2016 At a Glance

Wow, what a ride, what a spin, what an year it was. 2017 is already knocking on the door, so before we let it in, let us recap 2016.

10. Demna Gvasalia pined Georgia on the Fashion Map

Demna Gvasalia, a Georgian designer became a creative director of the world’s famous Balenciaga brand. Despite the fact that Georgia has already had some great designers locally and internationally, Demna became the most talked about designer not only in Georgia, but in the fashion industry worldwide. Now every fashion magazine have their eyes on the emerging Georgian professionals. At the recent 2016 Fashion Awards, Demna was recognized twice. His brand “Vetements” won an award for International Urban Luxury Brand, and Demna himself was recognized as the best International Ready-to-Wear Designer for Balenciaga.

9. Start-ups exploded

Georgia has become a huge incubator for start-ups. As the job market is struggling more and more young people decide to make something of their own. The liberal tax-policy and ease of doing business index is reaping its fruits as 2016 was a huge year for entrepreneurs. At a recent Startup Market organized by Betterfly we could see products ranging from second-hand clothing to premium leather sneakers, from good-old food and beverages to high-tech NFC rings. Entrepreneurship is a key success factor for a small country like Georgia and we do hope to see these startups success and more new ventures in 2017. Our favorite start-ups of the year are: AlterSocksFotorator, CROSTY, Spy Recipe, Menaki, CNICKCamora, Burgio, Tie a Bow, WeHelp.

8. Bassiani happened

Source: thump

2016 was a turning point for Georgian underground scene. The one and only, arguably the best club in the Eastern Europe, Bassiani, has done something unbelievable. The club managed to put Georgia in a very center of electronic music map. The whole world knows about us and the whole world talks about us, and yes a night club is the reason. Bassiani represents not only a club, but it represents a social movement, a movement for freedom a movement against cliché, a movement that will be written in the annals of Georgian history.

7. Olympic Medals were won

In Rio 2016 Olympics Georgia has won 7 medals in Weightlifting, Wrestling and Judo. Among the total of 7, Georgians have brought home 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze medals, but the part that we will remember forever, was Lasha Shavdatuashvili’s heroic victory over Russian Denis Yartsev on August 8th – the day when the Georgia-Russia war began in 2008. After defeating his Russian opponent, Lasha Shavdatuashvili spoke: “This was the kind of day that I thought – I don’t have the right to lose today. I was a bit nervous as well, because it was the 8th of August. But in the name of our heroes, I had to show that our country is strong.” he said.

6. Georgia checked In

“Hell is gone and heavens here, there’s nothing left for you to fear, shake your ass come over here, now SCREAM! I’m a burning effigy of everything I used to be, you’re my rock of empathy, my dear…so come on, let meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee entertain yooouuuu!” – These verse will remain in Georgians hearts forever, as we have seen the great Robbie Williams on stage, live here in Tbilisi.

Check in Georgia, was the series of events held all around Georgia, to entertain Georgians and promote the country world-wide. We have seen artists such as Robbie Williams, Maroon 5, Prodigy and many more. Jazz festival, fashion week, cinema and art festivals were held as well. This was a crazy summer indeed.

5. Visa Liberalization

Photo Source: interpressnews.ge

2016 will definitely be remembered for Georgians as a year when Visa Liberalization became a reality. EU parliament and member states have come to a decision to make it possible for Georgian citizens to enter EU without Visa. The policy will be active from 2017. This is a huge step for Georgian diplomacy and a true relief for Georgian travelers. Hello Europe here we come!

4. Decriminalization 2016

Photo Source: White Noise Movement

Enough is enough, we will not tolerate anymore! Decriminalize all drugs at once. No one should be in jail for drug consumption and above all for consuming recreational drugs. 2016 has been a very important year for Georgia’s drug policy liberalization. “White Noise Movement” and “June 2nd Movement” have been the key ice-breakers for this social cause. Multiple rally’s and legal claims, have made it possible to put this matter into the politician’s agenda. New Political Centre Girchi, as one the first political parties to request drug policy liberalization and the only political party that wants to legalize Marijuana is planning to plant multiple seeds of Cannabis as sign of protest against the current legislation. We hope that 2017 will be the year of liberalization. Meanwhile, we are glad that Marijuana consumptions doesn’t lead to imprisonment anymore and is only a subject to the fine. However, more has to be done.

3. ₾ was raped

Photo Source: interpressnews.ge

Georgian national currency experienced a major devaluation against US dollar in 2015 and continued to do so in 2016. This topic has been everywhere and is currently the most talked about issues in Georgia. We do love our Lari and hope that the trend will improve. Let’s hope for the best in 2017 as the hope is the only thing that is left.

2. elections 2016

Photo Source: RIAC

2016 was an election year for Georgia. Nothing really changed, and the ruling party won an absolute majority of seats. We believe that among many reasons, one of the major is the current plurality voting system. Whatever the cause, the hopes of multi-party parliament have been crushed. However, on the positive note, Georgia did take a huge step towards democracy, as this election has been the first one without any rally’s and protests.

1.Georgia Starts Here

And last but not least, Georgia Starts Here was launched in 2016. We, at GSH are so proud to be able to help so many people in getting to know our country and its hidden gems.

We wish you all a Happy New Year! May 2017 be better than 2016 and still worse than 2018.

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