Important dates such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, and farewells, celebrated in private, are getting to be more and more popular to in Georgia. Partying in private has many benefits. It lets you have your own space, enjoy time with only with your friends and gives you the freedom to act without the judgement of random onlookers at the bar. Georgians have their own reasons for partying in private – everybody knows everyone here. If you’re going to get wild, you’d better do it in private! Even if you aren’t Georgian, you may still want to be with your own company, favorite music and space, until morning. Some things to consider: 

  • What should I wear?! – This the first thing foreigners think about while heading to the party. The only answer is comfy clothes: jeans or anything causal. Forget about cocktail dresses with 20cm high heels or suit and ties.

  • Should I buy a bottle of wine for the party in Georgia or pay for my own drinks? – If the host didn’t warn you to take your drinks with you or announce that everybody pays for their own, you are not obliged to pay or BYO drinks. It should be said, though, that your host will refuse any money you offer but never food or wine.

  • Toasts everywhere! – You will never get rid of them. This is Georgia.


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Eventhough you are one of the 7 billion people living in the world, you need your own space for your special day. A flat, house, or even a closed café/bar could do the trick. For that latest option, you would need a bit more  money than you would want to spend but you can find some cheap and comfy places to book in advance (for example, Café at Pushkin St.). However, the best private option is to book a house for the night. Flats are generally not a good choice because neighbors tend to hate excessive noise and music while sleeping. For booking a house (this option is perfect if you need the high class privacy) you can try to find some options on,, and On Facebook you can type “saxlebi dghiurad”, which means “houses for a day” and take a look for the options. One of the most popular is “House 11” where you can book a huge or small house with bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, balconies and even swimming pools. It’s a bit far from city center but totally worth it. Prices vary from 150 – 600 USD or more.

Food & drinks

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There is no party without alcohol and some food. Your booked house will probably only have a kitchen with no open bar. You could order your items in advance (e.g. Pizza), buy some take away from supermarkets or family dish restaurants, or get the ingredients to prepare your own. For drinks you can easily buy alcohol at any supermarket or party store, or hire a person to serve as a barmen with his/her own drinks. Don’t forget to buy disposable plates/glasses/flatware and napkins so you don’t have to wash dishes when the party is over.
Should you wish for more comfort, apply to all-inclusive services of catering at, Degusto, or other similar companies.


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If the music is horrible, (even you have a great place, excellent drinks and snacks) the party won’t be amazing. You can rent a sound system or book a band/DJ if you want some good quality tunes.  You can find much of what we have mentioned above by searching Facebook. Prices for the sound system start from 45 USD and DJ equipment for 80 USD. DJ rates start from 100 USD and bands from 150 USD. Check the websites and try Funday Entertainment on Facebook.

Additional party tools

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Fireworks are something rarely remembered after partying hard but loved by everyone as it ends the evening with a beautiful miracle. The prices very from around USD 20 and can be bought from,, or Funday Entertainment. They will help you to brighten your evening. Don’t forget The Giffer! This machine creates is like the old-school photo booth but instead creates a couple-second gif that you can share on social media and is super popular in Georgia now. You can rent The Giffer at and it costs USD 65.
And last but not the least, save a memory of the party with the instant photos from Memogram