How to Travel in Georgia on 300 USD or Less

Money is an important matter to consider when making travel plans. Some places are more expensive than others but Georgia is surprisingly cheap. Here are some tips on how to travel to Georgia on only 300 USD. Georgia’s currency is the Lari (GEL). One Lari can be broken down into 100 Tetri (like cents). The exchange rate between GEL and USD has been fluctuating recently but is generally stable at about 1 USD: 2.34 Lari, which means if you have 300 USD, you will have 702 Lari. That is more than enough to spend 10 days in Georgia with little worries about your budget.

Free Things

Fox hostel tbilisi

Fox Hostel
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There are some things you can get free of charge in Georgia like accommodation and food/drinks. Couchsurfing is gaining popularity with the hipster crowd in Tbilisi and will often welcome you to their modest flats for no charge. As far as food and drinks go, Georgians love to show their hospitality to travelers and are often eager to invite them for a pint of beer, a bottle of wine, shots of homemade chacha (a very strong vodka-like drink), or even for a whole fiesta! However, if you end up paying for your accommodations, transport, meals, museums, and souvenirs; here are the best ways to use your 300 USD.


Panoramic view Tbilisi
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There are many cheap hostels in Tbilisi and daily rentals are available in big cities like Batumi and Kutaisi where you can find comfortable rooms with facilities for about $13. There are many homestays that can be found on AirBnb with similar prices. 10 Days accommodation in Georgia ~ $130. You have $170 left in your pocket which is the average monthly salary in Georgia. Tip: Book your accommodations way before you leave. The tourist seasons are competitive here!


Public transport in Tbilisi

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Firstly, if you do not have a host who can pick you up from the airport (either at Tbilisi International Airport or the Kutaisi and Batumi Airports), you might need to pay for local transport to the city centers. Tbilisi International Airport offers railway, bus, and private cab options with prices that vary from 0.20 USD to 10 USD. Local transport in the cities cost about $ 0.20 (Bus, metro) and the minibuses (marshutka) cost $0.30. Private cabs are also quite cheap and if you travel with a partner, both of you will pay maximum $2.00 most any destination in the city center.

The train from Tbilisi to Batumi costs $10, buses cost $8.50 and a taxi for four people cost $50. Marshutkas to other places like Kazbegi, Gori, Sighnaghi cost around $2-4 each way. 10 days transportation in Georgia ~ $55. $115 is still in your pocket, which means you have $38 more than the average Georgian pensioner gets each month.

Tip: For a private transport, try some mobile applications, like taxify. They can make getting around a bit easier. Hitchhiking is generally safe. Also take into account that private cab drivers are keen to ask more from tourists (as in most tourist areas) so haggle their prices in advance. This is one difficulty, which can be avoided with mobile apps.

Food & Drinks

How to travel to georgia with 300$

Georgian Feast

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Georgia’s a cheese and meat lover’s paradise. Take-out Georgian cheese bread, khachapuri, will cost about $0.60  ($2.50 for two people) in the streets and restaurants. Georgian dumplings – khinkali, cost $0.30 each. A soda,  locally referred to as lemonade, is $0.80. You can also ask for tap water which is free everywhere. For beer lovers, hipster bars offer cold draught and bottled beers from $1.30. Supermarkets have beer for as low as $0.80. Wine is more expensive though. 10 Days Food/drinks in Georgia = $80.00 Now you have $35, the monthly salary for National Army recruits.

Tips: Avoid eating in tourist areas. Eating in small towns and villages are less expensive than in major cities like Tbilisi. Batumi is the most expensive. If you are a smoker, you can buy cigarette packs for about $1.50 or less. Try cooking at home. Groceries are quite cheap in the local markets (even cheaper than supermarkets). The fruits and vegetables in Georgia are mouthwatering making any homemade dish super scrumptious.


how to travel to Georgia with less than 300$

Ethnographical museum
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Museum prices generally vary from $0.60 to about $2.00. If you have any valid student IDs bring them along as many offer discounts for pupils of all ages. 10 day museum price – $10.00. You now have $25 with, which you can buy exactly 19 cold beers but how about some souvenirs instead?

Tips: Some museums are free of charge and checking out Georgia’s churches and cathedrals which are also free. Take a look at Kazbegi Sameba, Svetitskhoveli, Jvari and others for some great liturgical art and architecture.



Georgian Souvenirs at Karvasla
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You can buy Georgian traditional souvenirs (handmade jewelry, postcards, bracelets, etc.) in practically every corner near tourist areas. In Tbilisi, you can easily find souvenir shops on Rustaveli Avenue and Leselidze Street. $25 will be plenty to buy presents with and still have some left for more cold beer and Georgian dumplings. Tips: Don’t wait to buy souvenirs until you get to the airport. You will pay triple the price there.

And here you go: $130 + $55 + $80 + $10 + $25 = $300

300 bones is more than enough to travel through Georgia for ten days while still having a great time. Enjoy your stay!

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