George Kolbaia

Things are definitely easier for heterosexual female travelers looking for a date or a relationship in Georgia. You should remember that local men are used to slightly more modest behaviour than you might think. Above all, this concerns alcohol. Know your maximum.

Watch how you dress up. Georgians are stylish and value fashionable over sexy. Do not wear tight or super mini skirts and please do not  take on your make up. Among world fashion styles, Italian seems most appreciated in Georgia. Be self confident and remember that your arrival from abroad already kindles huge interest in you from Georgian men.

6. Gay

Night-clubs are best places for hook up. Try Cafe Gallery on Griboedov street. It is a great place to start. If you are not fond of techno music, then things get more complicated. It’s critical to understand that Georgia has a lot of hostile homophobic behavior.

There is an odd irony in Georgia. You should avoid excessive kissing and other overt PDAs in streets, public areas, and particularly in and near churches. However you may see that guys will often have arms around their bros or give each other little pecks… We apologise for this inconvenience, but we tell you for your safety. You shouldn’t panic though. Hopefully no one will hurt you, but it is never pleasant to feel someone’s disapproving look behind your back. It has been several months since an official gay pride event has happened in Tbilisi. Most are held in secret so ask your local friends about times and venues.

7. Paying money

Photo Credit: George Kolbaia

Paying for such services is illegal in Georgia but there are places where you can find it. But don’t buy it. It’s not what James Bond does. It is not what Ryan likes. However, if you have the urge to receive some professional service then you can find them on certain streets and saunas. Street workers are very unsafe and our blog does recommend to avoid them at all costs. The quality of the saunas range from very low to decent but they still do not come recommended.
The latest trend in this industry here are Chinese massage parlors where everything including the massage happens. Prices range from 30 to 100 USD and return on investment is one of the worst in the world. I’m short, we do not recommend buying professional services in Georgia.

8. What happens after?

After you can take a cigarette and light it up with a big smile on your face. You deserved it, you managed to seduce a Georgian. If you don’t smoke, the chances are high that she does. Let her light up and you do a big smile.  Although Georgians do not like one-night stands, and they tend to shift sex into something more, we do not think that will be an issue for any tourist. Therefore have no worries as you will not have to take her out again.

We are not predators and this is not a hunting competition. Feel free to exchange Facebook profiles, give some meaning to the intercourse, and act that you care. Georgians are very friendly people. We love it when you come back, we love it when we come back.

9. Tips on where to look for pick ups

Here you can find a variety of clubs and other places to find your Mr./Ms. Right Now. However, for general pickups it’s better to go for small and a cozy clubs like Café Gallery, Art Café Home, or Mtkvarze where socializing happens more and you can easily look through every possible target.
Although pick-up strategies are more or less the same in every night-club, the type of girls you meet differ from the type of night-club you hit. Chardin Street, in particular club – El Centro, provides more fashionistas, in high heels with a lot of makeup on, who are ready to mingle – they will expect your flirting. If you want a more casual, hipster styled partner then the underground techno clubs are the place to go.

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10. Be yourself


Photo Credit: George Kolbaia

This is the best piece of advice we can give you: be who you are! If you think that you will need to fit into some stereotype that we’ve adviced in order to have a successful date – forget these! forget everything! Never ever force yourself to be something for anyone or anything. Dates, relationships, and amazing sex should all be inline with your personality and this will happen either in Georgia or somewhere else.