Press around the world has been revealing interest in Georgian clubbing for several years already. Numerous articles have been published on rising clubbing culture in Georgia and some of them note that foreign artists are still more intriguing than local residents. However, we believe that there are a few Georgian DJ’s worth a special statement.


Photo Source: Zurkin FB Page

Zurkin is one of the most interesting local artists. Together with Vakho Gamtsemlidze, he owns the only Vinyl shop in Tbilisi Vodkast. Zurkin is one the few musician who never performs in the same style. He perfectly matches music to the moment and ambience. He mixes widest possible range of music. You can explore Zurkin’s sets at the best Georgian clubs and festivals – Mtkvarze, Gallery, Horoom, 4GB.

Gio Shengelia

Georgian Dj's

Photo Source: Gio Shengelia FB Page

Another distinguished artists on the Georgian scene is Gio Shengelia. Gio is a DJ with huge experience. Apart from Tbilisi he also performs in Berlin, NY, Etc. His career resembles history of Georgian clubbing. He is in no way a single style artist, though in his performances prevails a synthesis of minimal and house.


Photo Source: Cobert  FB Page

Cobert is a minimal oriented artist, who despite his young age is an experienced artist. Together with Zitto, Berika, and Tade he is the symbol of young generation artist. What sets him apart from other DJs of his age is the number of years in music industry.

Bassiani Residents

Kancheli-minGeorgian Dj's

Photo Credit: Levan Maisuradze

Since Techno is the basic drive of Georgian clubs, it is important to note residents of the best local Techno club – Bassiani. Clubs Techno legion is led by Kancheli, NDRX and Zitto. Giorgi Kancheli is one of the leader of Georgian techno movement. He constantly offers well balanced sets with intriguing dramaturgy. Zitto, on the other hand, has been progressing incredibly in the last years to become an amazing DJ.

gigi jikia


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Another success factor of the club is Horoom, that hosts Hamatsuki, Kvnachi and one of  the most hard working and developing local producer – Gigi Jikia –  HVL. HVL is the first Georgian dj invited to the world famous club – Berghain.

Greenbeam & Leon

_Georgian Dj's

Photo Credit: Gaga Kapanadze

Khidi, another great local club, is well known for Georgian Techno pioneers – Greenbeam & Leon. These people represent the most prominent Georgian Techno project who often perform many interesting venues in Europe. Lately, one of the team members – Leon Lolishvili has also created a successful solo project – Boyd Schidt. Another team member – Achi Tabukashvili, apart from Techno, explores the world of experimental music. 


NDRX-minGeorgian Dj's

Photo Source: NDRX FP

Despite the fact that Ambinet and experimental art are not widespread in Georgian clubs, it still exists. A great representative of local experimental music is the founder of 11Th – NDRX, whose dj sets often incorporate elements of Half-Step Drum & Bass and ambient music. And last, but not the least is Zesknel, young but promising Georgian dj, who often mixes experimental sounds in his live sets.