Top 10 Summer Cafes in Tbilisi

Knowing which cafes to visit in Tbilisi in a very hot, boiling weather in summer is “essential”. Visiting the capital in June-August is challenging, while everyone is trying to escape to mountains or to the Black Sea but wait! Here are so many beautiful places to chill and enjoy fulfilled with a very special “Tbilisi-vibes”, you will love them. Following are the best 10 cafes in Tbilisi to try until the colorful autumn comes in:

1. Art  Cafe HOme

Art Cafe Home
Photo Source: Art Cafe Home FP

  • +995 599 70 80 79

  • N13 Betlemi Str.

  • Mo-Su: 17:00-04:00

  • 7$

The concept of home-style artsy cafes is something special for Tbilisi. Good drinks card and nice location makes it to a good place to warm up before dancing all night. It is as if you are drinking at home before going out, but you are already out. Check out every room of this huge space. Each of them has so many peculiar details! You will get your bill in a vintage album for gathering post stamps, or in a book. Moreover, those are really part of someone’s history. Take a drink here, chill out a bit, and then you can decide: either another drink or going to hang out in a club to the next door

Tip: It is always difficult to decide, whether to choose the terrace, or stay in one of the rooms. They are all so artsy! Make a choice before you start drinking.

2. Sofia Melnikova’s fantastic Douqan

Summer Cafes in Tbilisi 1-min

Melnikova’s Douqan
Photo Source: Sofia Melnikova’s FAntastic Douqan FP

  • +995 592 68 11 66

  • N8 Gia Chanturia Str.

  • Mo-Su: 12:00 – 02:00

  • 8$

Walk along Tabukashvili str. On the corner, backside of Rustaveli theatre, there is a souvenir shop. A bit up there will be a yellow door. This is it!

The place is a bit hidden, but usually full because of delicious food you get there. A lot of Georgian and Eastern European specialties, plus nice interior makes you like you don’t even mind that the prices are a bit higher than in other restaurants of similar level. If the weather allows it, sit outside: it is very nice and authentic with those grape vines hanging above you. By the way, it is a cat friendly place, especially in summer you may often find cute cats around!

Tip: Okroshka and home-made lemonade in summer is “must-try” there.

3. Tbili sio

Photo Source: Tbilisio FP

  • +995 555 73 64 94

  • N1 V. Petriashvili Str.

  • Mo-Su 09:00-01:00

  • 8$

Unfortunately, we are not ‘spoiled’ with the abundance of green public spaces in Tbilisi. Thus, areas that provide you with a tree shade and breeze are of particular value here. The glass of wine (costs 1.70 USD) – in this context – is already sufficient for happiness. While entering Tbili Sio one instantly feels detached from the city. As if you are simultaneously in and out of town. Cafe is located in a court of old wine factory and the lot is filled with pine trees. You can enjoy pleasant music, local food and just chill.

Tip: There are recently installed tables with swings instead of chairs as well. So take your time and enjoy a warm breeze (literal translation of ‘Tbili Sio’) here.

4. amodi

Summer Cafes in Tbilisi 1-min

Cafe Amodi
Photo Source: Amodi FP

Amodi is one of the new-opened and coolest places in Tbilisi, which is the perfect place for the hot summer nights with a stunning view on the whole city. This is a start-up project of four friends, that became popular very soon. Amodi offers great cocktails, cheap and good beer and amazing burgers and grills. Every Monday there are open movie-shows, on Thursday Jazz evening with a live music – a great opportunity to spend an evening with friends, meet various people and enjoy the positive vibes shared with each other. You will just love this place!

Tip: Mind the stairs while coming back from Amodi. Some stairs are obviously willing to check the level of alcohol in your body.

5. lisi lounge

Summer Cafes in Tbilisi 1-min

Lisi Lake Lounge
Photo Source: Lisi Lake Lounge FP

  • +995 555 13 00 55

  • Lisi Lake

  • Mo-Sun 11:30-01:00

  • 10$

Lisi Lake Lounge is one of the most visited cafes in summer in Tbilisi, especially in the evenings. It is located next to the Lisi Lake and is a great place to have a drink, enjoy the scrumptious food and enjoy the sunset all in one. The café has indoor as well as the outdoor seats where the breeze of summer nights is free of charge. Lisi Lounge offers great ice coffee and homemade lemonades as well as the mix of Georgian and European food.

Tip: Be aware of mosquitoes! There are many out there.

6. Cafe Verde

Cafe Verde
Photo Source: Cafe Verde FP

  • +995 322 14 87 78

  • N18 Amashukeli Str.

  • Mo-Sun 12:00-00:00

  • 10$

Situated in Saburtalo District, Café Verde is a perfect place for those, who love having a romantic dinner along with piano music. The nostalgic atmosphere with a great food, drinks, nice stuff and the view on Tbilisi gives relaxation chills to everyone who visits. Except the fact that you can drink various well-known cocktails, try out the shot of “Wild Deer” just for 4 USD and take as many photos as you can.

Tip: Once you visit Café Verde, it is impossible not to fall in love with it. Be aware of it!

7. Book corner

Book corner tbilisi-min

Book Corner in Dedaena Park
Photo Source: Book Corner FP

  • +99532 2 23 24 30

  • Dedaena Park

  • Mo-Sun 11:00-01:00

  • 13$

Book Corner Café is famous for its interior: this cozy, beautiful place by the river Mtkvari is located at Dedaena Park. Book Corner Café offers various tea collections, delicious homemade lemonades and food. Even though it is a little bit expensive, it is a must visit place in Tbilisi, especially if you want to enjoy your lunchtime or evening tea at the terrace.

Tip: Portions are quite small, visit this place when you are not super-hungry.

8. Otium

Summer Cafes in Tbilisi 7 -min

Otium interior
Photo Source: Otium FP

  • +995 322 30 30 30

  • Turtle Lake area

  • Mo-Sun 12:00-01:00

  • 17$

Otium is a great place on the way to Turtle Lake in Tbilisi. Apart from a very good location (10 min from the center by car), the atmosphere is so posh when you enter: red stairs, a huge indoor café and a modern outdoor place. Otium offers a great choice of Georgian wine and food as well as European dishes. Music is always well-chosen and on Saturdays, famous local singers and bands are on the stage. It is a wonderful place to visit with kids, the friendliest staff are always ready to make you feel more then welcomed at Otium.

Tip: Always book the tables before you go. This place is usually fully booked on the weekends.

9. Terrace

Summer Cafes in Tbilisi 7-min

Photo Source: Terrace Restaurant FP

  • 0322 34 18 38

  • N118 Tsereteli Ave.

  • Mo-Sun 12:00-23:00

  • 15$

Terrace is an extremely beautiful place with classy exterior and interior. It is situated at Tsereteli Avenue at the territory of Gamophena (Exhibition Pavilion). The food is great and staff is very friendly. Music always sounds good and cozy feeling is all around the garden. Terrace offers the great atmosphere with a nice choice of foods and drinks and great fresh fruit juices.

Tip: It is not a very safe place for children as the water around the café is not secured well enough for them.

10. Bohema

Photo Source:

  • +995 322 20 20 80

  • N11 Grishashvili Str.

  • Mo-Sun 11:00-12:00am

  • 15$

Cozy, relaxing café in the heart of old Tbilisi with a great view, offers a variety of Georgian wine and European food, good music and romantic atmosphere for all. Bohema is famous for its exterior and Shisha. Also, live music shows take place quite often in Bohema and one must be lucky to attend a party there.

Tip: Try smoking shisha at Bohema in the evening – with a marvelous view on the city, breeze and great music, what else do you need for complete happiness?!

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