Best Breakfast Places in Tbilisi

There are not many places open for breakfast in Tbilisi. Georgians are used to lazy mornings and usually we have a heavy brunch. However, as a tourist, you might want to wake up early and spend more time on sightseeing. So, where can you have the best breakfast in Tbilisi? Here is the top list suggested by our local authors.

1. Barbarestan

breakfast in tbilisi 1-min

Photo Source: Barbarestan FP

  • 0322 94 37 79

  • N132 D. Aghmashenebeli Sve.

  • Mo-Su: 10:00-00:00

  • 12$

One of the best restaurants in Georgia is usually reserved days in advance. Exceptional dinner at Barbarestan has been reviewed at GSH before, however we were glad to find the place, that offers amazing breakfast menu as well. Tiny but cozy space outside the entrance is all you may dream of in a sunny day. Tables for 2 or 3 are surrounded with colorful flowers. The hall inside is a little bit more spacious, it reminds Tbilisi a century ago. Even the cutlery is the same as our grandmas used to keep. This locals’ nostalgy is a real exotic experience for the traveler. Most importantly, the majority of ingredients are local, delivered straight from Georgian farmers.

Now take out a pen and a paper and write down the best breakfast in the city – omelette with authentic ham from Racha, crepe with Sulguni cheese, and Matsoni from the Chef as a desert. We would also suggest tasting jams from Poka monastery and authentic honey from mountainous Svaneti. Keep in mind that order delivery time is over 20 minutes, so it is a right choice for lazy mornings. Barbarestan is a family owned restaurant and the owners are usually serving you, so an interesting chat with great people is guaranteed.

Average price per person – 12 USD


2. Fabrika

breakfastin tbilisi -min

Breakfast at Fabrika
Photo Source: Fabrika FP

  • 0322 02 03 99

  • N8 E. Ninoshvili Str.

  • Mo-Sun 08:00-12:00

  • 5$

Generally, this kind of breakfasts are not available at hostels, surely only at 4-5 star hotels, but not at hostels. At Fabrika you get a really big choice of dishes. Any type of traveller could be super satisfied. Even locals go there for this breakfast. We have already mentioned Fabrika as one of our favourite hostel, now it’s our recommendation to taste their homemade khachapuri, lobiani, banana cakes, and a heavenly brioche, which is by far the best brioche in the city.


3. Cafe Rustaveli

Cafe Rustaveli 
Photo Source: Rustaveli Cafe & Restaurant

  • +995 598 87 00 14

  • N4 Freedom Square.

  • Mo-Sun 07:30 – 23:30

  • 8-12$

Cafe Rustaveli, located on freedom square in the very heart of Tbilisi, offers a wide variety of dishes for someone looking for a breakfast, as well as brunch from 7.30 am! Once you enter the restaurant, its interior catches your eyes right away, it is a mix of European and Oriental cultures, with a clear Georgian touch, like traditional Georgian blue tablecloth and walls inspired by popular Georgian poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin“. This place offers different breakfast menus, but you can also choose meals separately, like large variety of egg dishes, croissant, pancakes, delicious oatmeal with different fruits and matsoni (popular Georgian dairy product). Specialty coffee from breakfast menus, “Glekhuri (peasant) Menu” is a must try, it comes with Omelette, board of different appetizers, including the restaurant’s  special one “Kaimagh” – Adjarian appetizer that can hardly be found in Tbilisi! Great food, atmosphere and the service is guaranteed here, so you won’t be disappointed. Cafe Rustaveli will soon offer the breakfast menus by regions of Georgia, so stay tuned!

4. O, moda, moda

best breakfast places in tbilisi 4-min

Breakfast at o, moda moda
Photo Source: o, Moda, Moda FP

  • 0322 43 00 41

  • N64-66 Vasil Barnov Str.

  • Mo-Su: 11:00 – 01:00

  • 8$

Try to spend your morning in the sunny little garden and have a delicious omelette at O, moda, moda – it’s a guaranty of your happy day. The environment and a green garden at this small cafe will make you feel kinda detached from the context. Enjoy delicious breakfast menu up to 1pm (!) and don’t forget to check out crepes with sour cream and berries – yummy! For those who prefer heavy breakfast – benedict omelette is a must try!  This place is loved by locals. There is a small shop inside where you can get different types of things made by Georgian designers.

5. Rooms

the kitchen tbilisi-min

 Rooms Hotel
Photo Source:

  • 0322 02 00 99

  • N14 Merab Kostava Str.

  • Mo-Sun 07:00 – 16:00

  • 16$

For breakfast you should definitely go to Rooms Hotel’s restaurant The Kitchen. Egg Benedict and freshly squeezed juice is a perfect start of the day! Ambience is very nice, beautiful design, amazing garden and good service. Overall, Rooms Hotel is a place to visit on every occasion – lounge and bar for night drinks, garden – to sit in the sunny day and enjoy the environment. You will never leave this place disappointed.

6. Strada

best breakfast places in tbilisi 4-min

Breakfast at Strada
Photo Source: Strada FP

  • +995 595 99 22 77

  • N7 S. Euli Str.

  • Mo-Sun 10:00-02:00

  • 10-15$

Strada is on the beloved place of middle class Tbilisians. It is a great place for a business launch, chat with over a cup of coffee, or a dinner with a bunch of friends in the evening. However, few people know that is cozy place offers a yummy breakfast menu. Several types of eggs, waffles, and pancakes are served everyday from 10 am up to 1pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekend.  Breakfast menu is not large, but the food is constantly of the great  taste. You will never leave this place disappointed.

7. Antree

best breakfast places in tbilisi 4-min

Photo Source: Antree FP

Should you be looking for the quick breakfast near you, Entrée Tbilisi is the best choice. The place offers delicious bakery and pastry as well as a selection of scrambled eggs and salads. Fresh apple juice, european breakfast and a chocolate plié. Entrée owns 13 places in Tbilisi – all cozy and lovely. Breakfast is served from 08:00 to 11:00

8. Brotmeister

breakfast in tbilisi

Brotmeister Interior
Photo Source: Brotmeister FB

  • +995 577 63 12 00

  • 7/9 Taktakishvili Str., N69 I.Abashidze Str. N38 V.Dolidze  N16 R.Eristavi

  • Mo-Sun 08:00-22:00

  • 5$

A nice non-smoking Austrian style bakery with plenty of delicious breads, muffins, crepes and the “normal”, non-breakfast menu. Cozy and warm atmosphere and tempting flavour of freshly baked bread will make your morning. It’s open at 8 AM, what a blessing! Our favourite dish was cottage cheese pancakes. P.S. At Dolidze branch they also give a croissant to those who buy coffee till 11 am.


9. Tbili sio


Tbili Sio
Photo Source: Tbili Sio FP

  • +995 555 73 64 94

  • N1 Petriashvili Str.

  • Mo-Sun 09:00-01:00

  • 6$

Tbili Sio worths your whole morning just because of it’s location/setting. Early breakfast – seemingly not a special treat – good coffee and green surroundings will make your day. All this will make you feel lighter and make you forget your business. If you like eggs or sausage for breakfast try out ‘SUN POWER’ – it will surely charge and refresh you during whole day.

10. Cron Palace Hotel Tbilisi


American Pancake
Photo Source: pick you pocket

This location is far from the city center, but if you want to explore another authentic part of our city – you can start your morning with a proper breakfast at Cron Palace. Breakfast is served from 7:00 till 11:00. There’s a Swedish table serving all sorts of dishes, but the one meal you should definitely try is the amazing American pancake. They’re soft, fluffy and come with three toppings: chocolate, strawberries and honey.

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