Our major advice for any traveler around the world is to look for the places where locals love to hang out, especially if you are searching for the tasty local food. Here is our list of locals preferred restaurants in Tbilisi.

1. Barbarestan


Photo Source: Barbarestan Facebook Page

As Georgians are very fond of their history and good food, they are coming to Barbarestan to enjoy the taste of good old times. You won’t find too trivial dishes there: the menu is rich on the recipes from the cookbook written by Barbare Jorjadze, the Chef and feminist of 19th century. The Chef, who we consider the best in the country, deserves personal compliments. Vintage atmosphere and recipes combined with fabulous quality and service – that was the idea of the founders (a family with 10 children). They know, how a family-type restaurant should taste and look like. In short, the atmosphere is very pleasant and different from all the traditional restaurants in the region. It is the possible destination for true gourmands in Georgia.

2. Shavi Lomi (Black Lion)

Shavi Lomi Restaurant
Photo Source: culinarybackstreets.com

It is a small restaurant with an authentic style. Here, in a nice, cozy atmosphere, you can enjoy Georgian traditional dishes with some modern twist. We would recommend to order “Gobi”, it is a huge plate of mixed Georgian “Pkhali” (walnut seasoned greens), pickles, Mchadi (corn bread), and cheeses. Shavi Lomi will cost you around 20 USD per person, but it’s definitely worth the price.

3. Ezo (Yard)

Photo Source: indigo,com

Photo Source: indigo.com

Ezo is a café focused on organic and local ingredients. Order something from the daily specials, usually it’s the best part of the menu. The word “Ezo” means “Yard” in Georgian and the place is truly like a lovely, green yard from the childhood memory. On Sundays it even hosts a small local market, so you could make some grocery shopping as well. It would cost around 15 USD per person.

4. Chveni

Chveni restaurant

Photo Source: Chveni Facebook Page

Chveni is a relatively new place, but it already won over the hearts of local people. It offers amazing fusion cuisine. The major surprise was that bread and Tkemali are made here as well some fruit jams and other ingredients. This is an open space with a hostel on the second floor, but nevertheless Chveni is a cozy, friendly place where the owner and Chef will be glad to personally  spend time with the guests.

5. Aripana

Tbilisi aripana

Photo Source: Aripana Facebook Page

Aripana is by far one of the best Georgian restaurants in Tbilisi. Before you start tasting the astonishing dishes, the menu already catches your eye. Staff brings a map of Georgia, from which you can choose the meals originating from the 13-different, unique regions. What kind of meal do you want?  Here they serve everything! Starting from traditional greens called “Pkhali”, ending with meat courses. You are free to travel across Georgia and taste all regional specialties in this cozy restaurant. This wonderful place is a new discovery, not only for tourists but also for the locals. Aripana is a fantastic place for any kind of occasion, be it a friendly gathering, or a formal meeting.

6. house on Madatovi

house on madatovi

House on Madatovi
Photo Source: House on Madatovi FP

An exceptional restaurant that we insist everyone visits! The place is cozy with a nostalgic interior. Staff is welcoming and helpful. However, the best is definitely the cuisine. This place has a full menu of all Georgian specialties that have been collected in tiny villages across the country. Visiting House on Madatovi is equivalent to traveling around Georgia with a great gastronomic tour. We don’t have a favorite dish here. It is all worth tasting!

7. cafè littera

Photo Source: Littera Facebook Page

Best to visit on warm season, when they bring the tables outside in a beautiful garden of a historical building. Owned by a Georgian celebrity Chef – Tekuna, Litera offers some traditional dishes reinvented as well as some of Chef’s own creations. Great food and atmosphere. The price is around 25 USD per person.

8. kakhelebi

Photo Source: Kakhelebi Facebook Page

Located on the outskirt of Tbilisi, in Lilo Settlement, on the highway to East Georgia, there is an amazing restaurant Kahkelebi (people from Khakheti, Eastern region). Most of the products that they use is grown in the household of the restaurant owner. They serve Georgian traditional food in a an authentic way. The place also has a takeaway window, where you can grab something if you are in a hurry, but we highly recommend to go inside and experience traditional Georgian “supra” (feast).

9. jonjoli

georgian restaurant jonjoli

Stampesoe on the local market
Photo Source: stampesoe Facebook Page

Georgian restaurant Jonjoli is just as yummy place as Georgian pickled appetizer called Jonjoli. Pleasant atmosphere, both in the hall and on the verandas, accompanied by the variety of dishes from around Georgia,  makes a decision instead of you – becomes your beloved Georgian Restaurant.  Ever wondered what fried quail tastes like with blackberry sauce and green Elarji ? Or so well-known Georgian soup-remedy for hangover called Chikhirtma? Then, this place is just for you! Pay a visit to Jonjoli and discover unique flavours of Georgian Cuisine.

10. Salobie Bia


Salobie Bia
Photo Source: Salobie Bia FP

Lobio (beans) is a traditional food from mountainous Racha. In the past years, people from Tbilisi usually drove for great Lobio to the old capital – Mtskheta. However, incredible Salobie can already be found in the city center. Salobie Bia will surely charm you with its mouth-watering food. Dish that you just can not pass by is clay pot beans with Mchadi and cabbage pickles. Apart from Lobio with smoked ham, they also offer various vegetarian versions. In fact, it is a heaven for vegetarians!