Late Night Dinner in Tbilisi

It’s past 10 p.m. and you are hungry. Finding a late night dinner in Tbilisi is not easy. Many cafes in Tbilisi close before midnight, but not all. Most of them are clustered around the old town. There are also several companies that offer the delivery service, biggest of them being and Both web-pages have long list of local cafes, restaurants and takeaways, also featuring their working hours and reviews.  


1. Ukve

Photo Source: Ukve FP

  • +995 599 23 44 66

  • N52 Paliashvili Str. Tbilisi

  • Mo-Su: 12 pm – 12 am

  • 4$

Do you crave Asian food? Ukve has both takeout and delivery services and offers sushi sets along with “Asian boxes”, – Asian style noodles and rice. Their Facebook page claims that every item on their menu is healthy and of superb quality. Prices start at 4 USD.

2. Pasanauri on meidani

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  • +995 595 54 77 55

  • N1 Gorgasali Str. Tbilisi

  • Always Open

  • 3$ – 15$

Pasanauri is chain of restaurants that offers traditional Georgian cuisine and atmosphere, but this particular on on Meidani is open 24 hours. Generally praised for their fantastic Khinkali, Pasanauri offers a wide selection of authentic Georgian food and drinks including khachapuri – baked bread loaf filled with cheese. Georgians have several varieties of this dish and each of them is worth trying.

Prices start from 3 USD. The average cost for a full course meal is 15 USD per person.

3. Night Pizza

Night Pizza
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  • +995 591 20 00 06

  • Mon-Sun 21 pm – 6 am

  • 7-10$

As the name suggests, Night Pizza is a snack that can only be consumed when the sun is down. It opens at 21 pm and works until the morning. Night pizza lacks one interesting detail: an official address. However their pizza is always delivered to you location for free. Currently, Night Pizza’s menu consists of 10 items and prices range between 7-10 USD.

4. Georgetown American

Photo Source: Georgetown American Fb

  • +995 591 54 04 04

  • N22 Abashidze Str.

  • Always Open

  • 3-6$

This is a great place if you are looking for burgers and cheesesteak. Georgetown American is open 24/7 and besides burgers, it offers wings, sandwiches, salads, garnishes and more. Burgers cost 3-6 USD. Georgetown American works with Foodpanda’s delivery service, so food can be delivered straight to your doorstep until 3 a.m.

5. vinotheca

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  • +995 32 247 60 11

  • N31 K. Apkhazi Str.

  • Mo-Sun 10 am – 2 am

No late night dinner is complete without a bottle of wine. Vinotheca is located in the heart of old Tbilisi, so every visitor to Tbilisi is likely to pass by the store at least once during their time there. You can get a consultation about all beverages at the shop. Home delivery services can also be used for all purchases in and out of the shop.

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