Best Burgers in Tbilisi

You tried all the Georgian food and still miss a good old American Burger? No problem, Tbilisi has you covered! These are top 5 destinations to have a really great burger:

1. Burger House

Photo Source: Burger House FP

If you are a true burger lover, visiting Burger House Tbilisi is a must! It has one of the best and healthiest burgers around. The menu is not so big, but everything they have is worth every penny. The burger house is ran by a professional chef Giorgi Iosava, who is as friendly and kind as his staff. The burgers come with crispy french fries and delicious salad. The prices are extremely affordable. A regular cheeseburger with all garnishes listed with it costs $6. They also have mini burgers (two smaller sized burgers with same amount of fries and a salad) which costs $4. Of course you will find more burgers in the menu upon arrival. Also, you can have a pint of beer with your favorite burger. This is a place worth visiting!

2. Pipes Burger Joint

Photo Source: Pipes Burger Joint FP

This place has by far one of the tastiest Burgers in Tbilisi. Medium cooked (well done upon request) delicious meat, soft bun and special sauces give the burger the special taste you would absolutely enjoy. The interior is very minimalistic and cozy, service is really good and prices are very affordable.

3. Burgio

Photo Source: Burgio Burger FP

  • +995 555 25 05 19
  • N8 Amaghleba Str.
  • Wed-Sun 19:00-23:00
  • 10-15$

Burger and craft beer bar Burgio was opened recently and it is located in the old district Sololaki. The bar is really small, but cozy. Menu is also compact – only 2 types of burgers, fries, and some extra ingredients like bacon, cheese, and dressings. Everything is very delicious. Our favorite is Special Burger and unfiltered dark beer. The place is run by two extremely friendly owners George and Tim, who are mostly around so you can have an interesting chat with them. Burgio produces Georgian pickles and Chacha (Grappa) so you can taste them and take away as well. We loved the place and strongly recommend it. 

4. Burger Bar

Photo Source: Burger Bar FP

This is a specialized burger place where you can have a variety of decent Burgers in Tbilisi. The restaurant has up to 15 different burger choices to match almost any taste. The burgers itself are not the finger-licking good, however are pretty decent. Prices are very affordable and service is also within the acceptable range.

5. Respublika Grill Bar

Photo Source: Respublika Grill Bar FP

  • +995 555 00 41 51
  • N19 P. Ingorokva Str.
  • Mo-Sun 11:00-02:00
  • 10-15$

This place offers variety of American meals including a very delicious burgers. The place offers a burger that can actually be eaten without spilling out juices and meat. The bun is very soft and yet firm. The meat is usually medium cooked but do not forget to ask in advance. Our favorite burgers here are Cheesburger and Vegeburger. The restaurant also offers a variety of sides and the one is worth mentioning: Mexican style potatoes…mmm delicious. Oh, and there is a great choice of board games, so don’t miss the fun!

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