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Have you ever dreamed of travelling around the globe, visiting the most exotic locations, and exploring the most distinct cultures? We, the people of a country known as Georgia, believe in your dreams. We hope that when you pin your choices on the map, our country will fall among the must-see destinations. Visit Georgia and explore our cultural diversity.

Travel to Georgia to experience the amazing gastro and enological tourism. Find the rave in Tbilisi, the capital of our country. Travel around ancient settlements in the mountainous villages and enjoy the beaches of the Black Sea. As tourism in Georgia is peaking, make sure to catch the authentic magic of this place before it becomes just another overcrowded touristic place. While you prepare for the best moments in your life, explore GeorgiaStartsHere and surf through tips and useful advice from us – a bunch of locals, who are willing to share their experience on travel and life in Georgia.

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Georgia Starts Here is an online platform about travelling the country Georgia. Here we provide articles from local Georgians and expats about real travel experience, real places and people of Georgia.
You can find many useful information about travel to Georgia – tips. advice, best places, ranking of tourist destinations, dinning out, cultural facts. hidden gems of Georgia and many more.

Stories about travelling in Georgia

  • I SCREAM for ICE CREAM in Georgia-min

    I scream for ICE CREAM in Georgia

    There are many evidences that Georgia is a country of fairytale, so today we invite you to explore the Fairy-Candyland of this country.   Our national dish is breathtaking Khachapuri, but our desserts are not a bit less delicious. Even [...]


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Stella I. Tsartsara

Thank you so much for all the articles! This is an awesome site and it has helped us immensely to plan out our trip!

Candice Stanton

This website is really good, everything in it is well-done, so useful for foreigners and rich with helpful information.

Hazem Halabi

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  • Tobavarchkhili Lake

Georgia’s 10 Most Stunning Lakes

Georgia is filled with some of the world's most beautiful lakes. Many like Lisi Lake near Tbilisi, Kvareli Lake, Ilia Lake, Bazaleti Lake are easy to notice when traveling. However, some unknown lakes in [...]

  • georgian food

Why Travel To Georgia

Sure, sure, you’re not a hipster. Your tastes just happen to be a tad more refined than everybody else’s. We get it. But think about this: imagine you’re the first one to stumble upon [...]

Top 5 Beaches of Georgia

Many newcomers may be shocked to find that the majority of Georgia's shoreline is rocky (with large pebbles) making it essential to carry suitable footwear and maybe even a yoga mat. Rocky beaches also [...]