A Guide for Hot Drink Lovers in Tbilisi

Winter is here and the coldest weeks are upon us. More than ever, a hot drink becomes a welcome refuge. Fortunately, there are lots of wonderful cafes in Tbilisi that serve several varieties of tea and coffee daily. Here is a short list of the places we like the most.

1. Althaus

Photo Source: pexels.com

Located near the museums, hotels, and the main avenue in the capital Rustaveli Avenue “Althaus” is a paradise for all tea lovers. The café boasts a welcoming staff, veranda with a great view and great, quality tea. The interior is decorated using a conservative style and vintage elements. There are smoking and non-smoking areas for visitors to choose. Brewed tea and most snacks cost 2-3 USD. Besides their wide selection of tea, this café offers delicious cakes and a mix of Georgian and European cuisines. You can also find separate packages of their teas available to purchase and take home.

2. Tea House

Photo Source: tea house FP

  • +995 595 33 20 02

  • N2 Laghidze Str.

  • Mo-Su: 10:00AM – 11:00PM

Tea House is part of the Althaus franchise and has a little different atmosphere. You will find a similar style, but in a bigger space with slightly altered decorative elements. The café looks small at the first sight because most of it is located underground, just below the entrance. It seem like a small labyrinth causing newcomers to get easily confused but it gives a great opportunity to explore and uncover new spaces as you look for a suitable table. Like in Althaus Café on Qiacheli Street, you can purchase their tea at the reception. Tea House offers 80 varieties of tea and each of them deserves attention. Feel free to ask for recommendations on finding a drink to fall in love with.

3. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Photo Source: pexels.com

  • +995 577 47 50 10

  • N20 Rustaveli Avenue, Turtle Lake, N16 David Aghmashenebeli Ave.

  • Always Open

This American coffee chain has several cafes in Tbilisi: Turtle Lake, Rustaveli Avenue, and David Agmashenebeli  Avenue. Coffee Bean & Tea leaf offers guests a wide variety of coffees and frappes, as well as several kinds of tea and food including: sandwiches, salads, snacks, and desserts. For early risers it is one of the best spots to find some breakfast or takeaway coffee. If you are not in a rush, sit down and enjoy its ambience. Smoking is not allowed inside, which can be considered an additional benefit for non-smokers and visitors with children.

4. Luca Polare

Photo Source: lucapolare FP

  • +995 322 38 08 02

  • N12 Eristavi Str. (Round Garden); N7a Pekini Str; N125 Agmashenebeli ave; N34 Kote Apkhazi str; N2 Aleksandre Tvalchrelidze Str. (East Point)

  • Mo-Su 08:00-02:00

It started with an ice-cream, but now Luca Polare has expanded its assortment to include hot and cold drinks offering visitors coffee, tea, hot chocolate, blended espresso drinks, and frappes. Present in most parts of the capital, Luca Polare offers a cozy and friendly atmosphere.  As its official web-page claims, several important components create the distinctive flavors of Luca Polare Coffee, as their coffee beans are hand-picked and roasted in Germany then shipped to Georgia in vacuum-sealed packages to preserve its aroma and freshness. As for tea, the café carries several unusual and exotic flavors that are definitely worth trying.


5. Linville

Photo Source: Linville Cafe  FP

  • +995 555 00 41 51
  • N4/6 K. Apkhazi Str.

  • Mo-Sun 11:00-02:00
  • 10-15$

Linville is located on the intersection of Kote Abkhazi and Gia Abesadze streets. When you enter through their painted metal door, you will have to take some very old stairs that lean to one side. The building is perfectly safe though, and will not fall down anytime soon. Considered as one of the best art cafes in Tbilisi, Linville’s interior is decorated with a fine vintage style. The details are constantly rearranged: the television set may turned into an aquarium, lampshades maybe hang upside down. The café has the balcony with a nice view of a small, busy street and smoking is allowed inside. Linville also offers European and traditional Georgian cuisine, a long list of wines and fine coffee and tea. Live music, that will not interrupt the conversation, is also played in the evenings.

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