Top 10 Sweetest Treats

1. Churchkhela

churchkhela georgian sweet treat

Photo credit: Karol Werner

That is probably the only dessert with a thread inside. With the help of a needle halves of several walnuts or full hazelnuts are put on a thread. Separately flour, sugar or honey, and grape juice are mixed on the high heat and then a strand of threaded nuts is placed inside and coated. The strand needs several days to dry well on the sun and then you can enjoy the crispy and nutritious Churchkhela. It can be stored for several months, older ones are well dried and mature but the new once are soft and juicy. They are all delicious, just don’t forget to pull the thread out.

2. Gozinaki

gozinaki georgian sweet treat

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Sweet bomb made of nuts and honey. It is prepared only for the New Year. We strongly advise not to buy Gozinaki in restaurants or shops. The only way to taste authentic Gozinaki is to be invited by a local family in early January. Taking into account Georgian hospitality, it is not a tough mission.

3. Tklapi

tklapi georgian sweet treat

Photo Credit: Karol Werner

Basically this is fruit rolls. There are numerous varieties, including plums, pear, apple and even kiwi. Our favorite is the sour red Tklapi made of Tkemali, local plums.

4. Pelamushi

pelamushi georgian sweet treat


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The mix used to coat Churchkhela is called Tatara or Pelamushi. It is a mouthwatering dessert even without nuts. Locals serve it in small bowls. Try to pick the smallest, as it is extremely nutritious.

5. Kaklucha

kaklucha georgian sweet treat

Photo Source: Cafe Leila

Very few Georgians know about sweet secret of the Orbeliani Royal Candies. (Vakhtang Orbeliani was a famous georgian poet and a public figure in XVIII century). The authors of the secret recipe were the daughter of the poet Vakhtang Orbeliani, Mariam Orbeliani and her cook Pelagia. They have created delicious Georgian sweets with caramelized sugar and walnuts. Nowadays you can’t find them everywhere in Tbilisi (they are available in “Cafè Leila” or “Lit Cafè”) but once you try – you will absolutely fall in love with the so called “Pearls of the Sun”!

6. Muraba

muraba georgian sweet treat

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Muraba is essentially a jam – processed sweet fruit, but with a more liquid consistency. Whole fruits or large slices are floating in the sweet syrup. It might not sound any different from jams you might have tasted before, but Georgian Muraba worth tasting. Try nuts, figs, and white cherry. These are our favorites.

7. Korkoti

korkoti georgian sweet treat

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Korkoti, Kolio, and Tsandili is the same ritual dish prepared at funerals, but one can find it in some cafés as well. Azarpesha, located on Ingorokva Str 2. offers it for less than 4 USD. Korkoti is prepared from wheat, raisins, nuts, honey, dry fruits, and a bit of cognac. Yummy!

8. Qada

kada georgian sweet treat

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Qada is one of sweets that Georgian grandmothers treat their youngsters with. For many locals its taste is usually associated with childhood. One can try Qada in many places – bakeries, cafes and even restaurants. It contains a lot of butter and sugar thus is a bit heavy. But if you forget about the calories just once and try fresh Qada when its right out of oven – you’ll get to know how delicious it is…

9. Chiri

chiri georgian sweet treat

Photo Source: sp-prosto

Chiri is a Georgian name for dry fruits. Locals mostly dry plums, apples, figs and kinglet, but one can even find more exotic local Chiri prepared from kiwi or banana.

10. Nazuki

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It’s a spicy bread. Sweet and nutritious. It has some cinnamon, vanilla, coriander, ground cloves, and sugar. Best Nazuki is sold on the highway from Tbilisi to Batumi, right after the small city – Khashuri. You will not miss them as dozens of women are standing on the road shaking Nazuki in their hands. Search for the guy named Sergo, his advertisement is bilingual and with lights and he sells the best Nazuki in Georgia.

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