Places to visit in Georgia – where are the best places in Georgia to travel? Plan your next amazing trip while we provide top choices. Search among largest cities and tiny hidden villages.

Wine and History: Gems of Kakheti

The closer September is, the more appealing Kakheti region seems to the travelers who appreciate historical heritage and good wine. In Georgia, these themes [...]

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Hiking In Javakheti

Javakheti is located 150 km South from Tbilisi (2.5 hour drive). The name of the region is derived from the ethnic group Javakhs and [...]

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5 foods you have to eat in Svaneti

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo Da Vinci. This is most true for Svanetian food: weak on creativity but perfect in taste. Most of the [...]

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Samegrelo is a coastal region located in western Georgia. In ancient times, Samegrelo was part of the Colchis Kingdom and one of the first proto-Kartvelian [...]

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Kakheti – The place to go in Georgia

Georgians are famous for their viticulture, feasts (supra), hospitality, picturesque environment, and many other things. Thankfully, historical province of Kakheti is the best place [...]

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A four hour drive and 300 km (190 mi) away from Tbilisi lies the region of Racha - a highland area located in northwestern [...]

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