We know that you have already heard about the astonishing place, where the beauty of sea and mountains come together. This place is Georgia – a destination for tourists from around the world.

Apart from the nature in Georgia, you have probably heard about the countries famous hospitality and unique Georgian wine. However, a few people know that compared to other countries in Europe, Georgia is pretty inexpensive. Some luxury services can be reached for a half price here, while the service is quite acceptable. Here are some tips on affordable services you might be looking for.

move Around

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1 dollar, which is less than 3 GEL, gives you the opportunity to travel by bus or metro 5 times and even be left with some change. One-way fare on the municipal transport is as little as half a GEL (50 Tetri). Moreover, if you use a debit card for transportation called “Metromoney”, you can travel for free (as many times as you want) over the period of 90 minutes after the first trip. Another way of transportation is using microbuses (Marshutka) in Tbilisi – costing only 0.80 GEL (around 0.25 $). Even if you decide to take a taxi, it will not cost you much, because usually “an average” trip in Tbilisi is only 5 GEL. If you decide to go from one outskirt to another, a driver might ask for the maximum amount of 20-30 GEL.

Bear in mind the most important rule: Never ever pay more than 25 GEL for a taxi from the airport to Tbilisi center! Taxi drivers might ask several times more when they hear your foreign language. Bargain, or get another taxi. There are plenty. You could also download an app Taxify. Drivers are rated here and the price is calculated according to the distance. It is not expensive and you are always confident in the quality service.

A journey from town-to-town is not expensive either. One of the most popular route is Tbilisi-Batumi (requiring 5 hours). Traveling by comfortable bus, offered by Metro-Georgia will cost you 25 GEL. Moving by train, the same route is 46 GEL (17 $) for First-Class, and just 20 GEL for Economy-class.


georgian wine-min

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Georgia is known as a wine-country, but we can boast with some other alcoholic drinks as well. You definitely have to taste our Chacha, artisan beer, and brandy. What would your reaction be, if we told you that a liter of Georgian wine, distilled at home, normally costs less than 8 Gel (around 3 $). A bottle of white wine fluctuates from 3 to 4 Gel, while the price of our all-time favorite red wine called Saperavi is 6-8 Gel (2-3 $).
Time to prepare the toasts!

Feel the new heartbeat


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IVF treatment at the Georgian-American Center for Reproductive MedicineReproART, using a donor and/or surrogate mother, is the best choice for intended parents, including in terms of quality, prices and vacationing at the same time.

ReproART offers you the highest international standards of infertility diagnostics and treatment, a legally flawless contractual system to govern relations between the center and its patients, an individual approach to every separate case, full confidentiality, and a comfortable modern setting. Center’s modern technological equipment and highly qualified experienced medical personnel create a pleasant and comfortable environment for couples. ReproART Clinic’s key directions include diagnosing and treating all types of infertility, including the advanced use of in vitro fertilization (IVF), Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic Diseases  (PGT-M);  Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A); Sperm, egg donation and surrogacy programs.

IVF Tour in Georgia

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IVF TOURS GEORGIA is a medical tourism organization welcoming and facilitating travel and IVF treatment in Georgia for infertile couples, they can plan an IVF tour and spend an unforgettable vacation in a most hospitable and safe country with an ancient history. IVF Tours Georgia boasts a diverse surrogacy and donation database. This enables couples to select a surrogate or donor mother that best suits their requirements.

To simplify communication, IVF Tours Georgia brings together a team of professional managers fluent in different languages. This way, they are putting in place additional comfort for international patients. IVF Tours Georgia patients team up with their personal managers who are standing by 24/7 throughout every phase of the cycle to plan their IVF tours to Georgia. Because prices truly matter, IVF is consistent in working on cost optimization, offering a variety of service packages at maximally affordable prices. A full tour with IVF Tours Georgia, is 30-50% of the cost for the same services in other countries. All of this makes Georgia, as an IVF tourist destination, your best choice for treating infertility.

Buy handmade souvenirs


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Whether you are in the capital, or outside the capital, you can see handmade souvenirs everywhere. So, “everywhere” is the place where you can grab some presents for your friends and family. Starting at only 1 dollar, handmade crafts of a simple Georgian themed fridge magnet will always bring the pleasant mementos. We definitely advise to buy a Georgian traditional tablecloth  – they always turn out to be exclusives! For the best choice of exclusive, handcrafted souvenirs check out Gallery 27.
If you get carried away with Georgian souvenirs, accessories or some traditional crafts even after you leave this beautiful country, you can always order online at vili.ge and have them delivered at your doorstep!

Help Yourself

bakery tbilisi georgia

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So many bakeries offering you to satiate your hunger and of course experience the yummy taste of traditional Khachapuri and Lobiani. At only 1-4 per GEL person a Georgian bakery is the cheapest and best place for fast food (and not only). If you decide to go to the restaurant or a café, you will not have to pay much either. Khinkali, Khachapuri, Mtsvadi (barbeque), eggplants with nuts, and a beer is a nutritious menu that will cost less than 30 $ for two people. Impressive, agree?

Go to Dentist

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A beautiful smile and healthy mouth is what we pay attention to for our whole lives. Prices for dentistry in Georgia are quite low but the quality is comparatively high. That’s why many tourists are taking care of their teeth while being in Georgia. Dental sealant costs 10-20$ on average, whitening 30-100$, Braces – 370$. Of course, here are more expensive and even LESS EXPENSIVE dental clinics, but still compared to the quality, the prices are absolutely unimaginably cheap. Pay a visit to a dentist at Clinic Medi and take care of your health!

Get a plastic surgery

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Nowadays is the era of plastic surgery. Even though, every single person has his/her own beauty, correcting little imperfections is not only a usual thing, but also a trend. Georgia has become a destination for plastic surgery because of its quality and price. The most popular procedures are rhinoplasty (510 -2000 $) and breast implants (2000$) followed by all the other plastic surgeries that make the patients happy with the results. Prices may vary, depending on the surgeon or the clinic. If you decide to make a change in your appearance and decide to do it in Georgia, Caraps Medline should be your destination!

Go to beauty Salon

beauty salons tbilisi

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We are confident when we look good. Why should we say no to all the treatments that can load us with compliments afterwards? Beauty salons can be found in every other corner – some are good, others are better, but the fact is that sometimes the more inexpensive ones have way better stylists. Need a haircut? 10$ on average! The same charges apply for styling. When it comes to men’s haircut, it is even cheaper. Furthermore, skin care procedures are also very low-priced. Even laser hair removal is relatively affordable and costs around 50-80$ for the whole body.

Check some of the best beauty salons in Georgia here.

Get a tattoo

tattoo tbilisi georgia

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This trendy service is unbelievably cheap in Tbilisi. Getting freshly inked here will cost you the same amount of money as you spend on a single lunch. Prices differ – taking into consideration the complexity and size of the tattoo, but despite the changes you will still be charged way less than in Europe. Low price-tag doesn’t mean that our tattoo artists are not high-class professionals. Drop by Tbilisi Ink Tattoo Studio at 41 Merab Kostava street and give yourself a present that will last Forever!

We hope that now you are certain what your next destination is. Spend a little money and get huge pleasure. You’re are going to love it!