Summer is here, so we all scream for ice cream, right? We invite you to explore the Fairy-Candyland of Georgia and list some of the best ice cream shops and companies that offer delicious, unique, and flavorful ice creams. And even though you can get Georgian brand ice creams such as Tolia, Barambo, Gurjaani, and many others in every shop to give yourself an icy treat in the hot summer, this post is not about them. 

Luca Polare

Luca Polare Tbilisi

Photo Source: Luca Polare

Everybody knows this cute polar bear, which appeared in Tbilisi in August 2008 and continues to provide us with the finest ice cream, coffee, and icy drinks. This European-type ice cream parlor combined with a coffee shop meets international product quality and service standards. You can enjoy your dessert from 8 am until late at 1 am. Dozens of different flavors – containing zero artificial colorings or flavoring are made based on original Italian recipes (our favorite is Vanilla with Caramel and Almond). Luca Polare is undoubtedly a heaven for vegans because their fruit sorbets do not contain any fat or animal products. The menu is way broader than you might think – starting with the assortment of hot and cold drinks, muffins, cookies, and cakes and ending with fresh juices, mixed fruits, and salads. 

The Cone Culture

The Cone Culture Tbilisi

Photo Source: Cone Culture FBp

If you are after unique and interesting flavor ice-creams, The Cone Culture is the ice cream place you need to check out. Even bizarre-sounding ingredients come together to make one of the tastiest ice creams, such as strawberry basil, blue cheese, or Adjika ice cream. 

They are bold in experimenting with ingredients, spices, herbs, and fruits. So dare yourself and try their absolutely mind-blowing combinations that you can’t find anywhere. Besides dairy ice creams, they also make sorbets from local fruits and berries that are vegan, dairy, and gluten-free. Moreover, their products are seasonal, and the menu changes accordingly. The Cone Culture also makes popsicles if that’s something you prefer, while their joint at Shevchenko street also offers coffee, homemade lemonade, fresh juices, milkshakes, cookies, and cakes. 

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Tbilisi

Photo Source: Baskin Robbins Instagram

Baskin-Robbins, an American chain of ice cream and cake shops opened its first venue in Tbilisi in 2021 and soon spread throughout the capital and the country. Offering a wide choice of ice cream, popsicles, milkshakes, smoothies, Sundae, and even Banana Split, t’s an ideal place to stop by when exploring the old town, shopping at various malls, or just wandering down the Chavchavadze avenue. Here you can try Jamoca coffee, Agent to Alien, Pralines’n Cream, Very Berry Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Ice Cream Nolik, Lime Ice, and Cherry Cardinal, to name a few. And if you don’t like your ice cream plain, there are various toppings to choose from, including hot chocolate and caramel and sprinkles such as rainbow, almond, and marmalade. Some of their ice creams are gluten-free and vegan, so ask before ordering. 

Do note that depending on the branch, they might have a slightly different assortment. So if you’d like to see the entire menu, we suggest going to their most extensive branches, such as on Chavchavadze or Abkhazi streets. 

Cumbo Pops

Cumbo Pops Tbilisi

Photo Source: Cumbo Pops Fb

This Georgian ice cream startup makes fruit popsicles from local ingredients. Founded in 2017, Cumbo Pops offers healthy handmade summer treats made from seasonal produce and no chemical or artificial add-ons. 

The popsicles don’t contain refined sugar, gluten, or milk. Therefore it’s ideal for those who have diabetes, are lactose or gluten intolerant, or follow a healthy lifestyle. Find them at various open-air markets or at various shops (Tea Studio and Kiwi Vegan Cafe in Sololaki, and Gorgita Supermarket in Vake) and try a handful of delicious popsicles of peach, raspberry, mulberry, strawberry, cherry, or orange. 

Cream bar

Cream Bar Kostava, Tbilisi

Photo Source: Cream Bar Kostava, Tbilisi

Ever tried ice cream made with alcohol? No? Now you can! Cream Bar on Kostava street makes adult-friendly ice cream with various alcohols and even mimics some well-known cocktails. Opened by a Georgian and a South African couple, Cream Bar’s concept is to make ice cream for adults fun again. They make ice creams with whiskey, rum, and beer base and experiment with ingredients to create umami flavors that are confusing to the mind but super delicious to your tongue. Some of their staple and all-time favorite ice creams are Pina Colada, Cinnamon and Popcorn, Chocolate Whiskey, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Beer Pretzel, to name just a few. Apart from the ice cream, you can try their ice cream cocktails and milkshakes. 

Cream Bar also makes alcohol-free sorbets for kids or those who can’t have alcohol for whatever reason. 


Amra Ice Cream Tbilisi

Photo Source: Amra Tbilisi FB

And this is not the end. You can satisfy your sweet tooth nearly in every café or restaurant in Tbilisi. One of the exceptional places to taste unusual ice cream is Abkhazian Restaurant Amra (7 Sandro Euli Street). Their Sukhumian ice cream with nuts and tangerine jam transports you back in time when ice creams all over Georgia were served in metal silverware.