Quick tips for those who appreciate fashion, design and sophistication

Georgia Starts Here presents a shortcut review of Tbilisi destinations for those who are interested in design, fashion, trendy locations, value vibrant lifestyle, and are not very short with the travel budget. So, in case you are visiting Tbilisi for couple of days, or just for a long weekend, you definitely need our quick tips for a very efficient and memorable trip.  A rich cultural and intellectual heritage of the city which was found in the 5th century is reflected in the taste of Georgians and their lifestyle, therefore interaction with locals is highly recommended. Master saying GAMARJOBA for hello and MADLOBA for thank you and you will easily win the hearts of hospitable Georgians.

Please consider exchanging money as soon as you arrive since Georgia has its own currency – Lari. Another important rule to remember is that customs officers will not let you out of the country unless you have tried Georgian wine and the jewels of Georgian cuisine – Khachapuri, Khinkali, Pkhali, and ChurchkhelaSo, to save your time from googling we provide you the list of tasteful, exceptional and many-times-tested locations.

Accomodation | Rooms hotel |


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Member of Design Hotels™, located in the center of bohemian neighbourhood. This is where you find the combination of coziness and cosmopolitism. A bit of vintage flavor ads the effortless chic to the ambience. The hotel restaurant ‘Kitchen’ offers tasty food while the staff speaks perfect Russian and English and are very friendly.

Lunch | Lolita |

Photo Source: Lolita FB page

Located exactly on the opposite side of the street from Rooms hotel, Lolita is an excellent place to enjoy salads, pizza, tortellini, and some of Georgian fusion in the open air. Great music and vibrant atmosphere attracts locals and tourists with sophisticated taste.



Photo Source: Cafe Leila FB Page

This place is a heaven for vegetarians and not only! Located in the center of old town, it is a small café used to be a bakery in the 19th century. The design is a perfect example of intersection of Asian and European cultures.


Dinner | Georgian cuisine – Barbarestan |


Photo Source: Barbarestan FB Page

Located on a beautifully renovated old street, the restaurant offers service that is a very good example of Georgian hospitality. You don’t go to Barbarestan just for Khachapuri or other daily staples, you should ask for creative dishes that mesh the old and the new with the best ingredients available to the season. Booking a day ahead is highly recommended.


Mix of Georgian & European cuisine | Keto and Kote |

Tbilisi Keto and Kote

Photo Source: on.ge

You might as well think that you are a guest at the house of a Georgian aristocrat with a very sophisticated taste. The architecture and the interior design is a true gem of the city. Make sure to try a desert “Napoleon” which is creamy and flaky at the same time.

Wine bar & shop | 8000 vintages |

Photo Source: 8000 Vintages FB Page

The strictest rule in Georgia: you do not leave the country without drinking a real, healthy, tasty Georgian wine! This place is not another tourist trap for wine drinkers without class. The name itself tells a history – Georgia is the only country in the world with the tradition of wine making for 8000 years. All wines here have gone through the blind tasting. Therefore, the shop presents the best of the industry. You can buy some for drinking later or enjoy cheese, ham and sweats platters at the bar while sipping wine carefully selected by a sommelier. Staff is very helpful and will happily explain the story behind every grape variety.

Best view over the city | Funicular Restaurant |

Funicular-restaurant tbilisi-min

Photo Credit: Andrea Massignani

Go there at night to enjoy the lights from the top of the city! You can get there with a cable car and take a walk in the park where the restaurant is located. The cuisine offers a wide variety of European and Georgian food. Don’t forget to taste unique Georgian soft drink – Laghidze water. It is a mouthwatering natural carbonated drink that comes in several flavors. Our favorite is chocolate with cream.

Night life | Pre-club: Fabrika |

Photo Credit: Anna Svanidze

Well, it is a hostel, but so much more than a hostel! It is almost a whole districts full of young, creative, inspiring individuals. Large courtyard of the hostel gathers the lovers of good music, food, cocktails, fashion and arts, locals and tourists. If you really want to feel the pulsation of Tbilisi go to Fabrika in the evening, on Friday or Saturday. It is a wonderful place to socialize, meet new friends, enjoy beautiful street art and indulge yourself in the young millennial lifestyle. Don’t miss Flying Painter concept store on the ground floor.

Club | Bassiani |

bassiani club Tbilisi

Photo Credit: Levan Giorgadze

The mecca of electronic music! Georgia takes pride in electronic music festivals where top class DJs are often seen. The recent development in this direction has greatly contributed to growth in tourism from the region. Bassiani is often referred as a Berghain of Eastern Europe, located in the underground of the football stadium, the night club offers an excellent sound and music and cheap drinks. Bassiani nights are held only once a week, mostly on Friday or Saturday so make sure to check their Facebook page before visiting the site.

Shopping | Materiel |

materiel tbilisi

Photo Source: Materiel FB Page

In case you have limited time but would like to take a glimpse on Georgian designers visit ‘Materiel‘. Founded in 1949 it is the oldest fashion house in the country. It is unique in its approach to the fashion business. It is comprised of young Georgian designers who create their own seasonal and mini collections for the brand. The brand offers a very good outlook on the direction where Georgian fashion is heading. Tasteful consultants will try their best to fit your taste and show you all the best of the collections.

Samoseli Pirveli |

samoseli pirveli

Photo Source: Samomseli Pirveli FB Page

Georgia prides itself with gorgeous folk costumes. Clothes represented at ‘Samoseli I‘ are the result of work of professional researchers, historians, artists and designers. Fashion and trends that have been tested by the centuries can be easily worn today at festive occasions as well. Sometimes a single accessory with a history can add an exotic spirit to the modern outfit.

Gallery 27 |

arts and crafts gallery27 -min

Photo Source: Gallery 27 FB Page

Crafted by Georgian artists, all artworks in this beautiful shop are handmade. Gallery 27 is frankly the best place for purchasing a memorable souvenir from Georgia. Apart from the shop, this place is visiting as a sightseeing as the building and it’s colorful windows are amazingly beautiful.

Sightseeing | Old Tbilisi baths and the waterfall |

sulfur bathes

Photo Credit: Karl Werner

Baths, the waterfall and the clock are located in the historic center of the city which is also an old town. Georgian baths are spa centers of its kind that can offer deep pealing and a baby-soft skin to anyone. Further, in the canyon, beyond the baths, you can explore a beautiful waterfall, which is the jewel of the old city.

Gabriadze Clock


Photo Credit: Andrea Massignani

The clock is constructed by a famous screenwriter, film and stage director, sculptor and puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze. The location will remind you of a fairytale where everyone is kind and looking forward for the magic to happen. It is located right next to café Leila, which is a great destination for a flavorsome lunch.

Dry Bridge

Photo Credit: Karl Werner

Dry bridge is a vintage flea market that offers wide variety of souvenirs, accessories, antiques and many other treasures from mostly the Soviet Union era. Do not hesitate to ask for a reasonable discount when buying your gifts. Serious negotiations will be appreciated.

Cultural Experience | Tbilisi State Opera |


Photo Source: Wikipedia.org

The history of the ‘State Opera House of Georgia‘ counts more than 165 years. It is known that young Leo Tolstoy was among the guests, who attended the first performances of the ‘Tbilisi Opera House’. Its oriental architecture and design is a good representation of Persian influence on Georgia. World class opera singers and ballet dancers are frequent guests of Georgia and in case you are lucky you may even find the tickets to attend the spectacular performances.

Ethnographic Museum


Photo Source: wikimedia.org

There are 14 houses brought from different regions of Georgia in this beautiful open space museum. You can get a Russian, English or German language tour guide, who will introduce you with the history of different regions of Georgia, that are so diverse and unique in their own ways.

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