5 foods you have to eat in Svaneti

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci. This is most true for Svanetian food: weak on creativity but perfect in taste. Most of the food you can find in Svaneti (and most of Georgia) are variations of potato, cheese, and dough ingredients. While, admittedly, this can be said for most of the world’s regions, Svaneti doesn’t have much choice at the 2000+ metres above sea level. Locals believe it’s the type of potato grown in Svaneti or the soil itself that makes their local potato-based dishes so amazing. This maybe true as it is home to some of the best potatoes anywhere although you will have to forget about updating your calorie-counter apps.

Tah-M-Jab (Tashmijabi)

Photo Source: forum.ge

Tash-M-Jab  (You may already know that Svans speak different dialect from the rest of Georgia. These names are of Svanetian origin) can be also pronounced as Tashmijabi and the more it is stretched, the better it is.

Kubdaar (Kubdari)

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Or Kubdari, as we call it in Georgian lowlands. Kubdari is a beef or beef-and-pork filled bread loaf, usually seasoned with fresh white onions and Svaneti salt – It’s a perfect mixture of cumin, dry coriander, fennel, red pepper, garlic and salt.

Chishdvaar (Chvishtari)

Photo Source: Restaurant Tbilisi


Well, unlike traditional Mchadi (Cornbread from stone ground, white cornmeal) Chvishtari is pan-fried with lots of pieces of cheese inside.

Fetvraal (Fetviani Khachapuri)

khachapuri georgian dish

Photo Credit: Andrea Massignani

Even before getting to Svaneti, you have probably already tried Khachapuri, a Georgian cheese bread loaf. Fetvraal is the same, but with added millet flour to its cheese filling.

Kartophlaar (Kartofiliani Khachapuri)

A Potato and Cheese bread loaf baked in a traditional Svanetian oven. And one more thing which used to be very popular in Svaneti was type of bread filled with Cannabis seed paste. (Yes, Cannabis seed paste). Apart from being delicious, it would provide a long amount of energy and power throughout the day. Sadly, it is not available anymore.

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