Georgian Travel Photographers To Know

We all agree that Georgia has become one of the most popular places for tourism and if you still have not decided whether you would like to visit this amazing site or not, we are giving you the chance to look through the photos taken by Georgian photographers. They will  surely make you say “Yes!” to this place. Here is a small information about the authors of the most amazing travel photos taken in Georgia. Most of this photographers were Nominees in the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism  Awards 2016.

Giorgi Shermazanashvili

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Tbilisi Night View
Photo Credit: Shermazana

Photographer Giorgi Shermazanashvili also known as “Shermazana” actually works at Georgian National Bank. He participated in the project of creating the symbol of Georgian Lari.  His interest in photography started as his desire was to introduce Georgia to his foreign friends. Photography is just his hobby, not a profession, but he still manages to be very successful in this field – having more than 40 000 followers on Facebook Page proves this. Shermazana is a winner of the Best Travel Photographer of the Year 2016 in the Welcome to Georgia, National Tourism Awards. His camera captures every part of Georgia, as Giorgi himself wants to popularize the beauty and historical sites of his home country. There was a period when he was all into creating Time-Lapses. After some time, Giorgi bought a Photography-Drone and relying on his brother’s funny advice named it “Kedana”.

Shermazana’s photos and videos are mostly taken in the evening after work or at lunchtime. We definitely suggest to take a look at his page and enjoy the scenery!

Irakli Shavgulidze

Village Dartlo, Tusheti, Georgia
Photo Credit: Irakli Shavgulidze

Irakli Shavgulidze is an IT Specialist from Georgia. As he says, photography is a hobby and his special tool to see this beautiful world from different angles.  Irakli got his first DSLR in December 2011. His camera is mostly aimed at nature: landscape, wildlife and macro.  Amongst Irakli’s work, photos reflecting the mesmerizing beauty of Georgia are most frequent. In addition, birds play a huge part in his portfolio.  Besides the variation on the theme of   nature,  Irakli loves taking photos of pretty women. His photos are enhanced by charming colors and unusual mysticism.

Zurab Tsertsvadze

Photo Credit: Zurab Tsertsvadze

Graduate of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Zurab Tsertsvadze is a Georgian photographer.  Although he works at several different places, his favorite activity is traveling around Georgia and capturing it’s outstanding environment. As it turns out, Zurab’s photos astonish every viewer. Flowers, for instance, cannot leave you unenthusiastic.   His gallery also includes wedding photos that reflect the positive, breathtaking emotions and the glory of this important day.  Every tourist should see Zurab’s photos to perceive the attractiveness of Georgia. As the photographer himself says: “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”


Daro Sulakauri

Terror Incognita
Photo Credit: Daro Sulakauri

Daro Sulakauri, best known for her photo story “Terror Incognita”, documenting lives of Chechen refugees, is a Georgian photojournalist.  She graduated from the International Center of Photography in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program in New York. Daro has received many awards and scholarships and was named among PDN’s 30 emerging Photographers to watch. Her work can been seen in publications such as Forbes (USA), Mother Jones, Sunday Times, New York Times Lens, The Economist, Bloomberg and many others.

Daro, who is currently based in Caucasus region,  is a member and founder of Error Images, photo agency of documentary photographers in Georgia. Sulakauri is mostly portraying the social matters with her individual point of view.

Lasha Gigauri

On the area of Borjomi district, called Daba, which was burnt during Georgia-Russia war 2008
Photo Credit: Lasha Gigauri

Lasha is actually a painter, but it has been several years since he last used his brushes. He used to capture the process of painting as the amateur photographer, but today he is already a professional and photography has become a part of his lifestyle. His inspiration turns out to be the war in August 2008, as Lasha himself is from Gori and was in the war zone during the period. He wanted to reveal the awful reality people suffered. Lasha Gigauri believes that showing the social difficulties to people who live in peace and quiet, is one of the greatest things’ a photographer could do, because these images encourage the viewer that it is time to wake up and do something profitable. For example, one might not be bothered while pouring out water or throwing out the food , while thousands of children die in Africa because of not having anything  to eat or drink.

We should definitely say that this young photographer is successfully achieving his goals. There were 100 000 competing photos on in July 2015 and Lasha’s photo hit the top 10 .

Dito Tediashvili

Omalo, Tusheti, Georgia 
Photo Credit: Dito Tediashvili

Dito Tediashvili is a student at “Caucasus School of Business”. The subject he studies is Marketing Management, while subject of interest way more broad, including: singing, playing instruments (guitar and piano, in particular). It can be said that music is his hobby, but there is his A Hobby which has become his profession – so called photography.

The greatest pleasure was pressing the button and catching a moment. He was capturing everyone and everything that could not have been left out of sight. As Dito says, doing what you love is great, but making money with what you love doing – is even better. Thus, taking wedding photos with an artistic objective has made him successful and “still counting”.

Mikhail Bojadze

Kazbegi georgia-min

Gergeti Trinity Church
Photo Credit: Mihail

Mikhail Bojadze, generally recognized as Mihail is famous Georgian Photographer. In his albums, various types of photos can be found, such as : Landscapes, Performances and Weddings. His wedding photos stand out with extraordinary color fusion and tranquil atmosphere. As for the performances, Mikhail can make you a participant of the event just by looking at the photos. And lastly, if you want to feel and internalize the specular nature of Georgia, then photos of Mihail are unquestionably a must-see!

Ika Tabatadze

Photo Credit: Ika Tabatadze

Ika Tabatadze is a young Georgian Photographer. His work stands out with exceptional atmosphere. Even only looking at his photos makes you believe that Georgia is the place where traveling opens up unknown layers of so well known nature.  The amazing places captured by his camera lens take you to the same exact location where these stunning photos were created. His images of Borjomi in winter definitely need to be noted!  Nature – entirely covered with snow looks so icy, that even in the hot summer every spectator will fill an instant cold breeze.

In Ika’s selection there are number of photos specially dedicated to “Milkiway”  taken from various different angles. Seeing this marvelous view in reality, will definitely become everybody’s wish.

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