Summer season is the best time to visit the country, especially if you plan on traveling around. During these three months, you can go to remote mountainous regions, walk through canyons, dip in the sea  and feel above the clouds to name a few. Therefore, we present some of the best summer destinations to add to your Georgian bucket list.



Dartlo Village
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Situated on the northern part of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Tusheti is one of the remote regions of the country. Untouched by many visitors, the area offers splendid views of the mountainous landscape topped with centuries-old defensive towers. When visiting the region, make sure you travel to Dartlo, Parsma, and Girevi villages in Pirikiti Valley of Tusheti along with Omalo, Shenako, and Diklo. Along the way, you’ll notice many abandoned and crumbling villages.


Martvili Canyon samegrelo

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Georgia is home to several canyons, from which Okatse, Martvili, and Dashbashi are the most popular and beautiful natural sites. Dashbashi Canyon is closer to Tbilisi, located around 109km away near the town Tsalka. It’s one of the most exciting places in the country, beautiful and green all year round. The main attraction here is the emerald green waterfall, a genuinely picture-perfect spot.

Okatse Canyon, located in Imereti region, one hour drive from Kutaisi, is another popular destination both for locals and travelers to visit in summer. The canyon is 100 meters deep, but you’ll be walking on a 700 meter-long hanging walkway towards the viewpoint and then back to the entrance through a trail. Afterward, you can continue your way towards Kinchkha waterfall, one of the tallest in the country. Samegrelo region is home to another impressive natural monument – Martvili Canyon. This emerald green canyon is truly a spectacular place to visit. Make sure to take a boat ride through a small part of the canyon and later admire moss-covered trees through a walking trail.



Gergeti Trinity Church
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The proximity to the capital makes Stephantsminda a popular tourist attraction. The town is nestled at the bottom of the Mt. Kazbegi offering beautiful views of the third highest peak of Georgia. However, this is not the only reason people come here – it’s the Gergeti Trinity Church, situated right at the foot of the mountain. The view of the church backdropped with snow-covered slopes is truly a magical site. Apart from this, hiking-lovers can explore Kazbegi glaciers.


Bakhmaro, Guria
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For those of you who are looking for less-touristy and untouched nature, then Guria should be on your list. Home to 22km long Black Sea Coast, two alpine resorts, and numerous churches and monasteries, the region is ideal for getting away from the main cities. Its beaches are sandy, magnetic, and less crowded, while the mountainous part offers a gentle breeze and freshest air. Summer months are also perfect for visiting Bakhmaro and Gomis Mta mountainous area. Both of them are covered with pine forests and present jaw-dropping sunrise views over the fog-wrapped mountains and forests.



Ushguli, Svaneti
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Svaneti is another marvelous and remote regions of Georgia. This historic province is located on the south of central Caucasus Mountains and is home to four highest peaks of the country. Additionally, its Ushguli village is the highest populated area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Svaneti is a perfect destination for any traveler, especially for hikers, as the area offers dozens of hiking trails towards glaciers, lakes, and remote villages. The most significant communities to see here is Ushguli and Mazeri.

Black Sea Coast


Black Sea Coast, view from Batumi
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The central region of the Black Sea Coast is Adjara, with its bustling town Batumi. During summer months, Batumi sees many local and international tourists, as its the main seaside resort of the country, full of luxury hotels, cafes, bars, and clubs. You can add the Black Sea Coast to your Svaneti itinerary and spend a couple of days here. However, Adjara offers much more than the charming seaside. Most of the region’s territory is covered by the mountainous landscape and untouched natural beauty. Visit Khulo and Beshumi, or Kintrishi, Mtirala, and Machakhela National Parks.