For the budget travellers and those who would like to feel the hipster vibes of Tbilisi, we prepared a list of cool places where you can have a great dinner for around 10 USD and enjoy the youth ambience.

Moulin Electrique


Moulin Eleqtrique
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Moulin Electrique is located in the very center of the city, but is hidden in the yard. It is so that in Tbilisi the cafes with tables outside are often loud, but here you are still outdoors, still in the city center, but at the same time a bit remote from all this rush.

Interior looks cool and informal; having a drink with the synagogue just behind you doesn’t make you feel awkward. Moulin Electrique is more for drinking than for dining out, but you can also find some delicious items in menu besides common sandwiches and snacks for wine or beer. Sometimes it’s more than enough for a pleasant afternoon or evening.  

P.S. Pumpkin soup is very delicious!

Politika Bar


Kiwi Vegan Cafè
Photo Source: Politika bar Fb Page

Politika is a new bar created by the Bauhaus team offering a variety of cocktails, spirits, tasty food, and unique space for music events. Their menu includes two types of tapas: one with tuna pate, olive oil tapenade, cream cheese with adjika, and freshly made pesto, while the second is vegetarian; instead, of tuna, it has sulguni cheese with sour cream. If you don’t want the plate, you can order them separately too. 

Ketsi Cafe


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Ketsi in Georgian means a clay pan and is used for baking or frying and adds a distinctive taste to meals. Cafe Ketsi specializes in bringing meals made in this pan. The menu includes various types of Khachapuri, Lobiani, Pkhlovani, Kubdari, Mchadi, Kupati (Georgian sausage-like dish) and Mtsvadi, to name a few. Apart from the main courses, they also have salads, nadughi in sulguni plates, and assorted cheese. And to make your dinner or lunch here even more enjoyable, you can pair meals with Georgian wine or chacha

Sma craft Beer Bar

sma craft bar_tbilisi-min

Photo Source: Sma Beer Fb Page

If you are a craft beer lover, you need to check out SMA Craft Beer Bar, which offers local tap beer, including Mafic APA, Cucumber APA, Kuraga APA, Wild Pale Ale, and Blank Sample (Georgian Hopes Ale). The latter is a limited Blond Ale made from Georgian hopes grown in a forest. In terms of food, they serve big funky burgers priced between 10-18 GEL. For vegetarians, they have falafel burgers. SMA bar makes its burger buns and sauces that go well with side dishes. And if you’d like to tune your burger a bit more, there are several toppings available. 

Cafe fardagi

cafe fardagi-min

Photo Source: Fardagi Cafè Fb Page

Cafe Fardagi, located at Machabeli Street very close to the Freedom Square, offers Georgian, Eastern European, and vegetarian-friendly meals. Beautiful carpets and colorful tablecloth, create a cozy atmosphere along with gorgeous arts handing on its walls. Here, you can try local staples such as Khachapuri, elarji, ghomi, bazhe, beans with pickles and mchadi bread, pkhlovani, fried elarji balls, meat stew in walnut sauce, salads and many more. 

Dedaena Bar


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Dedaena Bar, located in Deda Ena Park, is another budget-friendly place with delicious food. Their menu offers a variety of soups, appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts. The list also has some meals that tailor vegetarians, such as falafel, hummus, veggie appetizers, and avocado sandwich, to name just a few. And if you get starving, they have tasty Moroccan stew, Korean-style sautéed veggies, pasta, and Japanese-style fried mushrooms. 



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Those, who do not like the persimmon fruit (in Georgian – Hurma), we can assure you, this place is more than its name implies. Hurma café shop is ideal for people with any kind of taste. From the outside, you can already tell that this place is not luxurious, rather a cozy, extraordinary establishment. Its wonderful environment with a cup of coffee loads you with positive energy, that will last you for the whole stressful day. It’s an experience, you will definitely want to come back to again.

Kiwi Vegan Cafè

kivi vegan cafe

Kiwi Vegan Cafè
Photo Source: Kiwi Vegan Cafè Fb Page

Kiwi Non-Profit Vegan Café was opened recently and that is very first vegan cafe in Tbilisi. If you are vegetarian/vegan this is a must place to visit in Tbilisi, if you just want to have a healthy and delicious budget meal served by a super-friendly people at a great atmosphere it’s also a perfect place to go.

Besides, the group of young owners aim to become a social meeting place for different small civil society groups, working to raise awareness and to promote community activism.

This cafè is open for all Vegan food lovers and travellers who are curious about non-traditional vegan alternatives, a new take on the famous Georgian hospitality.

Canudos Ethnic Bar


Canudos Ethnic Bar
Photo Source:Canudos Ethnic Bar Facebook Page

Local expats and people who like drinking internationally are those who usually go to Canudos. It might seems as an embassy of Berlin-Kreuzberg in Tbilisi: small, with worn out wooden furniture, heavily influenced by cultural mixture like Mayan culture and Buddhism… open, cheap and cool.

If you are alone in Tbilisi, and you feel like staying out and meet some open-minded people – just go to Canudos. You’ll get all-in: a drink, a talk, a good time. It has all to be one of the best budget cafes in Tbilisi. Staff is very relaxed and friendly, everyone speaks English; beer and chacha are cheap, and you can also get nice small snacks to it.