It is certainly true that many wonderful, comfortable and scrumptious places can be found in Tbilisi. That’s why it has become one of the beloved destinations for tourists. However, (and as always) advantages are always accompanied by slight drawbacks. Naturally, here also is some stuff you definitely need to avoid, but no worries, all the problems have been solved especially for you!


don't go places in tbilisi

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First on the list of “the things to avoid” is a huge underground at the Republic Square, right in front of the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel. Nothing risky and scary here, but the odor is truly disgusting. A strange feeling finds a place in you – darkness, smell, and stench – are a guarantee for this emotion. You’d better go a long way – a safer way, and cross the road (still underground) near the Opera House or right below the Philharmonic building.  Repeating  the Georgian saying : “Go a long way, and come home safely”.


don't go places in tbilisi

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We all admit, you cannot be hungry in Tbilisi for more than just 5 minutes, because Georgian traditional bakeries with all those Khachapuris and Lobianis are in every corner, so do the Doner/Shawarma shops. Although, all should not be trusted. Sometimes a customer is not able to see how+where the product is made. Accordingly, what we’ve left is relying on our intuition whether we survive after the meal or not (of course EXAGGERATED).  Simply, to completely avoid even a slightest chance of stomachache, make sure can be a “Spectator” of the preparation process. Moving to the Shawarmas, finding a appetizing spot, in the city is an easy task – just ask any person passing-by for an advice and remember the directions, or go to McShawarma and satisfy your needs.



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If you do love yourself, never use a public transport (or any transport) while the peak-time, especially Bus or Minibus (Marshutka). The list of reasons is never-ending:  you will be late always and everywhere, you will get tired of standing or being crushed by somebody or somebodies, and of course you will lack air!  From 6 to 8 p.m. you’d better not arrange a meeting. But if it is urgent – you have to save the world, take advice from the residents, walk! Or maybe go by metro. Space and air will also be in the minority, but at least the traffic will be avoided.


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Unfortunately, or fortunately, public toilets are a rarity in the streets of Tbilisi. If you are “lucky” and you find one, DO NOT ENTER! Almost permanently they are in an awful condition. Stay away from them and go to McDonalds, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts or Cinemas instead. These clean and tidy toilets are always ready to substitute the public ones.




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What is better than real Georgian Churchkhela? A string of tasty walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds are dipped in heavenly grape juice called Tatara or Phelamushi. Unluckily, all the Churchkhelas should not be given a chance to be tasted. Colorful Churchkhelas have taken over the whole Leselidze Street and are looking appetizing, while this color just catches the eye and does nothing to our taste buds. A real Churchkhela, made by grapes is not green, nor yellow or bright red. Another problem is that this dessert is hang outside the shops being polluted by all the chemicals in the centre of the city. Solution ? Special shop for Georgian traditional sweets – Badagi. You can enjoy not only the majestic Churchkhela, but also Tklapi and Gozinaki.  

Eventually, Tbilisi is not an exception and has negative sides, but if you transform them to the positive ones, this city promises a great joy!