I scream for ICE CREAM in Georgia

There are many evidences that Georgia is a country of fairytale, so today we invite you to explore the Fairy-Candyland of this country.   Our national dish is breathtaking Khachapuri, but our desserts are not a bit less delicious. Even the ice-cream is unbelievably yummy. Every single market can provide you with the sweet-happiness of local producers like Tolia, Barambo, Gurjaani and many others to give yourself an icy treat in the hot summer. Now it’s time to talk a little bit about the appealing ice-cream shops in Tbilisi.

Luca Polare

Ice cream in Georgia

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Everybody knows this cute polar bear, which appeared in Tbilisi in August 2008 and continues to provide us with the finest ice-cream and more. This European-type ice cream parlor combined with a coffee shop meets international standards of product quality and service. You can enjoy your dessert from 8am until late night 2pm. 26 different flavors – containing zero artificial coloring or flavoring are made based on original Italian recipes (Our favorite is definitely Vanilla with Caramel and Almond). Luca Polare is surely a heaven for vegans, because their fruit sorbets do not contain any fat or animal products. This café’s menu is way broader than you might think. Starting from the assortment of hot and cold drinks, followed by muffins, cookies, cakes and ending with fresh juices, mixed fruits and salads. The cozy atmosphere, together with the aroma of newly ground coffee and products made and served with love make Luca Polare the place to be in Tbilisi.


Ice cream in Georgia

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Offering 24 flavors of Italian gelato, Angelato is located in Tbilisi Mall. You can also find the variety of milkshakes, desserts, Belgian waffles, creams and soft drinks. And of course, the enormous ice-cream cakes with several layers for the special days cannot be left without the notice.

Angelato can provide you not only with the weight-gaining sweets, but also with diet food. The main target group of Angelato are children who will find a real oasis here with lots of surprises. Pizza or Spaghetti shaped ice-creams and the beautiful garden of this amazing café will definitely make you feel delighted and sweetened.

Morelli’s Gelato

ice cream in Georgia

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The history of Morelli’s Gelato began in 1907. The Morelli family has been making ice-cream for five generations to a trademark recipe. Giuseppe Morelli, after emigrating from Italy to UK started selling it from the back of his bicycle. The branches of this gelato-café are spread around the world, including: London, Monaco, Dubai, Kuwait and many other cities. Tbilisi became the 11th on the list where you can bring back the memories and the taste of ice-cream from your childhood. Costumers are able to see how their order is being prepared. And of course, there is a take-away service (taking into account that the gelato can preserve its shape for 90 minutes). Morelli’s Gelato offers gelato as scoops or spectacular sundaes in the Gelato Caffe by day and clients can also sip elegant Sorbet cocktails by night in Gelato Lounge. Belgian hot-chocolate served with their signature cakes is also worth tasting. As the service staff themselves say, their café is guaranteed to dazzle you!



ice cream in Georgia

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Whether it is Agmashenebeli avenue or East Point Trading Centre, it is impossible to walk by Lolly. Outstanding and tasty dessert on every season bring the joy to every client. Flavors of yogurts and garnishing is on your choice. Products of Lolly is not only low-calorie but also fat-free! So, come on girls, grab yourself a cosmic amount of this magic yogurt. Best choice for dieters and also affordable – needless to add anything. Lolly welcomes the clients from until the 11 p.m. and takes care of their pleasure and refreshment.




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On N77 Kostava street, near the Saakadze Square, café Dolcelato – typically to Georgian hospitability – always hosts their clients with appetizing ice-cream. Comfortable and just happy environment is one of the principal values of this place. The assortment contains: vanilla, blackberry, strawberry, wild-cherry, lime, cappuccino, raffaello, tiramisu, mint and many other mouth-watering flavours. Apart from this enormous list of ice-creams, the coffee menu also has no limits. Dolcelato is an excellent place for not only tasting the toothsome gelato, but also for avoiding the heat of the summertime.


Photo Source: foursquare

And this is not the end. You can satisfy your sweet-tooth nearly in every café or restaurant in Tbilisi. One of the exceptional places to taste unusual ice-cream is Abkhazian Restaurant Amra (7 Sandro Euli Street). Starting from Abkhazian main dishes, ending with Sukhumian ice-cream with nuts and tangerine jam. As well as the gigantic portion of this dessert, you can help yourself with the coffee brewed on the sand.

So, delicious days are waiting for you here, in Georgia! Pay a visit to this amazing places and dulcify your trip!

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