A Guide for Your Tbilisi Clubbing Pregame

Tbilisi’s nightlife is inspiring garnering frequent comments by the international press. Recently a Guardian article encouraged many Georgians and foreigners to discover Tbilisi’s clubbing paradise.  As most clubs open at midnight, many people often go out for some “pregame” drinks before painting the town red. Here are our ten most popular Georgian pregame clubs/bars in Tbilisi:

1. DIVExFabrika

fabrika dive bar

Photo Source: Fabrik Facebook Page

The newly opened bar on the first floor of Fabrika, the biggest hostel in Tbilisi, is a favorite for the city’s many hipsters. Here you find cheap draft and bottled beers (1.5 USD each), cocktails, a non-smoking indoor venue, welcoming staff, great music. It also boasts an amazing outdoor terrace with colorful lights. This place makes you feel like you’re a Berlin hipster in the middle of Tbilisi while getting drunk on the cheap and taking great Instagram photos.

Take into account that unlike many other bars in Tbilisi, DIVExFabrika does not offer any snacks or a food menu. Always check their Facebook page, as Fabrika is under renovation right now, so some Sundays the bar does not open. If you plan to stay there late, be prepared to have your music abruptly cut off as their neighbours often express their lack of appreciation for the noise after 12:00 AM.

2. Drunk Owl

drunk owl best pregame bars in tbilisi

Drunk Owl
Photo Source: Drunk Owl Facebook Page

Drunk Owl is situated in the older part of the city. The place is great for visiting a Friday or weekends. It has live music, stunning cocktails, and a very friendly atmosphere that constantly makes you want to return. Prices start from 2 USD and even provide non-alcoholic beers (a rarely available product in Tbilisi). They also often have special cocktails offered at the bar.

3. Art-Café Home

art cafe home best pregame bars in tbilisi

Art Cafe Home
Photo Source: hr.ge

Art-Cafe Home is a perfect place for chilling before a night of clubbing. There are three different floors with various rooms decorated in a homely style with great music and red-lit balcony for smoking. Prices are more expensive than many other lounge bars in Tbilisi, but it’s totally worth it.

4. Black dog bar

black dog bar

Black Dog Bar
Photo Source: Black dog bar FP

The atmosphere you will love! That would be the end of the review, because all the rest is secondary, if we speak about bars. Black Dog is not a place to get drunk and aggressive. It’s a place to make friends and spend a truly nice time. To be more specific, except of meeting people and having a glass or two of their house beer, you will find there tasty burgers and other pub food. The variety of drinks is quite wide, but better choose the local ones: they are good.

Experience Game Time (or, ehm, a happy minute) every 43rd minute of every hour. Play dice with a bartender and try to win a free shot!

5. Warszawa

warszava best pregame bars in tbilisi

Photo Source: Likealocalguide.com

Warszawa is the cheapest and smallest place to get super drunk in Tbilisi. You can get a shot of vodka for only USD 0.8. It is easy to reach and great place to begin your night out. Vodka is quite delicious there, so count your shots. You wouldn’t want to end your night early by having to lay facedown on a park bench till morning.

8. Canudos Ethnic Bar

canudos ethnic bar best pregame bars in tbilisi

Canudos Ethnic Bar
Photo Source: Canudos Ethnic Bar Facebook page

Canudos Ethnic Bar is a popular pregame bar for Tbilisi’s younger scene. This place is super in summer with nice decorations, wonderful people, cheap drinks, and a great atmosphere. It is usually very crowded with tourists. Canudos is magnetizing. Once you’ve been there, you will always want to return even if it’s only for a pint of beer after a hard Monday. Be aware that there may be very aggressive drunks that wander around from the other bars/clubs in the area. Prices at Canudos Ethinc Bar are quite low, so it made another our list of budget cafes in Tbilisi.


dive bar best pregame bars in tbilisi

Dive bar
Photo Source: Dive Bar Facebook page

This is the smaller version of DIVExFabrika ran by the same owners and this the first place they opened. Here you will mostly meet foreigners hanging out together. A couple hours after opening, Dive Bar transforms into a place where everyone becomes the life of party; mostly because they are super drunk and happy! Dive Bar is a place which is liked both by Georgian and ex-pat locals, it has the spirit of some different, non-Tbilisi easiness. No place for awkwardness, indeed. You can talk to everyone there. Staff is very friendly as well. That’s why it is full almost every evening. Prices for alcohol, beverages and snacks are extremely reasonable. If you are in the mood for drinking, talking, playing something, listening to music and dancing in a very casual atmosphere, come by. Georgian beer, Polish vodka and good multi-culti mood guaranteed. @Dariko

10. Zoestan


Photo Source: Zoestan Facebook page

Zoestan is a great place for any occasion, including tea and beer drinking. The staff is warm and friendly. The prices are average (from 1.5 USD). Smoking is not allowed, except for in a small smoking room inside the bar. Pregaming in Zoestan will not only get you thoroughly drunk, but leave you with some amazing memories.

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