In the last year or two, Tbilisi started to have new markets selling local or imported products in a nice, clean, and sophisticated environment. Even though you can shop for Georgian fruits and vegetables in Deserter’s or Navtlughi open-air bazaars for an authentic experience, sometimes even Tbilisians get lazy to go a bit outside of the city center or their neighborhoods for grocery shopping. Therefore, we compiled a list of new bazaar-like markets for you to check out on your next grocery shopping day. 

Rigi Gastrodouqan


Photo Source: Rigi Gastrodouqan

Rigi Gastrodouqan created a buzz on social media before it even opened its doors to the public. Their creatively crafted Facebook posts proving the cultural and historical value of the products was and still is, the talk of the day for many Tbilisians. The concept of Rigi Gastrodouqan is to combine city meals with the old Tbilisian bazaar idea and create a new space where Tbilisian gastronomic culture and the city character perfectly blends in with each other. 

That said, it actually is a restaurant offering a gastronomic experience right next to Puri Guliani at Saarbrucken Square near the Dry Bridge. And apart from seating down and enjoying your meal, you can buy locally produced goods from all over Georgia including various types of cheese, fresh meat, various types of wine, freshly baked bread, and smoked ham, to name a few. 

The menu of the restaurant offers a revived old Tbilisian and regional meals with an abundance of appetizers, cold dishes, soups, and main courses along with pastries, meat platters, and desserts. 

Tokhliauri’s Bazaar


Photo Source: Tokhliauri’s bazaar

Beautifully adorned with colorful mosaics, Tokhliauri’s Bazaar offers fresh and local fruits and vegetables for the residents of the Mtatsminda neighborhood. Located at 8 Vakhtang Kotetishvili turn, the bazaar also features homemade goods like jams, plum sauces (tkemali), adjika, various spices, different types of cheese, honey, and various grains, to name a few. 

Vake Bistro

Optimized-Vake Bistro_Market

Photo Credit: Georgia Starts Here

Located at 5 Paliashvili street in Vake district, Vake Bistro incorporates a small bazaar and a bistro founded by Zuka Shonia, alumni of Georgian Culinary Academy. Space sells groceries sourced from local farmers and uses the same ingredients in its bistro menu.  Here you can find anything from fruits and groceries to homemade goods such as tkemali, ajika, wine vinegar, wine, sunflower oil, honey, dried fruits and leather, and various grains, to name just a few. Bistro’s seasonal menu offers healthy meals and natural drinks, including wine, based mostly on organic products. 


Gastronome Tbilisi

Photo Source: Gastronome

Gastronome is a grocery shop offering delicacy and premium quality products imported from Japan, Spain, France, and Italy. In its two branches (one in Vake and another in Sololaki) Gastronome showcases products catering to vegan lifestyle along with gluten-free goods for those who follow a specific diet. 

The collection of their products is quite big and includes poultry, meat, seafood, and sausages together with some goods that can’t be found in other grocery stores across the city. In addition, they also have soft and alcoholic drinks imported from different countries. 

Farmer’s Market

farmers' market

Photo Source: Farmers’ market FB page

As the name of this bazaar already suggests, the venue sells products made by local farmers and housewives. With three locations across the city (one in Vake and two in Didi Dighomi),Farmer’s Market offers natural goods from groceries, to churchkhela, kompot, jams, fruit leather, tkemali, tomato sauce, grains, all sorts of different flours, pickles, and much more. In addition, you can find locally made sesame and pumpkin oils and badagi (grape juice) to make your own churchkhela or pelamushi. The array of products is so big that it’s better to check them out yourself.