Revealing my truth about… Georgian men

Before reading this article, please first check on “Should you Date a Georgian?” article.

I can speak about my pure love to Georgia and how incredible this country is for nonstop. But this time I devote my article especially to…Georgian men.

The end of January 2017, I was planning for my third visit to Georgia for the last one year…I don’t even know where my love to Georgia came from. Sometimes I have a feeling that maybe I was a Georgian in previous life, that’s why me and Georgia… we have this special connection. Since my first visit it was love at first sight, love to this beautiful country, to its warm and kind people, their culture and history.

I was so excited about my next trip and was trying to explore the whole internet searching for something interesting and useful to read about Georgia that I didn’t know yet. Then I spotted on “Georgia starts here” website. It attracted me as it was created by young Georgian group of people with fresh point of view and what surprised me the most is that in the articles they were trying to reflect both pluses and minuses of Georgia as there are two sides in everything. I was reading articles one by one with a huge interest until I reached to “Should you Date a Georgian?” article… I thought:”Hhmm…that must be interesting!” I read it, first I was shocked and felt really really sorry that someone faced that kind of experience, but second is that this experience didn’t go even close to mine. I was thinking and couldn’t find even smallest hint of something similar from my last two visits of Georgia. I thought “maybe I was lucky to meet only good people those times”. Until…

The idea of writing this article came across my mind while I was standing in the middle of one small underground pub called VooDoo on February 4, 2017 in New Gudauri, during my third visit of Georgia. I was dancing…loosing myself in the darkness…feeling free and so relaxed…closing my eyes then looking around and thinking about so many beautiful things at the same time…feeling love inside me. Then there was a moment when I realized that I’m all alone there (talking about women) apart of the other two girls at the bar…Just the only one girl in the middle of the big bunch of Georgian guys (that is interesting fact, in Georgia I see more guys hanging out than women), who were enjoying the music the same as me…with no disturbance to each other. I was watching them dancing and felt so many warm feelings for their respect and the way they enjoy the life, then shocking article came across my mind again like a lightning and I just couldn’t puzzle it with the reality, I thought: “How is it possible, this difference? It can’t be just a coincidence for 3 times in a raw in my case”.  At that moment I decided that I have to write an article about my positive experience with Georgian men and the way I see them… Let’s say I wanted to defense their honor and reputation.

My first visit to Georgia was in July 2016 for 2 weeks in Tbilisi and Batumi and that was the first time when I noticed this special men treatment of women. First of all I want to say that the correlation between men and women is definitely goes more to men side, not so many Georgian women out there,   partying or something, so most of the contacts I made were with men. First I was a bit suspicious, but it didn’t last for a long time… I’ve been out for so many times both in Tbilisi, Batumi, meeting new people, spending so time with them. The trust I felt very soon was endless and absolute. I had no doubts if I could trust these people or not, we could go for a long trips together, out of the city over days, to the mountains, lakes, spending time at night clubs, pubs, drinking, smoking, laughing, going crazy, having fun…exploring Georgia and there was not even a smallest hint of disrespect but the opposite. Sometimes I noticed that some men were even too shy in communication with the girls. Yes, some guys were attracted to girls and trying to approach them, but as far as you tell them that you are not interested, they totally understand and accept it, it doesn’t make any difference in the way of treatment before and after that, they treat you with respect and like a sister. In Georgia women can go anywhere all alone in the middle of the night, well at least these days (not talking about 90ies=)), this is how I felt like. I was surprised every day…on the streets while asking a stranger how to reach some place, that wide smile and readiness to help and explain like they were waiting forever for you to come and ask for something. There is something special about this Georgian hospitality both young and older generations, male and female.

While the other two visits of Georgia everything was just the same. I met so many beautiful souls and some of them even became my friends. Talking about the guys now). Honestly sometimes I was feeling like a princess within Georgians men, this is how much care and respect I got… There were so many small details of honest care to remember and warm feelings about it. For example, in slippery Gudauri, when I saw how brutal beard men are always there to catch you if you are falling and keep you on your feet, to help in anything and … for nothing…just because this is who they are. I was deeply touched by that… Guys were so simple and kind. And I can bring endless examples…

With this attitude to women all over Georgia I saw that Georgian guys respect their mothers, that’s why they treat girls in the same way or if like they would treat their sisters, daughters, grandmothers and wives.

Maybe it’s just my positive experience or I attract what I spread around… don’t know. But I have extremely warm feelings to Georgians, Georgian men, they really surprised me.


Olya, Kazakhstan

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