A Fancy Weekend in Batumi

Batumi is the main port in Georgia and it handles oil shipped from Central Asia. The city is rapidly developing and is becoming beloved destination for foreign and local tourists. Our favorite time in Batumi is late July or mid-September. You could spend there a weekend and collect tons of experiences in just 2 days.


Traveling to Batumi

Batumi City
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Distance from Tbilisi to Batumi is 375 km (233 mi). It takes around 5-6 hours by car. You can rent a car or hire a taxi. Price of the taxi is around 90-100 USD. More affordable alternatives are bus and train. The only bus company that we recommend is Metro. You can purchase online tickets or less than 15 USD. There are several buses every day. Some are equipped with Wifi and TV. As for the train tickets prices vary from 10 to 25 USD. The fastest way to travel is airplane. Georgian Airways operates daily flights from Tbilisi. Average prices are around 70 USD.  The cheapest way to travel is of course hiking. It is safe and interesting. You are free to explore many great locations on your way, but don’t forget that this time your goal is beautiful Batumi.


Day 1


Chocolate cake at Privet iz Batuma
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You could start your morning at “Privet is Batuma“. This cozy café serves delicious food, in particular some mouthwatering deserts. Full breakfast with a yummy dessert should cost you around 15-20 USD. Address: N39 Memed Abashidze Str.


Bicycle Ride

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Next, you should definitely head to Boulevard. This is a coast line at the seaside that starts at the Batumi port and ends at the dancing fountains. You could purchase a transportation card at the tourist information center (the closest one is at the main entrance of the boulevard, where the wedding house is located) and rent bicycles. There are bicycle lanes across entire boulevard. First go to the direction of dancing fountains and then back to the direction of Ferris Wheel. Spend some time here watching the magnificent statue of Ali and Nino – a love couple that separates and comes together.


Fish Market

Batumi Fish Market 
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We strongly advice your next stop is fish market by the port. First you enter the market to buy fresh fish and mussels in the market and then enter the café “Balagan” next to it. They will cook your ingredients and serve the fresh food. Our tip is not to buy shrimps as usually they are imported rather than local. Furthermore, bargain! Always bargain, especially in markets.  After the heavy dinner, you will appreciate a cup of Turkish coffee prepared in the sand. Go to the port and ask locals for the sand coffee. It is a must, not an advice. Address: Gogebashvili Str.


Cable Car

Cable car
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At the entrance of the city center, not far from the sea side, you will notice a cable car entrance. Take a ride and you will land at the top of the hill that has a magnificent view over the entire city. You can enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine, shop for some souvenirs and have a snack at the lovely café. Cost of the ride is less than 5 USD.


Drinks and dances

Chacha Time
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Later in the evening you can feel the vibes of Batumi nightlife at one of the many local clubs. We would recommend Blow Bar in the Old Boulevard. Comfortable lounge, excellent bar, and an excellent open space on the beach will guarantee a fun evening. Some other great options include Iveria Beach, Boom Boom, and The Gate. However, before visiting any of the recommended places, don’t forget to check the best pre-club in the city – Chacha Time. You can have several shots of Georgian Chacha (Grape vodka similar to Grappa) served in cozy bar full of amazing people. Address: Old Boulvard, 26 Maisi Str.

Day 2 

Morning at the beach

Mtsvane Kontskhi
Photo Source: georgianjournal

For the best beaches in Adjara, look not in Batumi, but in the settlements nearby. Gonio, Kvariati and Sarpi are in the direction to the border with Turkey, and the sea is amazing there, but our top tip is Mtsvane Kontskhi – a green oasis located in 13 km (8 mi) before Batumi (in the direction to Tbilisi). You can arrive here by taxi or marshrutka (minivan) from the city center in only 15 minutes. There are several nice cafes straight on the beach. Sea is usually cleaner and calmer than in Batumi. However, the best thing is that after some swim and sunbathing you can enter the Botanical garden from here.

Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical Garden
Photo Source: georgiaabout.com

Located on 100 ha of land, this place has over 5,000 varieties of plants from all over the world. You can find trees from Asia, flowers from South America, evergreen gardens, bamboo forests, and our favorite titanium trees. Entrance price is around 3 USD. You can another 3 USD for the ride in small excursion cars, but we strongly advice to walk. Walk for several hours in the park. After you follow the major route to the end of the park, go back through the tiny trails and enter the depths of the forests. For the best views, keep on the side closer to the sea.


Fan Fan 
Photo Source: Fan Fan FB page

When you are back in the city center, visit the best local restaurant – FanFan. This place is the perfect combination of exceptional food and sweetest ambience. Every dish form their menu is highly recommended, but our favorite are mussels and homemade lemonades. By the way, they serve special food for pets as well. Address: N27 Ninoshvili Str.

Piazza and old city

Batumi courtyards
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And lastly, the best part of your trip – old city. Enjoy the tiny streets of Batumi. Walk through paved roads and enjoy street art and lovely installations. Architecture of buildings from 19th and early 20th century is breathtaking here. Start from the 6 May Park, go through Europe Square to Mazniashvili street and then end your journey at the Piazza Square. Don’t miss out small turns and corners as these are the true heart of the city. You could even visit several shops to explore local fashion designers. Check New Style on Gorgasali street and No Name on Memed Abashidze street. When finally, you arrive at the Piazza, take a seat, have dinner and a glass, or even a bottle of the amazing Georgian wine. Here you are filled with love and warmth of Batumi – an unforgettable city.

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