In case you were wondering, here are the top 10 reasons to visit Georgia – our captivating homeland in the nearest future:


host in Georgia

Photo Source: Andrea Massignani 

There is a saying in Georgia: Guest is a gift from The God. This perfectly describes Georgian character. You might end up at a stranger’s home, a birthday part or even a wedding and have blast with locals. As long as you respect local traditions, people are more than happy to host you.



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Georgia boasts with picturesque mountains and highest settlements in Europe. However, the climate is just as diverse as the local culture. You could visit the sunny black sea coast in the morning and enjoy skiing in the evening. Amazing isn’t it?  Canyons, forests, waterfalls, lakes, and even a desert are all within the borders of our tiny, but beautiful country.


chama mama ny-min

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Warning: you will gain weight in Georgia! It is impossible to resist bread baked in huge clay ovens, boat shaped cheese-bread, eggplants with nuts, or large juicy dumplings. Don’t bother remembering the names of the dishes. There are too many and all are yummy. Besides the delicate cuisine, the fruit and vegetables that you can buy in any local market are mouthwatering as well. We’ve seen tourists carrying strawberries, peaches, and tomatoes instead of souvenirs, so food is definitely among the top 10 reasons to visit Georgia.

Wine and spirits

georgian wines_3-min

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Georgia is considered to be the homeland of winemaking. It is here that wine was first made 8,000 years ago and locals still use the ancient technique of vilification.  Apart of the famous orange wine, you should also consider tasting Chacha – grape spirit with 40% alcohol concentration, and the craft beer of mountainous Georgia.


georgian dances_-min

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During the turbulent Georgian history, our people were influenced by a mix of European and Asian cultures. Georgia is now a country of diversities, a country of amazing polyphonic songs, stunning dances, and rebellious art. We are proud of our unique alphabet, we boast with sports achievements, and recently have become proud of our input in the fashion industry. Conservative and modern at the same time, Georgia has always been a controversial but tolerant country.

Affordable prices

Fish Market in Batumi
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Georgia is a developing country, that despite many turbulences is developing rapidly.  It is built and renovated and the economy is strengthening. However, the prices are still very low for most travelers. Accommodation, transportation within the cities, and traditional food are all cheap even during the high season.


architecture Tbilisi-min

Main office Bank of Georgia, Tbilisi
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Georgia is country of incredible orthodox churches, including UNESCO world heritage sites, a tiny church on the top of a narrow and tall cliff, churches in the caves, and cross shaped ancient church. It is a country of fortresses and long sortition walls. In the capital, ancient walls and churches mix with Tbilisi style balconies of small wooden houses, with the remains of Soviet architecture, and newly built skyscrapers. Eclectic and memorable sights allow for amazing photoshoots. Mountains around the city allow for some amazing bird-eye views.

Night Life

best pregame bars in Tbilisi

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Bar crawling and clubbing is the favorite sport among youth. The next Berlin – is what is expected of the capital city. Tbilisi is a city with the hipster vibe and the spirit of freedom. Besides large festivals that usually take place in late spring and in the summer, there are regular events organized in all major clubs all around the year.

Continuous discovery


Photo Credit: Andrea Massignani

One of the main reasons to visit Georgia is that our tiny country is full of surprises. Travelers can discover breathtaking sights untouched by humans, abandoned buildings, and gateway options. At the same time there are plenty of private parties and Supras (fests led by the toastmaster where you can listen to amazing local stories and try the famous food and wine from the family kitchen) where the guest is always welcome.

Luxurious Experience

hospitality Georgia-min

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If you are not looking for budget travel, the country offers luxurious experiences too. Georgia has many resort-like hotels that satisfy international standards to make your holiday as much fancier as it can be. However, note that those resort-like hotels are not similar to the villas with infinity pools you might have been to or seen in South East Asia.

Hope to see you in Georgia soon 😉