Hiking In Javakheti

Javakheti is located 150 km South from Tbilisi (2.5 hour drive). The name of the region is derived from the ethnic group Javakhs and [...]

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Samegrelo is a coastal region located in western Georgia. In ancient times, Samegrelo was part of the Colchis Kingdom and one of the first proto-Kartvelian [...]

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Transportation in Georgia

Once you find your way to Georgia you need to find your way around: in the city, between other cities and towns, and through [...]

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On a way to Adjara

Your trip to Georgia should never end without spending a couple of days in Batumi, a major city of the seaside region - Adjara. There [...]

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While planning your visit to Georgia one should definitely consider visiting Greater (north) Caucasus. There are many reasons for this and Khevsureti region - [...]

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