Here we go, yet another spin around the sun, yet another year is coming to an end. This particular one was pretty intense and we did not have any problem coming up with the 10 most notable events for Georgia and Georgians for 2018.

10. We dance together, we fight together!

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On May 12, 2018, Georgian Police Armed Forces raided night clubs Bassiani and Café Gallery and used disproportionate force against the visitors. The official reason of the raids was to detain 8 drug dealers (100’s of Armed policemen were mobilized to detain 8 drug dealers outside the venues). The raid was followed by massive protests. Thousands of protesters gathered in front of the Parliament building and raved in the streets using a slogan “We dance together; we fight together”. Tbilisi became the centerpiece of global media coverage and DJ’s and Clubs around the world expressed their solidarity to the ravers. The “fake news” flooded the social media, calling the protesters “drug addicts and drug dealers” and caused another wave of protest this time from fascist minorities. To avoid civil unrest Minister of Internal Affairs showed up at the Parliament Building and gave a speech, apologizing to the ravers and promising to solve the issues within next weeks. In the end both clubs continued their operations and came back stronger then ever!

9. Tochinoshin happened


Levan Gorgadze
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Georgian professional Sumo wrestler Levan Gorgadze put Georgia on a “Sumo Map”. Brilliant competition from Tochinoshin side led to his promotion to Ozeki and became 11th foreign born wrestler to do so. He made Georgians fall in love with yet another sport!

8. Ladadadaaa, smoke weed everyday

Drug policy Georgia

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July 30th, 2018, 4:20pm, the constitutional court of Georgia ruled in favor of, Vakho Megrelishvili’s and Zurab Japaridze’s claim, and fully legalized the consumption of Marijuana. This decision was followed by protests form the Church and conservative parties, stating that this decision is devastating for the country. What is our view on this? Keep calm and take a puff!

7.  Kashia is the man!

guram kashia-min

Guram Kashia
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Guram Kashia became a target of conservative and homophobic groups, because he wore a rainbow colored armband to show support to LGBTQ community. However, once again, the youth stood together and supported captain of the national team by starting a campaign on social media with a hastag #mycaptain (#ჩემიკაპიტანი). Guram Kashia received the UEFA Equal Game Award for the support of LGBTQ rights, and just recently the presidential medal of honor from President Giorgi Margvelashvili. We are proud of you Captain!

6. Demna did it again!

demna gvasalia-min

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Demna Gvasalia stunned the world by giving an amazing SS19 fashion show in Paris for his brand Vetements. Demna described the show by saying: “It was like dressing a documentary of my life,”. He dedicated this show to Georgia, where he and his brother grew up in 90’s and witnessed the war. Demna also received an award as the best accessories designer of 2018.

5. Ace by Nikoloz Basilashvili


Nikoloz Basilashvili
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Nikoloz Basilashvili has had a very successful year. He became the first Georgian player to win an ATP tournament in July, in Hamburg, Germany. Nikoloz did not settle for this title and went on to defeat #4 seeded Juan Martin Del Potro in finals of China Open and won his second ATP tournament. Nikoloz ranks #21 in the world.

4. Frankfurt here we come!

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Georgia was the guest of honor at Frankfurter Buchmesse 2018. The Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest in the world and is visited by hundreds of thousands of guests around the world. We had the opportunity to be in the center of the attention and showcase our literature, unique alphabet, cultural heritage and modern masterpieces.

3. Niko at Albertina

Niko pirosmani in Vienna-min

Vienna, exhibition posters
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This year, Albertina Museum in Vienna, Austria, is devoting a comprehensive solo exhibition to a legendary Georgian painter – Niko Pirosmani.

2. Georgian football is back!

georgian football-min

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Georgian National Team in Football gave an exceptional performance at UEFA Nations League by winning every game in the group stage. We now have a chance to qualify for UEFA Euro 2020 competition for the first time in the history of independent Georgia. Thank you boys for this exceptional performance and see you at Euro 2020!

1. Elections again…

Salome Zurabishvili
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This year we, Georgians were voting to elect the last elected President, as from 2024 the president will not be directly elected anymore. Even though, the president is very limited in powers and carries more a symbolic rather a managing role, the political parties competed fiercely. “Independent” candidate Salome Zourabichvili, backed by a ruling party could not seal the victory in the first round as expected by many. In the second round the ruling party devoted all of its resources to win. We have witnessed unprecedented campaign going to the extent where we saw members of ruling party on the billboards instead of the presidential candidate. Well, on the bright side, the elections and therefore disgusting campaigns are over and we have a first female President!