When you’re on a budget and thinking about traveling, the first thing that comes in your head is hostel. What can be cheaper than a hostel? Looking for the right place to stay can turn into a very long process, checking the pictures and reviews, written by different people from around the world at the most popular websites can take a lot of your time and energy. Avoiding all the hard work, our team is presenting the top hostel in Tbilisi and it is a complete gamechanger. The biggest conceptual/design hostel Fabrika, with an amazing 98 rooms and 400 comfortable beds is located in a historical part of Tbilisi.
N8 Egnate Ninoshvili Street is really close to a freshly renovated David Agmashenebeli Avenue, the biggest tourist attraction. Dry bridge is another tourist attraction nearby and it holds the famous Georgian flea market which is 10 minutes walking distance from Agmashenebeli Ave.

your journey starts here

Fabrika grafitti

Grafitti at Fabrika
Photo Source: Fabrika Tbilisi

Even though there are many historical buildings here in the city, nothing will grab your attention like Fabrika, an old sewing factory with the colorful walls. An impressive graffiti surrounding the exterior gives an eye catching experience that attracts many locals and foreigners to this unique hostel. As art comes in many shapes and sizes here, the place creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere from outside. Fabrika opens a new world for all types of travellers – backpackers, business travellers, and even locals who want a change of the daily routine. When walking up to the main entrance you will be pleasantly surprised to find access for disabled visitors as unfortunately it’s not very common. While entering through the main doors you’ll be welcomed by very stylish young receptionist smiling at you, trying to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The staff are ready to help 24 hours so any questions you may have will be answered.

let us be your guide

Your keypass at Fabrika
Photo Source: Fabrika Tbilisi

Once you’ve paid for your room at reception you receive a bright yellow room keycard holder with a positive message on the front side, “your journey starts here” and when you turn the page you’ll find a flyer of the best online guide Georgia Starts Here. We are honored to be presented in Fabrika! In the middle of the key holder you’ll find a plastic keycard for your room plus the Wi-Fi password and even whatsapp details, in case you will have questions regarding the room amenities.

creative environment

The contemporary, unique lobby is only the beginning of your journey to the Fabrika, which is more than just a hostel. It is a multifunctional place for every type of personality. The building hosts Georgian artists’ shops, cafes, co-working places, bars and many more. The lobby is very spacious with beautiful Georgian carpets, comfortable sofas, chairs, tables, and even hammocks. There is some space for everyone: for friends, for couples, for private conversation, business meetings and for fun having people on a Friday evening. Seeing disco ball at the ceiling will definitely put you in the light-hearted mood. So many things to try and so many things to do in one building…

Fabrika brings people together – those who love art, food, culture, and a good relaxation. If you’re not being accompanied by friends you will definitely make new friends here. The bar is the best place to meet new people, travelers, make friends and get good advice. A friendly environment encourages guests to make real connections and engage with each other. Vintage arcade machines will bring you back to the childhood nostalgia. The owner and the manager seem to really make an effort pleasing everyone who visits the hostel and have clearly taken many visitors’ suggestions on board.


When getting to your room, you’ll have two options – take a lift or walk up the imposed wooden stairs. We’d advise you to try both because you shouldn’t miss neither a flashy lift which will remind you 70th Bronx, neither the beautiful staircase. Mixed dorms with bunk beds are very sunny and fresh, comfortable mattress’ and fluffy pillows will give you the best dreams you’ve ever had. In terms of comfort except of bed and bed sheet you will have your personal reading lamp, common table, bed counters and an individual locker which make your stay more secure. There is an air conditioning in every room. Shared, bathrooms in red and yellow colors are spotless and tidy. Private Rooms are a real heaven, with a very satisfying bed, shower in the room with sauna effect, a pair of Fabrika slippers, organic shampoo, soaps, razors, hair drier, 2 pairs of towel, cotton buds and even shower caps. If you decide to wash your clothes the laundry on the ground floor is at your disposal. Fabrika is not only good for a short stay, if you’re staying at an apartment style room a big terrace with the beautiful view will stay in your memory forever. Standard price here starts from 8USD per bed in the shared room, while a private room costs up to 100USD. However, Fabrika continuously offers special offers and seasonal discounts, unique holiday packages and more.

delicious breakfast

Fabrika 4-min (1)

After a wonderful sleep you will start to get ready for more adventures but before you leave the hostel to discover the city you need to try the breakfast for only 5$. Buffet with every possible choice of breakfast is served on the first floor in the dining room from 7:00 to 11:00. You will have more than enough time to try everything what’s on the table, because table never gets empty and food is never losing its freshness. Big amount of healthy fruits, yogurt, homemade Georgian Khachapuri and Lobiani, eggs, meat, sandwiches and the most delicious kinds of warm bread is an incomplete list of the food that you can try in the morning. Keep the crunchy croissants for the lunch, staff will be happy to put them in a take away box for you. Having a good food is always a great way to start a day!