Tbilisi has a virtue of making you feel romantic even if you are not in love at that specific moment. Maybe it is the coziness of the city, sunny weather, narrow and winding streets of old Tbilisi or too much wine but the urge to love and feel loved is getting stronger as you walk around…

1. Cafè Leila

Cafè Leila
Photo Source: Cafè Leila Facebook Page

  • +995 555 94 94 20
  • N18 Shavteli Str.
  • Mo-Su: 12:00-02:00

“Leila” in Arabic means flirting, looks charming and lively from outside, the area is full of different types of flowers, the best place to take romantic pictures.

When you enter the café, you are hit with the smell of the homemade cakes, you can almost taste the food in the air. The manager with the colourful dress will greet you at the entrance with the warmest smile and will guide to a free table, the staff is also very friendly which helps you to set the positive mood. The building itself is a historical monument built in the 70’s by the project of the students from “Tbilisi State Academy of arts”. Ceiling looks like a sky with full of stars, famous Georgian designer Guga Kotetishvili gave Arabic flavour to the café, every table is different and relaxing music makes the place even cozier.

Seasonal Fruits and vegetables are provided from different regions of Georgia, salmon and trout is from the southwest of Georgia, place called Batumi. In “Leila” everything is fresh and new, which makes clear why main dishes are taking longer to prepare than in other cafes. Café have wide range of vegetarian food with well-balanced spices, which is not too spicy and you can enjoy your meal fully. Price is very reasonable and portions are great to share. Quality of the food and service exceeds expectations. Very familiar food made with different Asian seasonings is making the dishes special even for the fussiest customers ever…

“Leila” is pretty famous for its lemonades, compotes, organic wine and homemade vodka. The place is nonsmoking area, which is always good surprise for the guests. With the healthy food and positive atmosphere in “Leila” you can make your day unforgettable.

P.S. Don’t leave the café without trying “Orbeliani Royal Candies –“Pearls of The Sun”, the rarest desert ever which makes you travel in the 18th century.

2. Pur Pur

Pur Pur Cafè
Photo Source: Pur Pur Facebook Page

If you enjoy romantic – vintage-bohemian ambience then you should visit a small restaurant Pur-Pur, located in the old city centre of Tbilisi. The restaurant was founded by the son of one of the most famous actresses and a very popular interior designer Mr Guga Kotetishvili, he has a very refined taste and special love for vintage treasures. Restaurant has a rather eclectic menu of mostly European dishes and offers live-jazz concerts several days a week. The restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful squares of the city Gudiashvili. Named after a famous Georgian painter, the square is a true masterpiece of Tbilisi architecture as it unites the elements of Georgian, Oriental and Classicist architecture.

3. Cafè Littera

Garden of Littera
Photo Credit: Natia Danelia

  • +995 599 988308, +995 595 031112

  • N13 Ivane Machabeli Str., Tbilisi

  • Mon-Fri: 12:00 – 00:00, Sat-Sun: 11:00 – 00:30

Located in the Writers’ House, Art Nouveau creation of the 20th century, café is ready to host you at all stages of a relationship. Litera is fit for both a cozy dinner to celebrate a double digit anniversary, quick lunch-date and a delightful first date. Fairy-light covered outdoor green garden in warmer weather is an ultimate sweet memory provider.

Menu items are neither European nor Georgian, it is more of a fusion. Tekuna Gachechiladze, famous chef in Tbilisi is dedicated to changing the way Georgians understand their food culture. In case you like fish, try trout tartare with adjika (spicy red pepper paste).

4. Amo Rame

Amo Rame Cafè
Photo Credit: Zurab Tsertsvadze

  • +995 322 98 48 38
  • N4, Ingorokva Str.
  • Mo-Su: 12:00-02:00

Amo Rame is a lovely art cafe located in old Tbilisi. The name itself  “Amo Rame” in old Georgian means something pleasurable. Interior design is very inspiring and creative, there are canvas on oil presented by georgian artists, inside the café you can find halls for smoker and non-smoker guests, open space like a courtyard, they serve once a week live music performance as well. In generally the menu is Georgian-European cuisine, but weekends it becomes very traditional, because “Amo Rame” offers it’s guest famous Khinkali from Pshavi (as u know Khinkali is a Georgian dumpling, which originated in the Georgian mountain regions of Pshavi, Mtiuleti and Khevsureti). Furthermore, you can taste wines from different regions of Georgia, draught or bottled (BIO). Our favourite one is the wine from Didgori Sakiphiano, which is made in organic way in Qvevri from rare types of grapes, Aleqsandrouli and Mujuretuli, in the village called Khvanchkara.

5. Gardenia

Photo Credit: Nukri Photography

  • +995 599 18 16 34; +99532 24 67 03
  • Khudadov Str. Tbilisi
  • Mo-Su: 11:00-19:00

The romantic vibe begins before you even get inside because it is an Eden garden and it is located nearby the Tbilisi Lake (often referred as Tbilisi Sea). This is a 0, 5 hectare nursery-garden, packed full with various sorts and species of plants, ready to go to flora lovers. The fontain in the middle is an ideal place to make an unforgettable proposal to your loved one. Tiny café in the middle of garden offers delicious teas and light food in the sun. The owner, Zurab Shevardnadze is an extremely cheerful and an extraordinary man, he lives in a small house in the same territory. He is an amazing joke teller, so do not miss a chance to have a conversation with him.

Take Tsotne Dadiani exit at metro Station Square and then Marshutka #222, or bus #110, 111, 48 till Police building.

6. Linville

Photo Credit: Lasha Gugunishvvili

  • +995 322 93 36 51
  • N2 Kote Aphkazi Str.,/ Abesadze Str.
  • Mo-Su: 12:00-02:0

As you are walking from Liberty Square, you will recognize the entrance to Linville, as you’ll see the red-and-blue door. There are several vintage restaurants in Tbilisi, but Linville is one of the most popular due to its central location, reasonable prices and nice atmosphere. Live piano music doesn’t interrupt your conversation with friends, but makes you feel more relaxed. To enjoy the pleasant music, elegant interior, and of course nice dinner accompanied by good wine or coffee accompanied by something sweet and delicious. Usually the tourists are walking along Kote Apkhazi (ex-Leselidze) street, but here you have a possibility to sit at the old balcony and look at the tourists from above. 

© Dariko

7. Book Corner

Book Corner
Photo Source: Book Corner Facebook Page

  • +995 322 93 36 51
  • N13b, Tarkhnishvili Str., Tbilisi

  • Mo – Fr: 11:00 – last guest
    Sa – Su: 11:00 – last guest

If you like vintage books, nice quiet atmosphere and walls which are also talking to you – come by. Books are everywhere, even in the restroom! There is also a possibility to play some board games, which is rare thing for Tbilisi. It’s quite, a bit hidden and well-designed. A lot of Tbilisi people like retro style, coziness and sophistication, that’s why Book Corner is such a perfect place to escape from loud sounds and rush, and take some time for yourself.

© Dariko

8. gabriadze cafè

Cafè Gabriadze
Photo Source: Gabriadze Theater Facebook Page

Rezo Gabriadze is a famous Georgian artist, he has gained an international reputation as a screenwriter, film and stage director, sculptor and puppeteer. Rezo designed the interior — everything from the paintings and posters on the walls to the sculptures and ceramics, from the tables and chairs to the curtains on the windows. Café has a summer terrace and offers traditional recipes of Georgian dishes. Being located next to ancient Anchiskhati basilica, tower clock and a puppet theater, also created by Rezo, creates a very cozy environment.

We would recommend seeing one of Gabriadze’s plays at the theatre which is modest in size, but among the world’s preeminent cultural institutions and afterwards enjoying a conversation at the café.

9. 144 Stairs | OAT Gallery

Le Cabernet Cafe
Photo Source: Natalya Korovskaya

  • +995 599 72 09 06
  • Betlemi Street Stairs, Tbilisi
  • Mo-Su: 12:00-03:00am

Yes, you have to walk up 144 stairs to get to the art café but you won’t regret none of the steps you have taken. You will definitely feel hungry when you have reached the café but you will find not only delicious meals but food for your eyes as well. The view is one of the most impressive in the city. Do not forget to check out art objects which are exhibited there. If you are lucky you may have a chance to listen to very romantic violin music.